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  1. Well, following and interesting period and a Chesty Cough I've managed a little on the base for this project. The internal base dimension is 300mm x 165mm and Yes, the layout is against recommended fashion by being parallel with the long side. The raised area is One-Fix Wilko Filler, the grey is Wilko Filler mixed to a thick slurry. I also used Vallejo Grey Primer and Stynylrez Black Primer for the Tarmac finish. This was done in between finalising several other projects (4 Figure Busts) in preparation for next Sundays Show at Southwell Race
  2. A lot has happened for me in the past 3 years so I'm happy to step aside as host though I may take part in the build. Also happy for Stix to take over in my place.
  3. Well, tomorrow didn't happen so it has to be today. Now that all (well, almost all) of the fiddly bits are attached it's time to have another undercoat to seal them. First, tape up the running gear and track first. And make sure you cover it all, you never know where the spray will wind up - no matter how careful you try to be. Then, after about an hour, I resprayed the vehicle but (and this is an Ooops!) in Olive Green instead of Forest Green. The Olive is lighter and brighter but it still 'looks right'. My main sourc
  4. A bit more achieved today at our Build Club. Lots of the smaller fiddly parts. Some filling done also. Started with placing the upper hatches making sure they fit without issue. Some gaps I hadn't noticed - Vallejo Plastic Filler - dry in 10 minutes. Rear hook and Tow filling added also. Forward ramp now fully attached and working. All the upper Hull Doors now fit without issue. Some fettling was necessary but, nothing drastic. Pretty much all the standard fittings (excl. Boathooks) now added so
  5. OK, and we're back! Large Hull Roof, lots of holes, thin areas so ........ Yep! it's warped a bit. But first, I have to paint the interior. Stynylrez White as Undercoat followed shortly thereafter by heavily thinned Vallejo Panzer Aces 344 White (German Winter Tanker) And the rest of the interior was next. Plenty of Superglue this time. A few parts to fill but, the Roof is on. Oooooh! What the Butler Saw??? Not perfect but when it's done most will not be seen. Leaving this overnight
  6. Well, it's been a few days, sorry about that but stuff gets in the way.... OK, so I added the engine deck cover to the Hull Roof in the hope that it will help to straighten it out. As previously promised, I have started a rudementary interior using some 20thou Plasticard I had lying around and some Plastruct Rods. A bit more detail to come once I have scaled from the limited images I have available. This interior is a faximilie of what I can glean from a real vehicle and make no asssertions as to it's accuracy.
  7. You'd be surprised Dave, ask SleeperService We get quite a bit done as much of the time we're listening whilst others talk.
  8. And...... it's another day. Over we go to the other side and more Running Gear - another 9 Bogie Units! Turns out I don't need to go nuts painting the return rollers - they can't be seen DOH! WooHoo! Both track runs are done And, I managed to get the last side of the vehicle added...... without, any major disasters! All taped down until dry. From this point on, I may tinker with this to do a rudementary interior (or not) As it's due to rain tomorrow you never know!
  9. So, 4 hours of Build Club, chat, jokes, nostalgic music and Donuts - what more is there! (Don't answer that!) The track is ON, on 1 side at least. A bit snug but definitely ON! Needs a while now to cure a bit. Engine cover plate - 14 pieces in total, with the lift eyes. As you can see here, one of the grab rails has escaped (broke off). I chopped off the existing rail and fabricated a couple out of 0.6mm brass rod - best to do both, then they look the same - too replace just the one is a No-No! Track on and fixed, side fitt
  10. This model is slightly larger that your average house brick at L10" x W4" x (roughly) H3" I shall not be rushing this but I do have a deadline as you know.
  11. Today is Track day (well, one of them) but, it's the running gear assembly first'ish! Mind you....... A mix of (all Vallejo) Model Air Black, Model Wash Dark Rust & Oiled Earth, Metal Color Steel & Gunmetal mashed together and scrubbed onto the pre-undercoated track. Left for about 20 mins then drybrushed with a clean brush to bring up a metallic sheen. More Vallejo next: Dark Rubber & Matt Black mix then brush painted onto the wheels. Then, once dry, assemble the running gear and fix to the lower hull side. One minor issue with
  12. And now, having turned off the machinations of 'That Place' it was back upstairs to lay down a top coat so I can start assembly sometime tomorrow. Top Coat: Badger ModelFlex 16-102 Forest Green (cut by 20% with regular Tapolene) A full array of the sprues in my spray booth after painting (except the track). The 2 huge sides which form the suspension cover as well. The Hull top is almost a foot long (I'll do proper measurements once this is built). I shall allow this to cook-off and harden overnight. Tune in again for t
  13. "The 1958 Lebanon crisis was a Lebanese political crisis caused by political and religious tensions in the country that included a U.S. military intervention. The intervention lasted for around three months until President Camille Chamoun, who had requested the assistance, completed his term as president of Lebanon." (Wikipedia)
  14. Normally I would be building the main hull & Turret first (I'm strange like that!) unfortunately, the construct of this beastie precludes that as the running gear is pinned between the inner and outer hull. I really do pick 'em. So, I have had to start at the end by painting the main elements. Undercoat is Stynylrez Sage Green The unusual track comes as Link & Length. Undercoat is Stynylrez Black Just waiting a suitable amount of time before I add the top coat to the lower hull and running gear. TTFN
  15. 2nd September: Back now to the continuing saga of the US T30/34 SuperHeavy Tank This tank NEEDS a base to show it off so, using an EMA Heritage 300mm x175mm base coated with pre-mixed household filler from Wilko's I have also added these MiniNatur products for effect. Doesn't look too bad either. Another view. Still have those few bits too add but for the time being, this will be allowed to harden. Total time on this base is around 40 minutes.
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