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  1. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Just to show the condition of this car. The engine also has problems. Its only running on 7 cylinders. Ha!
  2. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Template!! Spot on! I wonder how very useful words can disapear just like that. Interesting to read about your plans. They resemble a lot with with what I want to accomplish with this build. The more I study pictures (on google) the more I see needs to be done/modified. There are so many details that could be added. And where to stop? For this build I need to look at what I have. Get to know the kit, how the parts are attached and how they respond to glue/heat/sanding/sawing. The easy basic stuff. Get the stance and the body to sit right. From experience I often spend more time fixing my own mistakes than actually make progress. This time I’ll have to fix someone elses mistakes which is better for the self image. Ahem. That could be the «famous last words» knock-on-wood. From the decals i found the chassis number 2111046. Does every pocher Alfa have this chassis number? Is the any info about this car in Simon Moores book? From google I found the car, it looked to me pretty much restored, but I have not dived into the abyss just yet. From what I have found not many Monzas were built, many were crashed, others restored. Old black and white photos are great but the often lack in detail. Contemporary photos reveal loads of details but how do we know if the cars in the new pictures are the same as the original cars, if you know what I mean? The ideal would be to build a «replica» of the car as it was back then, but with the material I have found I dont know if that is possible. Or maybe there is just too much info right now. Anyway it good fun:) Again lots of words. Not much sanding:) Thanks again for the warm welcome. Lots of help and ideas. Im glad Im here. Terje
  3. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Thank you for the reply! There are so many great builders on here, yourself amongst them. Its a shame the pictures in your Sendaca build is gone. I started reading but fell off its not the same without pictures. My back gets a bit humid thinking about everything I cant do. Yet:) But its great fun reading bulid threads. It shows me everyhing is possible! Hey! That is a very kind offer, thanks! The two Alfas I bought are very much complete, there were even some extra parts in the deal. Extra firewall and dash board with dials and cables and a rather nice metal inlet gasoline manifold(?). Its from Scaledetails and it show the previous builder had some ambitions for the car. Which is nice. There is also a alu-floor «transkit» that consist of one piece of alu-plate 1.5mm and a A4 paper with the parts drawn up. There should be a word here but I cant remember. I might need extra spokes to make 8 wheels but for now I know I can make 4. What is missing are the 4 outer breakdrumms for one car, but I have my eyes glued to ebay and hopefully they will turn up at some point. Ok enough rabble now. I’ll definantly check out your Mercedes build. Thanks for the headsup. Terje
  4. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Haha! Almost sad to clean it. Untouched, unrestored barnfind cars like this fetch good prices at auctions don´t they? Well, it had to be done. Thanks Roy vd. M! Have to admit it´s a bit frustrating knowing this nice model will never move. Imagine racing these beauties!! Some serious modification is needed, all plastic in the chassis must be switched for steel/alu and all links and steering assembly must be strengthened. You need a drivetrain, transmission, motor, servos and hide everything so the model will look excactly like the 1:1 car. What a transkit that would be!! In my head I can see it clearly, but to get MY hands and fingers to execute is just a dream. The Rc4wd yota axle is close to the same width as the stock axle so that´s a start. haha.
  5. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Hmmm Thanks for the tip, Jo NZ! Will look into that. I have been drooling on almost everything MMC has to offer and its very nice parts, albeit a bit expensive. So many nice metal parts. I would love to build this model with OOB parts, but seeing what is on offer it is very tempting to splash some cash, and will probably do at some point. Need to be very careful though. I dont have the tools nor the skills to make parts that good. They enhance the model at once and the parts look very scale correct. One can spend many times the price of the model on hopups. But they do look GOOD! Terje
  6. dustcollector

    Sectioned and Channeled Pocher Alfa Spyder

    Wow! Great work on the wheels and the body. This is next level stuff. You have a good eye for spotting differences in the 1:1 vs the pocher. Can I ask you if you have a technique for measuring or is there any eyeballing going on? It looks so much sleeker and lower, I have never seen an alfa i real life but it surely looks the part. Great stuff! Terje
  7. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Thanks for the kind comments! I am glad to be here. I told the seller to remove the wheels but he did not. The wheels were in a bad state almost falling apart by themselves, missing pokes made the very fragile. He was not the one who built the models so I dont really blame him. Luckily for me the plastic-weld-glue-chemical (Samestuff freom Micromark) reacted well with the plastic so the axle is mended. The point of breakage was clean so the axle now look nice and straight. I even think it will hold up!
  8. Hello All! I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I live in Norway and although I can read english well my writing is not the best. Sorry for misspelling and the occasional new word. I come from the world of RC-cars, and while reasearcing static 1/8 scale models that could be modifyed into RC, I stumbeled over this forum and Pocher models inparicular. Reading the brilliant WIP-threads on here and seeing the amazing detailes kits, I got bitten by the bug, Pocheritis I think you call it, and knew I had to try to build a Pocher. I have not much modeling experience building static models. As a kid I did use enough glue to make kits stay together, but no painting or detailing. Now I am trying to make my RC´s look and behave like real cars. I have buildt a Rc4wd Trailfinder 2, Gelande 2, Axial Wrtaith and a few Tamiya kits, but my detailing skills let me down on a regular basis. Just by reading this forum I have learnt loads, and I hope to learn more. So a big Thank You to all who share their tips, tricks and techniques. It is very inspiring! Ebay is a dangerous place. There are many NIB kits for sale, some parts and some ready built models in various states. I was thinking I did not want to ruin a "new" kit so I am going to start with ready built models, try to restore and hopefully bring new life into them. It is a good way to know the model, disassembling, cleaning and try to put everything back together. I put in a bid for two built up Alfa Monzas, the price was not bad and I won! Lucky me! In this thread I am going to build up one at a time. Since this is my first, I am going to take my time, do some reaserach, find a car I want to build and slowly put a model together. I am going to need some help, I am going to steal ideas/techniques(Thanks again to you all for sharing!!) and comments, suggestions, banter are very much welcome! The Alfas arrived with both front axles broken due to packaging issues, but apart from that they were as excpected. They need love. Its apparent the builder did not have PaulKoos very helpful dvd at hand. There are stripped screw holes, some broken and misshadeled parts. There are missing spokes and broken "leafsprings". Glue has been used but no paint whitch is good. Some panels are warped and plastic as been bent to make parts fit. Need to bend theese back into shape, a task im dreading. Any tips on how to bend the plastic back into shape? I have read about a heating technique using hot water and also a hairdryer/heatgun, but it seems quite intimidating. Theres a big chance to ruin stuff. Anyways here are som pictures. This is where I stand. I have dissassembled everything, washed and have started to clean the parts. There is still flash and mould marks on almost everything. But the detail is great and I am enjoying the experience. Once that is done I think I will have to put the frame and body together to see if I can get a good fit. From what I have read thats where the biggest issues with the Alfa is. This is all for now. Thanks for looking! Terje