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  1. Did you consider that Robert_ may have been trying to depict a heavily worn finish on the upper surfaces?
  2. Build and paintwork look spot on! The riveting looks too prominent, I would make them a bit more subtle on future builds. Regardless, keep at it.
  3. You forgot to mention the most important thing... John "Jack" Muir was a Canadian. That's right folks, the longest operational mission flown during the Second World War was done by a Canuck!!! Canada's Wings 2: Liberator and Fortress by Carl Vincent talks about the rather substantial number of Canadian flight and ground crews serving with the RAF in the CBI Theatre towards the end of the war; almost half of Liberator personnel were Canadian by the end of hostilites. Apparently several representatives from Consolidated visited the Liberator squadrons and were completely dumbfounded with how they were getting such long range from the aircraft! My favourite excerpt from the book talks about the pilots flying out of Gander, Newfoundland. The runway terminated at the edge of a cliff and with the Liberators overloaded with fuel and weapons, it was not the most enjoyable task. As the story goes, A foreign officer was touring one of the squadrons and when he poked his head in the cockpit of one of the aircraft he commented to one of the Canadian officers about a button that was sewn on the seat cushion, to which the Canadian replied "The pilots sew those on there so they have something to hold on to during take off." Great build by the way, I've always liked the Liberator. I plan to recreate this aircraft in 1/72. Additionally, this scheme is offered in Eduard's Riders in the Sky special edition Liberator kit.
  4. WOW! Simply WOW! Very well done. And as for mistakes... the thingamawidget on the watchyamacallit is the wrong shade of off-grey. ;-) No, Seriously... very impressive. ANS
  5. Nice looking Spit! I've got one of these on order with my LHS. I remember building the Mk.II kit... not the best, but for the price it was hard to beat.
  6. Beauty of a Beau. How did you go about painting the exhaust collectors on the cowlings?
  7. Winnipeg Squadron probably had the most attractive paint schemes of all the RCAF Mustangs. Personally I prefer the scheme with the striped spinner as opposed to the "wedges." Looks good! ANS
  8. Very nice. I might have to steal your idea... this would look good next to my Romanian 109
  9. On New Glasgow I used the roundels and fin flash from the kit and for Moncton Express I used Xtradecals.
  10. Just one more reason you can't go only by pictures when trying to match colours. Pictures for New Glasgow were taken under only artificial light, whereas Moncton Express was done under a mix of natural and artificial light.
  11. Hey all. Haven't posted much on here for several months. Not that I haven't been building (I managed a total of 17 builds for 2016), I guess I just haven't had the mojo for making up some forum posts. Anyway... Today I present builds Number 1 and 2 of 2017, but first. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Happy 150th Birthday! As such, to show my patriotic spirit, I am going to primarily focus on the Canadian subjects in my stash this year.... with exception to the T-72 currently on my desk, which is being built to try out the new Mission Models paints... However... Build Number 1: First out of the gate this year was Tamiya's 1/48 Mosquito B.Mk.IV finished as a De Havilland Canada B.Mk.XX. De Havilland Canada managed to crank out 1133 Mosquitoes by the end of the Second World War, seeing service with the RCAF, USAAF, RAF and the Nationalist Chinese Air Force in their fight against the Communists in the immediate Post-War period. The first 5 examples of the Mk.XX were named after 5 Canadian communities leading in war bond sales other forms of support for the war effort. Acton, Ontario; New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, British Columbia. KB162 "New Glasgow..." went on to serve in 139 "Jamaica" Squadron until it was lost on the night of 13/14 October, 1944. Build Number 2: Whilst researching other subjects I came across another Mosquito with a unique Canadian connection. This machine was a Mk.XVI belonging to 692 Squadron, Pathfinders and crewed by Ft. Lts. Andy Lockhart and Ralph Wood, both of Moncton New Brunswick who bestowed upon not one, but three different aircraft, the name Moncton Express, numbering I, II and III. Now the search began for a Mk.XIV mosquito, a search that did not last long with the Airfix 1/48 example being the only route that didn't involve various resin conversion parts, which in hindsight, may have been the easier option... New Glasgow was given resin seats, exhausts and 50 gallon tanks from Ultracast, with the decals for the nose art and serial coming from Iliad Decals (of which two sheets had to be purchased as only one "New Glasgow..." is given on the sheet, whereas it is on both sides of the real aircraft). Painted with Tamiya's three RAF colours and given a minimal weathering job to depict a factory fresh example. Moncton Express III was given a resin cockpit modified from the True Details set for the FB.Mk.VI, resin wheels, elevators and 50 gallon tanks from Ultracast, with the nose art and serial being printed with my laser printer on "Experts Choice" decal paper. Aircraft codes were modified in MS Paint from a colour plate, printed on Tamiya masking sheet, cut out and painted. The rest of the model was painted with the same Tamiya colours as New Glasgow. This one, however, was given some heavier exhaust staining befitting a machine in active service. Additionally, the carburetor intakes were removed and replaced with Evergreen tube and blended in. Any questions and comments are always welcome, especially with regards to the Airfix kit as I know there are not many reviews online. Regards, ANS Links to my Flickr albums for both builds: https://flic.kr/s/aHskRkJKqd https://flic.kr/s/aHskUy6mEE
  12. Damn nice looking CF-18. What did you use for the camouflage? Those colours are spot on!
  13. Nice looking tank. I do believe you are mistaken, however, as Takom don't make a 1/72 Mk.I tank. Could this perhaps be the Masterbox kit?
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