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  1. Welcome! I could not find a prepared or designated spot so I glued mine in the best position I could find
  2. Right, didn't see that video. Thanks. Does not look good indeed. If you heat it you can bend the casting but without heating it will break. But better to ask Horny for replacement parts
  3. Great progress and good work on the pipes @cmatthewbacon After trying various types of gold for the mirrors without the desired result, I'm back to a gloss black as a base coat for the next attempt. If anyone wants to know what it looks like with black mirrors, let me know and I'll upload a photo
  4. Mine is also starting to take shape, but there is still plenty to do. The nose is loose, the same for the rear spoiler. The dashboard and steering wheel, etc. still have to be done as well, but it is going in the right direction. I want to respray the inside of the upper part where the rider sits because it does not look nice. Same for the mirrors, there is a casting seam on the outside. Has anyone ever found out what color number the gold paint is?
  5. Nice work on everything Schummie. Just curious, could you fit the cooler on the back with the right top bolt like that?
  6. Manual 2, Page 17 There are 3 braided lines/hoses which are flat. If you put a little metal wire inside it looks much better, especially the corners. Manual 3, page 31. You should be using A screws for the silver parts but they are too long. I used V screws from the Pocher Panigale because I could not find fitting ones with the lotus. Update on the updated manual, follow the blue lines and not the red ones.
  7. I always use a bit of engine oil, a little bit with a toothpick in the hole, and start screwing. Take it easy and sometimes turn back if it is too heavy to avoid breaking
  8. Where are your screws for the discs? The sprocket of the steering shaft can be mounted in several ways, you have to take that into account, otherwise, the wheels may be straight but the steering wheel turned like this Then loosen the 2 screws and turn the gear a quarter turn on the shaft until it is good. hopefully it will be ok with you right away, I had to unscrew it 3x hahaha
  9. It looks like the right wishbone has the big conical hole at the bottom, if that is true you might have two left ones.
  10. The below link contains pictures of the Lotus with white letters on the tires. Not sure if it's allowed to post links to shops, if not please let me know and I remove will remove it. https://shop.classicteamlotus.co.uk/pocher-hk114-lotus-72d---1972-british-gp-winner---emerson-fittipaldi-2191-p.asp
  11. Not even sure if you can choose the way the wear indicators point to. I also sanded my tires, to have the matt look but also to remove the molding seam in the middle. I found a picture of a built Lotus with the letters on the tires in white in case anyone is interested. Nice work Schummie, love the way your brake discs look.
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