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  1. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there and usually in the cool of stupid o'clock in the morning! How's your Cromwell coming along?
  2. Day ?? (with this heat who knows or cares???) CIP's Panels Crew Figures CIP's panels now added and a start made on kitting out the Crew It's all a bit convoluted due to the appauling heat (a modellers phrase when trying to paint). Looks a bit rough doesn't it! BUT, we're getting there Next Time: Not sure? Depends an awful lot on this heat As SleeperService puts it ...... I've been drybrushing Glue! And Airbrushing liquid powder!
  3. Day 9 (Monday) Fuel Drums, Jerry Cans Crew Hatches Didn't want this build to be boring so, as I had seen pictures of the Fuel Drums in different colours I thought .... Why Not! I sprayed the inside of the hatches NATO Green with black padding and left some rough edges. Fuel Drums, Jerry Cans and Cable Reel all fitted as well as the light guards. Just in case any of you are wondering, I don't work on this every day as I have a few other projects on the bench along with this one. Next Time: CIP Panels, Extinguishers, Headlights Commanders & Crew MG's
  4. Those tracks will make all the difference Hewy
  5. Day 7 (Tuesday night) & Day 8 (Wednesday) Washes & Filters Tracks & Running Gear As I'd run out of my Light Stone, and baring in mind that this is a canvas-like skirt (which would be a slightly different shade) I prepared a colour-wash. All Vallejo: MA71.075 Sand(5) : MC70.882 Middlestone (1) : PzA314 Canvas (3) : MC70912 Tan Yellow (2) all then mixed and thinned to double the volume. Added in 2-3 layers, allowing each to dry in turn. I then added: MA71.023 Hemp (3) to darken the mix for highlights. After that, I applied MiG Filter P400 Grey for Dark Yellow for the darker areas and fixings. The whole thing took a couple of quiet hours and a hair dryer. While the washes and filters were drying off I painted the tyres and readied the Road-Wheels. I also glued up the track and found Part F1 (Doh! it was on the track sprue!!!). Once dry, the track was installed to ensure a correct fit - it does! Test fit if the side-armour and WooHoo! you can't see very much at all of the running gear. Looks spooky dunnit? Still nowhere near done yet but this is as much together as I can get it so far. Hatches to detail and figures to pose yet as well as the Commanders MG and detail painting/decals. Next Time: Varnish (perhaps) - it will happen at some point Figures - positioning at least More Decals, Weathering, etc
  6. This HATAKA is the new formula and provided you thin it by 20% it should work.
  7. Yeah! That's how it looks after you run out of paint haha
  8. Day 6 (Monday) & Day 7 (Tuesday) Top Coat of paint Decals A thinned BS Light Stone from HATAKA and an all-over spray, I had 'just' enough' to get by. Decals On and sealed with Micro Set/Sol as usual. I have now run out of HATAKA HTK-A237 so this is all the model gets. Here's a taster of how things are at the moment. Next Time: Varnish in a bit Road Wheel Rubber to paint in the meantime
  9. Day 5 (Sunday) It's PAINTING Time! In the Tray (got 3 for £4 at ALDI) to go upstairs. I have already brush painted black in the engine grills and also added the PE Grill set And, about 20 minutes later we have this! Undercoat is Stynylrez Green which is my new favourite paint (the colour varies) but the product is FAB, you just thin it with water. The Stynylrez goes on a very pale green and dries more to a German Grey-Green. Lower Hull: One pass of the airbrush and a follow-up with some HATAKA NATO Green from my new set HTK-AS77. These stripey parts are along the weather edges which would get worn through abrasion. More of the same on the Turret - Now, this doesn't mean that this build will get lots of chipping and scratches, far from it but just wait and see! The Armour will have a section of plates in purely NATO Green in line with some images I have seen. This was sprayed about 15 minutes after the Undercoat. And the Side-Armour Shields: overspray with more NATO Green. Next Time! Top Coat of Paint
  10. SCC15 is an easy fix. Vallejo Model Colour 70.888 Olive Grey mixed equally with 70.924 Russian Uniform WW2 for an exact match. Just thin with Airbrush thinner and spray It is that simple Then lighten or darken accordingly
  11. I'm aware of it and the Games Workshop version. Both are too uniform for British and IDF anti-slip as they have a very random appearance. Thanks for the input though, much appreciated.
  12. The Mr Surfacer is mildly gritty anyway but if you're going to do the sand I highly recommend you do a test piece first. I did use chinchilla dust on a previous build with a standard glue base and it was a disaster. I had to scrape it off as it was hideous, the grains were way too large for the scale (better suited to IDF vehicles). British anti slip was regular sand mixed in with the paint so you almost need a powder for effect which is why I went the Mr Surfacer 500 route. Also, the patternation is irregular and not formal like modern US or German types.
  13. Day 4 (Wednesday) Turret fittings incl Ariels Rear Hull fittings & Fuel Tanks All the frames attached to the Rear Hull. The lower holes are for the Spare Track-Links which will be added later Auxilliary Fuel Drums and Jerry Cans placed on the frames. Glazings to be added once painted. The Ariel mounts are 'Pants' and need some help. I chopped them off and made new spigot mounts from Albion Alloys Slide-Fit brass tubing 0.4mm with a 0.6mm collar (Set SFT1) Rear reflectors and indicators to be fitted then masked for painting tomorrow hopefully. Next Time: Road Wheel Arms Vision Blocks (cut up clear sheet, no blocks supplied in kit) PAINT! (Undercoat, Top Coat)
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