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  1. Did you consider that Robert_ may have been trying to depict a heavily worn finish on the upper surfaces?
  2. Build and paintwork look spot on! The riveting looks too prominent, I would make them a bit more subtle on future builds. Regardless, keep at it.
  3. You forgot to mention the most important thing... John "Jack" Muir was a Canadian. That's right folks, the longest operational mission flown during the Second World War was done by a Canuck!!! Canada's Wings 2: Liberator and Fortress by Carl Vincent talks about the rather substantial number of Canadian flight and ground crews serving with the RAF in the CBI Theatre towards the end of the war; almost half of Liberator personnel were Canadian by the end of hostilites. Apparently several representatives from Consolidated visited the Liberator squadrons and were completely dumbfounde
  4. WOW! Simply WOW! Very well done. And as for mistakes... the thingamawidget on the watchyamacallit is the wrong shade of off-grey. ;-) No, Seriously... very impressive. ANS
  5. Nice looking Spit! I've got one of these on order with my LHS. I remember building the Mk.II kit... not the best, but for the price it was hard to beat.
  6. Beauty of a Beau. How did you go about painting the exhaust collectors on the cowlings?
  7. Winnipeg Squadron probably had the most attractive paint schemes of all the RCAF Mustangs. Personally I prefer the scheme with the striped spinner as opposed to the "wedges." Looks good! ANS
  8. Very nice. I might have to steal your idea... this would look good next to my Romanian 109
  9. On New Glasgow I used the roundels and fin flash from the kit and for Moncton Express I used Xtradecals.
  10. Just one more reason you can't go only by pictures when trying to match colours. Pictures for New Glasgow were taken under only artificial light, whereas Moncton Express was done under a mix of natural and artificial light.
  11. Hey all. Haven't posted much on here for several months. Not that I haven't been building (I managed a total of 17 builds for 2016), I guess I just haven't had the mojo for making up some forum posts. Anyway... Today I present builds Number 1 and 2 of 2017, but first. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Happy 150th Birthday! As such, to show my patriotic spirit, I am going to primarily focus on the Canadian subjects in my stash this year.... with exception to the T-72 currently on my desk, which is being built to try out the new Mission Models paints... Howe
  12. Damn nice looking CF-18. What did you use for the camouflage? Those colours are spot on!
  13. Nice looking tank. I do believe you are mistaken, however, as Takom don't make a 1/72 Mk.I tank. Could this perhaps be the Masterbox kit?
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