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Found 14 results

  1. M48 A2CG Patton (03287) 1:35 Revell Despite the fact it share the name Patton with the M46/M47 the M48 was designed as a replacement for these tanks, plus the M4 and the M26. The M48 was truly the first generation Main Battle Tank for the US Army. Designed by Chrysler over 12000 were built and the type went though many upgrades and changes over its life time. The Tank was also sold to many friendly nations inside and outside NATO. The German Army made considerable use of these tanks until they were replaced by the Leopard 1. The M48 A2 brought about an improved powerpack & transmission, along with improved turret control. In German service the A2GA2 replaced the gun with the 105mm L7 cannon and a different MG3 mount. Over 650 M48s were upgraded to this configuration. The A2CG version added a Raumbi rangefinder and smoke grenade dischargers to the turret. With the introduction of the Leopards these tanks were sent to Territorial units. A mine clearing version of the M48 remains in German service. The Kit This is re-issue of Revell's kit from 2014 with new parts to reflect the latest tank. The kit arrives on 6 sprues of grey plastic, a set of rubber tracks and a length of aerial wire (not shown). Construction starts with the lower hull, the sides are added to the main base along with the rear lower part. The engine grills are added along the the drive sprocket transmission parts. The suspension parts are added along with main wheels, idler wheels and return rollers. The drive sprockets can then be added along with the rubber tracks. The top hull can then be added and the engine intakes placed in. The front fenders are added along with the parts which hold the track covers up, and the tool boxes on them. To finish the lower hull off the lights are added along with tow cables and a myriad of smaller parts & fixings. Lastly the drivers hatch is added which can be open or closed (however there is no interior in the kit). Now for the turret. The upper and lower halves are joined with the gun movement added in between. The exterior mantlet cover is then added along with the gun barrel. Antenna housings and hatches are then added to the turret. Exterior fuel cans are added along with stowage boxes. The large commanders hatch with its machine gun is then made up and added tot he turret. The searchlight is added to the top of the gun, and the smoke dischargers are added to the side of the turret. It can then be fitted. If you want to model the tank in travelling mode with the gun to the rear then the rear mounted gun carrier can be used. Markings The decal sheet is pretty small, but provides three options; Panzer Battalion 354, Hammelburg 1974 Panzer Battalion 363, Kuhlsheim 1974 Panzer Battalion 364, Kuhlsheim 1974 Conclusion The tank is a true cold war warrior and a good edition to any Post WWII German Army collection. Recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  2. Hello, I present the M48A3 Patton model from Dragon. Added the mantlet and searchlight set from Legend, PE parts from Eduard, AFV Club tracks and machine guns from Aber. Painted Tamiya Olive Green on B&W base. Enjoy watching and I hope you will like it.
  3. M-46 Patton (for Takom Kit) 1:35 Eduard If you didn't see the release of the M-46 Patton from Takom last year, where were you? We reviewed it here, and we'll wait for you while you go and have a look. Eduard's new range of sets are now here to improve on the kit detail in the usual modular manner. Get what you want for the areas you want to be more of a focal point. As usual with Eduard's larger Photo-Etch (PE) sets, they arrive in a flat resealable ziplok package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. This set comes on one standard fret , it provides catches for the engine deck, new periscopes for the hatches, mounts for the tools, mounts for the spare track links, and an update and ammo belt for the 50 cal pintle mounted machine gun. Review samples courtesy of
  4. Hi Pals, al last I finished the model, and IHMO, I think it has been to my liking. I was pleasantly surprised, to see that even being such an ancient mold, still has a very good level of quality (I think even better than some models Tamiya of the time, and that time, were twice as expensive or so. ..) Once finished, you see a pretty powerful tank, a whole "Heavy metal", precursor of the "beasts" that would follow. On the other hand, the kit has a fairly simple assembly, no major problems to solve, if you want to OOB, although I have had two delicate enough, the hull and turret were twisted,and it was difficult to bring them together, and the tracks that are degraded by the passage of time and broke. Perhaps now come of better plastic quality. Here is a link to the WIP section, in case you want to see it. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235004000-the-olde-general-m47-patton-135-italeri-item265/ Thanks to all who have followed the assembly and finishing kit, and have supported and encouraged me with your suggestions and comments. Regards to all Pals And some shots on detail....
  5. M46 Patton US Medium Tank 1:35 Takom via Pocketbond Despite his insistence that the US Forces didn't require a heavier tank toward the close of WWII, which resulted in the delay of the capable Pershing tank, so that it barely made any difference the final few months of the war, the US Army seem fond of naming tanks after this flamboyant General. The M46 was developed after the shortcomings of the M26 Pershings were determined after WWII. Initially called the M26E2 it was decided the new tank had so many deviations from the M26 it needed its own designation. 1160 were built. The only US combat use of the M46 was in Korea. The only use of the tanks outside the US would be small numbers sent to those countries who would get the later M47 in order for crew training. The Kit Takom seem to want to give us all the variants of the Patton and this is no bad thing. The kit arrives in a standard top-opening box, and inside are seven sprues and three separate parts in mid-grey styrene, a small clear sprue, two khaki coloured track jigs, a small decal sheet and of course the instruction booklet with painting guide on the insides of the glossy cover. Beginning construction involves adding the various suspension parts, using the track jigs to line up all the swing-arms, and creating 14 pairs of road wheels, plus two drive sprockets. The jigs can then be used to create the track runs, which are link-and-length, by installing the idler and drive sprockets temporarily in the jig and lining up the parts of the track with small bars that ensure correct position when dry. The whole assembly can then be lifted off once the glue is dry to install the road wheels and tracks in your preferred order of construction and painting. The upper hull is made up primarily from a single slab with moulded-in engine deck louvres and the sleek cast glacis plate, which has subtle casting texture to its surface. The bow-mounted gun, lifting eyes and towing shackles are added along with the D-shaped front hatches and their periscope, finished off with the light clusters and their protective framing. Shackles, vents, towing eyes added to the rear, and then the two fenders are built up away from the hull, with stowage, pioneer tools, exhaust boxes with shrouds added to both before being attached into long slots with matching tabs in the now complete hull. The turret also has the casting texture moulded-in, which will need a little fettling around the top-bottom join, paying careful attention to your references so that you don't make it too neat and tidy. In fact, it could do with a little sharpening at the bottom edge, with an almost vertical torch-cut pattern where the area has been "tidied" up, and I use that term very loosely. The casting details are nicely embossed on the bustle, and should escape any damage if you are careful when cleaning up/texturing the joint. A functional pivot for the gun is fitted inside the lower half before closure, and if left unglued will enable the gun to be posed after completion, although there is no damping in the shape of poly-caps, so it might need gluing later to prevent droop. The hatches are added, with an M2 derivative machine gun on a simple pintle-mount next to the loaders hatch. Two barrels for the main gun are supplied, depending on whether you will be fitting the canvas mantlet cover or not. Without it, the barrel is a single moulding, with a choice of muzzle types, while with the styrene cover the barrel is split vertically but uses the same muzzle brakes. The searchlight mounted over the gun is then built up and installed. Grab handles and tie-down points, and spare track links are fitted to the sides of the turret, plus smoke dischargers, and then it's just a case of twisting the turret into its bayonet fitting, and you're finished. Markings There are nine marking options from the box, and the profiles have been done in conjunction with Mig Jiménez's company AMMO, so the colour codes are theirs, although you also get the colour names, so conversion to your favourite brand will be relatively easy should you need to. Tank No. 5 of C Company, 6th Tank Battalion, 24th Infantry Division, Korea March 1951. Tank No. 3 of C Company, 6th Tank Battalion, 24th Infantry Division, Korea March 1951. B Company, 73rd Heavy Tank Battalion, Korea 1951. 64th Tank Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, Korea 1951. E Company, 2nd Medium Tank Battalion, 40th Armour, 7th Infantry Division, Korea 1955. D Company, 1st Marine Tank Battalion, Korea 1952. C Company, 1st Marine Tank Battalion, Korea 1952. Tank 53, Tank Platoon, 5th Marine Regiment, Korea 1952. 64th Tank Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, Chorwan, Korea, 1953. The decal sheet is printed anonymously, but is of high quality so could be by Cartograf, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Conclusion Not everyone likes link-and-length tracks, but otherwise this should appeal to many modellers, with plenty of relatively unusual schemes to choose from. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  6. Hi Pals, I have finally decided to build another vehicle from the time of Vietnam, the well-known M48A3. This is the version of Tamiya, an old kit, but as they say an oldie. It will certainly not be very accurate, but I'm sure I can get a good result. In principle it will be OOB, but maybe add some extra equipment. Let the show begin .. (lol). Thx for watch and comment, cheers mates
  7. Hi there! Just photographed my new model) I didn't work a lot on it, made only mantlet and searchlight covers and machine-gun shield. Hope you'll like it!
  8. Hi Pals, need some help, I have a question with the color more appropriate for an M-48 Patton in Vietnam, use Vallejo Model Air, thank you very much.
  9. Recently re-released, this will be my Build Just picked it up today at ModelKraft 2016 in Milton Keynes More tomorrow
  10. Hey All After a nice little car binge its time to return to military models. Today I present Tamiya's 1/35 M48A3 Patton finished as a South Korean M48A5K1. Enjoy... I've become a real fan of these older Tamiya armour kits. They build rather well, have adequate detail and can usually be found relatively inexpensive. Like I said above, this is the M48A3 built as a South Korean (Republic of Korea) M48A5K1. The most noticeable differences are the 105mm main gun, side skirts, smoke launchers, shortened cupola and different style of IR searchlight. Most of the parts for the conversion came from Verlinden's M48/M60 Update/Conversion set while the rest was either scratchbuilt or modified from the kit parts. The tank was first primed, then given a base coat of Vallejo Golden Brown. This was followed by Tamiya Field Grey, Deck Tan and NATO Black to complete the camouflage. This was given an overall wash of MIG Earth Wash with the engine grills receiving further treatment with Dark Wash. The side skirts recieved some generous splashes and streaks with Vallejo European Dust Wash and more MIG Earth Wash as well as some accidental pigments. Various pigments were worked into the tracks, wheels and lower hull followed by a light overall dusting of Tamiya Flat Earth to finish the "road worn" look these tanks have, as they are never truly clean yet not overly dirty. Lastly I added some guitar string antennas, some Verlinden Camouflage Net to the turret bin and filled all the viewports and periscopes with Weldbond. All in all, I quite enjoyed this build. This one is definitely the best (real) tank I've done to date, If I do so say myself. I played around with a different background and some different settings on my camera, let me know what you think. Thanks for looking Regards ANS
  11. M60A2 Patton "Starship" 1:35 Academy The M60A2 was named the "Starship" due to the then modern technology fitted to the tank. It was designed as a force multiplier to operate alongside M60A1 tanks. Development began in the 1960s with them entering service in 1972. The Starship featured a new different turret from other tanks of the time. The main turret had quite a low profile which was offset somewhat by a large commanders copula on top. This featured a sighting system and a co-axial 50 cal machine gun. The idea was for the commander to find the target and lock on the main armament and then be searching for the next target while the gunner engaged the current one. The turret was fitted with M48 152mm gun / launcher. This was the same gun fitted to the M551 Sheridan. This could fire conventional ammunition to a range of 1.5km and the MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank guided missile with an effective range of 3km. A groove as cut into the barrel to allow the missile to fire. The US Army at this time had spent a considerable amount of money on the MGM-51 system. One of the major problems with the missile for its time was its technological advancements which made it unreliable. The missile did not come into sight of the gunner until it was over 700m from the tank and with an effective range of 2km (later extended to 3km) it had a limited envelop of operations. Over 88000 missiles were purchased with the only reported use being a dozen or so fired at bunkers by Sheridans in the Gulf war of 1991. In the end the Starship proved to be a bit of a disaster. The main gun range had already been exceeded by other tanks and the missile system was unreliable. In addition a closed breech scavenger system), which used pressurised air to clear the breech after each shot lead to a slow rate of fire. It was also found that the missile was not as good at penetrating armour as was required. The Starships were phased out by the early 1980s with the hulls being converted to M60A3 tanks, or in some cases armoured bridge layers. If anyone is interested in seeing the Starship in operation there is a training film available here on YouTube. The Kit This is a not a new kit per se from Academy, some of the main parts are from other kits; however the parts for the Starship, and the tracks are new to this boxing. It should be noted that as the main hull is from a kit which features added reactive armour there are some markings on the front of the kit scored in for placement of this armour. The modeller will need to remove them for this kit, which should not be difficult. The addition of photo etched parts for the turret stowage bins, and other small fittings is a nice touch. Construction starts with the lower hull. Fittings for the rear drive and front idler sprockets are added along with suspension components. These are followed by upper parts of the lower hull which house the idler wheels. The main torsion bar suspension parts are then added along with the two part idler wheels, followed by the 3 part main wheels, and five part drive sprockets (these all feature central poly caps so the can be pushed on at any stage of construction). Construction then moves onto the upper hull. The first item to be installed is the drivers hatch, this is installed from underneath. On the top the various stowage bins are added to both sides along with various hull fittings such as light, lifting eyes and protective bars. A few small photo etched parts are used at this stage. Construction then moves to the turret. The first item to be made up is the side mounted searchlight. This a complex affair with 10 smallish parts, some photo etch and a clear plastic cover which the modeller has to cut to size from a small sheet of acetate supplied. The main gun parts are then added along with the barrel, this in one part but there will be the mould line to remove. The commanders copula (a main part of this build) is then built up and added to the turret. Various hull fittings are added along with the turret bins. The mesh for the bis is supplied as photo-etched parts. The last parts to be added are the tracks. These are not rubber band, or individual links. They are short lengths of moulded track which are connected by individual links where they go around the sprockets and bend at the bottom Though better than the rubber band type they will still not sit correctly where they run over the idler wheels so I suspect they will be replaced by many modellers. Luckily they are standard M60 tracks so replacements are readily available. Decals There is a small decal sheet with markings for one tank from the US Army. Conclusion This is an unusual and short lived Main Battle tank, and part of the M60 Patton MBT line. It should make a great addition to a collection of cold war Armour. It is good to see companies bringing us this type of kit. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  12. M48A3 Patton for Dragon Smart kit 1:35 Eduard It seems that the Dragon M48A3 has been really well received, being one of the most accurate kits of this famous tank. That said, where Eduard are concerned there is always room for improvement and this set has been released to accomplish just that. The single sheet contained in the now infamous plastic packets is full of fine detail parts, some of which you really need an Opti Visor to see. Apart from the host of new brackets, and handles, this set provides a load of new detail for the prominent searchlight above the gun mantle. These include a new liner, hinges, access plates, grilles and vents. A completely new external telephone/radio box is fitted to the rear of the model in addition to its support tray and bracket. The track guard supports are provided with new end caps, and they are new clamps for the various pioneer tools and equipment. The headlamp clusters are fitted with new supports, plus there are new hinges and clasps for the storage boxes. Finally the rear bustle storage rack is given anew perforated base and back plate complete with perforated dividers and extra storage hangers. Some of the kits details will need to be removed before the fitting of PE parts, but fortunately there aren’t that many. Conclusion As mentioned earlier the Dragon M48A3 is apparently the best kit of its type currently available. Whilst this set is not as large as some that Eduard have released it provides enough parts to really lift the kit to another level. There are plenty of fiddly parts so you will need a steady hand and a good pair of tweezers to ensure the carpet monster doesn’t get its fill. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant M60 Patton Main Battle Tank. M60A3 pics thanks to Mike.
  14. M-48A3 Patton, Pics taken at the Vietnam War Remnants Museum by Mike (bootneck)
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