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  1. Hi, looking good but was the resin pit designed for a Dragonfly made by another manufacturer?
  2. The Irish Air Corps - they used them at sea. Fantastic build, love the scheme, flawless finish.
  3. Royal Saudi Air Force or RAF 17Sq (the one with the hand)
  4. "Holy mother of Kazan" I have never heard this before. You're doing a brilliant job and I'm sure the cockpit fit problem can be thought around, the nosewheel fits great
  5. I like this, but one question - why use resin when the kit's cockpit and wheel wells are so good?
  6. I've started the Tamiya 1/350 USS Enterprise in 1/350th scale. Currently working on some of the air-wing and changes to the island structure as it is being backdated to how she was in 1976. Still have to put on the landing gear, gear doors, access steps, engines and pylons. The canopies were tinted and I am plucking up the courage to paint the canopy frame. It's a slow long-term project which I hope to finish by the time the telegram lands on the doorstep.
  7. Blimey, this brings memories, if only every model was like the box art. Is this the one where Hasegawa used invisible ejector seats?
  8. At the start of this build I mentioned a good designer at Trumpeter and a crazy guy who would change his plans every time the good one left his desk, well that crazy chap is back again. I was exploring the fit of the engine nozzles and just happened to line them up with the engine and it's all wrong! The afterburner can which is ribbed comes right up to the engine nozzle outside lip. Trumpeter have the knack of tempting the modeller with good detail parts before throwing in a curved ball of totally missing or incorrect parts.
  9. Hi Karlo, I really can't remember but let's just say Eduard would be unable to market it as a weekend edition. Most of what you see started life a white plasticard:
  10. Hi Giorgio, I'm not going to backdate fully and build the VF-1 CAG - I was extremely tempted but just wanted to show you what decals are supplied in the kit. There are two other squadrons, both colourful: VF-84 CAG Bu. No. 160393 VF-111 CAG Bu. No. 160656 (Not Miss Molly) This Tomcat will be from VF-33 Starfighters. Although a block 75 airframe it will require little work to model this. The 2nd batch of block 75 airframes started at Bu. No. 159421 and encompassed the tail tips with strengthening fingers, standard beaver tail, ALQ-100 chin pod, 7 vents for gun gas. This photo gives away two mods, no temperature probe on port side below the canopy and it has a nose pitot tube.
  11. I'm painting the RIO's circuit breakers at the moment so nothing of interest to post but for anyone who has never seen this kit here are some shots of the parts, decals, instructions: Some of the landing gear parts which look good, whilst the canopy frame locks also look okay. The tails each come in two halves and have mid-life details/strengtheners at the tips (More about this later). How many kits provide landing gear doors for both open and closed models? You get ALQ-100 receiver for under the nose or the TCS pod which has the camera and ALQ-100 on it. Other goodies include some etch, rubber tyres and metal struts for inside the landing gear. Now we come to mystical world of F-14A blocks and the kit's decals. VF-1 Wolfpack, full fat, full throttle, high octane, sugar rushing, caffeine laden colour for a light-gull grey over white scheme. Wonderful! except that this kit would need a bit of surgery to bring it back to block 70 standards - Bureau Number 158979.
  12. To be honest I have boxes and boxes of etch and resin for future builds (I think that by now I should have shares in Hannants). About twelve years ago I built a Tamiya F-14A using the same technique for the cockpit and it looked different, not sure if it looked better as the Black Box/Teknics/Avionix/Aires resin pits carry an enormous amount of detail. Trying to fit them in is another matter. Another major factor - it seemed like fun.
  13. Fujimi and if you don't want an engine and stand I'd be interested to buy it, even from across the globe in Singapore.
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