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  1. After a long struggle with this kit, it's finally completed and stored in its display case
  2. Nice to see your making progress
  3. 4 out of 5 parts, the hood/bonnet they dont have anymore.
  4. I would retap as M3 as Schwartz says. There should not be much tension on the sides when you cut a small part away just below the small window. The skirts will keep the sides or the rear body in place. Mine is done, the last mod I did was adding some small magnets in the center caps of the wheels in case they ever need to come off again.
  5. I doubt whether they ever tried to build it themselves. Can hardly imagine.
  6. I used it almost everywhere, also for the rubber lines on the valve covers both left and right and the oil tank in the top frame. Used this stuff below, when you cut it and slide the metal out is very thin and works perfect. The hole in the bottom of the water coolant tank is also way to big and its very hard to glue it with some much space so I added one there also
  7. Looking good!! Your almost done, I need to complete mine also
  8. Sounds good, share some pics of the result.
  9. Welcome! PS. If I look at some old pics I think the grooves are on the inside of the shock
  10. I ended up making a cut for approx 90% then bend in shape and fill the space with styrene
  11. Which one of yours has issues, mine only the right one was bad.
  12. Press the shock in slightly to take the pressure from the pin. If you look you see that one side of the pin has grooves, hit it from the other side with a small nail or something similar to the diameter of the pin and a hamer. As soon as the grooves are out its very easy to take the pin out. It only needs a small push or hit
  13. Cool, just make sure you test the springs with everything on the car, nose, hood and doors as the weigth can take it down. When the nose is on you cannot remove the shocks. Same for rear, the top brackets are covered by the airpipes and fender
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