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Found 17 results

  1. The beginning of an xmas present. 1/32 revell tornado gr1 gulf war. 10 hours in so far.
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the group, but have looked over some of the outstanding builds that have been posted previously, and in awe at the skill levels evident! This has partly been my inspiration to have a model commissioned, by a work colleague, of the first aircraft I ever worked on in the RAF once out of training, a 54 Sqn Jaguar. I have elected to go with the 1:48 Kittyhawk kit, despite the described flaws, simply because of the availability of extra detailing sets. I've already bought the aircraft tug, avionics bay, RAF diorama set and cockpit set, and looking to get the legs, wheels, undercarriage bays, pitot and Houchin. To help the modeller, I was up with 238 Sqn at RAF Cosford last week, and took a load of detail shots of Jaguar GR1 (mainly) and associated equipment, that I thought might be a useful resource for other modellers: Jaguar GR1 and Associated Equipment Images Finally, I am trying to find images of the engine transportation trolley that carried the mobile stand out to the squadron from the bay, and an engine change kit if possible, can anybody help? Thanks and regards, Kev.
  3. If there is any place on the web that could help an RAF virgin then this should be it as I normally frequent US modelling sites and have only ever built US aircraft. I'm working on a 1/32 Tomcat but I have a 1/32 GR1 Tornado lined up for the next project. I've managed to get the CAM resin equipment bay set and the Aires IDS cockpit set, but decals seem difficult to obtain. Ideally the standard camouflage grey/green scheme. Any pointers, advice?
  4. Hey guys, just an update on one of my latest builds. An Airfix Harrier GR1 in Norwegian winter camo colours. I've only seen a painting of a GR1 in winter camo and a small grainy picture on an Xtradecal sheet. It's not finished yet. I used the normal dark sea grey and green combo, then applied some maskol over the green then white washed over the green. The majority of the Harriers that I've seen in this colour scheme were GR3's - their whitewash in tatters. Still have to do the decaling (does anyone know if they would remark the stencil data on over the white wash? If you could let me know I'd be massively grateful!) I'm going to paint the roundels on, the dark blue of the roundel would look out of place I think, then just sticking the landing gear and rocket pods on! The Airfix kit is pretty good, very good at it's price point. The panel lines are crisp and it has good wheel well and cockpit detail. My only complaint about the kit is the edges of some parts are a little over rounded. So this leads to some nasty joins, namely the nose cone and the... thing sticking out the very back I have no idea what it's called. I'm reasonably happy with how it's turning out, only thing is that I made a harness out of greenstuff two part putty, I must have crushed it and not noticed, then it dried. It sort of looks like the pilot would have been held into his seat my an enormous sausage link. What do you's think? Anyone got any experience in snowy GR1's? Cheers!
  5. Harrier Harvest, I was going to go with Harrier Hernia but that doesn't sound quite so exciting! Here is another booby type build followed on from here; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964850-wip-booby-harrier-gr3-airfix-172/?view=findpost&p=1694841 This time BOOBS is an abbreviation of Built Out Of Boxed Sets. Airfix harrier Gr1 x3 Airfix Harrier Gr3 Italeri Harrier Gr3 Hasegawa Av8-a Eduard zoom etch for Gr1 x2 and for Gr3 x1, Master models pitots for Gr1x3 and for Gr3x1, Pavla seats for Av8a x2, Pavla Aden gun pods for harriers x2, attack squadron Mk 77 napalm bombs for US aircraft x6 Caracel decals early Av8a sheet all in 1/72 scale. I'm just waiting on a few books (thank you Mr H.Lime for the clue) then I'm going to begin "Operation Vertical" One thing I've learned about model kits, if you find one you like get many before eBay put the price up! Secretly I'm hoping revell release the Hunter Mk6 again. What I'm after is help to make (within the limits of my skill and scale permitting) accurate harriers of Gr1/3 and Av8a types, I'm starting with the American versions as I don't yet have seats for the RAF examples. Any help appreciated for any type under construction (everything in the picture is under construction!) Some builds will be quicker with less effort! Please be patient. . . .
  6. Morning all! I've always rather liked the Gulf War Tornado ZA465- otherwise known as Foxy Killer and so it would have been absurd if I was to pass up the opportunity to model this fabulous example of British aviation. Kit: Revell 1:72 Tornado Gr.1 (From my LMS- Mike's Models) Extras: Print Scale- Tornado Gr.1 Gulf War nose art (From Hannants) -Scratchbuilt RBF tags made from paper and FOD covers made from tissue paper. Paints Used: Vallejo: Black, White, Medium Olive, Barley Grey, Red. The "Desert Pink" colour was created from a variety of Vallejo paints mixed together. AK Interactive Dust Wash used for weathering the wheels *Note: I can't guarantee that this model is entirely accurate: Thanks for having a look! Kind regards, Sam
  7. Hello everyone and also hello 2014. Quick update: 2013 was the year I started modeling again after a 30 year hiatus. I managed five builds last year when Real Life reasserted itself. So this one was started last year, but is my first finished build for 2014, and my 6th build in total. Ooh! All those maths classes weren't wasted! Sadly, during the last 5 months Real Life meant I didn't have much time for poking my nose in here. Slacker I am! So here we have a Jaguer GR1, Johnny Fartpants, in my very vague approximation of its Op Granby scheme. Artistic license applied by me as usual. It's mostly an OOB build of the Italeri 1/72 Jaguar GR1 with the decals from Modeldecal. I actually bought this kit and decals about 15 years ago. Yes! I was actually going to start building 15 years ago and bought this in preparation, but life took over and I had to wait another 15 years before starting again. I think it was worth the wait as I wouldn't have access to all the hints and tips I do today and I don't think it would look quite the same. Hopefully I'll have the time to bang out another couple of kits this year coz, well, I kind of enjoy this thing we do. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this one. Thank you again for your attention. JaguarGR1_180114_04 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_05 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_07 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_08 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_10 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_11 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_02 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_01 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_03 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr
  8. Hi all. even though I have plenty of Harriers on the stash and just finished a 48th GR3. I happened upon the Revell 1/32 Harrier GR1. and I could not resist as this seems a great size for the Harrier. I wondered if there has ever been any aftermarket parts or decals made for this. Or if anyone has any tips for the build. I can see she represents the Early Harrier GR1 with Kestrel style fairings on the front thrusters and Kestrel style intakes. I recently discovered this type referred to as P1127 (RAF) which was apparently an early version of the GR1 which was more similar to the Kestrel is this true ? I noticed this recently on the Harrier XV278 which I looked at and thought , Hmm looks odd somehow then noticed there are a lot of differences to the normal GR1 especially around the intakes and forward thruster fairings. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:RAF_HARRIER_XV278_AT_THE_LUFTWAFFEN_MUSEUM_RAF_GATOW_BERLIN_GERMANY_JUNE_2013_%289130940500%29.jpg So what is this, Is it a normal GR1 , Don't look like it to me, Looks more like a Kestrel in the nose area. I'm not sure. The cockpit frame looks more slight too. Info on the Kit and this type of Harrier very much welcome Cheers Rob
  9. Following Rob P's wee challange for a head to head build off, I started construction of mine tonight. First impressions when I opened the box earlier were pretty good. Airfix have taken some of the good points of the GR7/9 kit and used similar ideas on this one. They've also made the panel lines a lot finer than on the earlier kit. The decal sheet is outstanding, with the 20 Sqdn bars in perfect register on my copy. I'll be using some Vingtor Harrier Conversion Unit badges to make XV758 as I'll be finishing my Fujimi GR1 as XV778 of 1 Sqdn, so I don't want to duplicate things. Anyway, on with the show. As you can see, Airfix have done a pretty decent job on the MB Mk.9. It just needs some straps, an ejection handle and it'll look alright. I mentioned on another thread about there being 2 flashed over holes on the upper fuselage, you can see them here. This makes me think we may well see a Thai or Spanish option at some point. As per some of their earlier Harrier kits, Airfix have included the suction relief doors as seperate parts offering either half open or fully closed options depending if you're building in-flight or parked up. Unlike the GR7/9 kit, Airfix have chosen to mould the nozzles in a way that avoids having to try and clean up seams across the vanes. the seams here should be a lot easier to make disappear! Well that's all for tonight, should make some decent progress over the next few days as I'm on leave until Wednesday. Mark.
  10. I started this build when this kit was first released, but only finished it about 2 months ago. I scratchbuilt a few extra details that Airfix omitted, as well as added some semblance of the harness to the seat. The details I added were the retractable step on the starboard side, the fuel vent on the same side and the standby VHF aerial on the lower rear port fuselage. I also added the missing strakes on the outrigger wheel fairings and used a Master metal pitot tube to replace the kit plastic one. Decals were mostly OOB, with the serials being cut up and rearranged to get XV758 and the Harrier Conversion Unit emblem coming from one of Vingtors excellent Harrier sheets. On with the show, Here are a few detail shots showing some of the little details I added, Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at this as much as I enjoyed building it. If you've not built one of these yet, I can highly recommend one. I'm currently building the GR3 with a couple of Freightdog resin bits and some Eduard etch and really enjoying that one too! Mark.
  11. Hi all I have kindly been aloud to enter this old kit I got from Telford. I love old kits and I really love Matchbox. The plastic the look the nostalgia its all there I can remember when they were everywhere and at my local paper shop.. Them was the days.......... I also picked up a heller bobcat t4 harrier, a matchbox hunter T7 and with the many old kits I have I am spoilt for choice, I really like this GB and might enter more yet. I have a plasticart Comet 4 That I would love to do as and RAF bird but cant find decals or possible livery options for that one. I may enter Frog Vulcan too ... Lets see how this goes. I am a huge fan of the Jaguar and oh how I miss them. They really were beautiful. The kit is very nice and fit is excellent so far. I only started her this morning over coffee. Cheers Rob
  12. Hello!! So, Christmas Day and I can start on something I've been meaning to start for the last few months As in title, this is a GR1 Tornado in a combat setting, I have a 60x60cm board which is hopefully enough to place everything on (I can't go any larger, as the cadet competition I'm hoping to enter it in won't take any larger than that!!). Revell Tornado with a bit of aftermarket for the extra detail and nose replacement (*especially* the nose). Today hopefully I'll get all the flash removal done as there's quite a bit all over the shop. P.S. this is my first WIP, constructive criticism welcome (encouraged actually, I want this to be a good model!!) Good old bit of flash!! Merry Christmas everyone Thanks for looking Twig
  13. Well, this one is now finished. Its the Revell GR1 kit converted to a GR4 using Model Alliance decals to recreate the 12 B Squadron 90th Anniversary Jet from 2005. The plane was brush painted using a mix of Humbrol and Revell acrylics, with a Flory Dark Dirt wash applied for panel lines, and a Pitts pen used for oil staining on the ecu doors. Hope you like:
  14. Hi all a few weeks ago I picked up my old Revell Easy Kit tornado for the 90's that i found. It was bought for me as a child. I was already painted in a very bright green with moulded grey plastic and a silver canopy in some anniversary markings with green yellow tail. I looked at it and thought it was in pretty good shape except ive not found the stores yet. I had some humbrol spray can 163 and 27 left and decided to glue it together and paint it just for fun. I think its made a big improvement and nice to see a 1/100 scale tonka. It might not be the most sophisticated model but its the most fun ive had in ages and very refreshing to just throw something together for once in a care free manner. The burners were painted in citadel boltgun metal with citadel nuln oil wash on top and sealed with klear. Cheers for looking I look forward to your comments.
  15. Well for those guys who have followed my first ever WIP thread, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234932336&page=3 and for those that havent, here is my first model Ready For Inspection, and also marks my 100th post on the forum! It has been a learning curve, as this marks a return to modelling, and a first serious (ish) step into the hobby, since the days when I made and painted in a day at the age of 8 or 9. There have been pitfalls such as decal silvering - something that I could just not resolve, so the decal was removed as best as I could, and the area repainted (this will be evident in one of the photos below, possibly more of them to those with good eyes!), and also with mixing the greys, as I was using the gift set, and its come out bluer rather than grey! Its also pretty much a tail sitter - something I had been worried about once I had already assembled the fuselage lol. Some white tac, filled into the nose u/c bay, has helped, though i would only require the Fin F light to illuminate for it to sit on its bottom! So, comments are of course welcome, and without further ado, here are my finished pictures:
  16. Hi everyone, and welcome to my first ever WIP thread. Its a return to modelling, after making and painting in a day or two - about 25 years ago! I am not going to make any apologies, but this is probably going to have a lot of photos in the thread, not only to document my progress as a first proper project, but also to allow myself to keep a record to identify areas I can improve upon, and develop further for future builds. So, onto the first details, the obligatory (from perusing the forum) box and sprue picture: Excuse the picture quality, I am going to blame photobucket for that. I am going to do an out of the box build on this, as its mainly, hopefully, a bit of a test run for doing my next project. Therefore this will be painted up in the colours as per the instructions, and decals will be the provided 27 Squadron 75th Anniversary markings
  17. So this is my next project: I really enjoyed building the revell 1:144 tomcat as part of the group build even though it was the (very) old mould, so I thought I try one of their newer kits. First impressions are excellent, there's no flash that I can find and the moulding is amazingly crisp. I think this will be pretty much OOB, although I'm not sure whether to have this in flight possibly releasing one of the LGB's or on the ground, refuelling probe out, with the canopy open.
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