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  1. One of the full size The Das Boot replicas was hired by S Spielberg for use in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  2. Neal

    609 Sqn codes

    Jack, that’s a cracking bit of research you’ve done there. I’m slowly building all the main aircraft 609 flew in 1/72 and was going to skip the MkII as I didn’t have any codes or service numbers, now I’ll add one to the list
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nbpvvRjL1mxGF6Zw8
  4. I had an idea not too long ago to build a reasonable representation of all the aircraft 609(WR) squadron flew. The squadron was formed in 1936 and disbanded as a flying squadron in 1957 so the list isn’t so daunting. I will do some WIP treads and continue to add to this thread as builds are completed.
  5. Brengun may have a solution for the Tamiya kits http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21/dh-98-mosquito-two-stage-merlin-1584
  6. I’m guessing the NF.30 just got quietly forgotten about by AZmodels, can’t seem to find any record of it ever making it to the shops
  7. Hi, what sort of panel wash should I use for a black WW2 era RAF aircraft? I normally just splash on the excellent Flory’s dark wash on my kits which works well but I’m building an early Spitfire with the black/white undersides & I think the wash won’t show up in the black half. Any suggestions?
  8. The straw intakes are a great idea
  9. http://m.brengun.webnode.cz/products/brs144014-p-25-fire-engine/ Retrokit do ground crew as well https://retrokitonline.net/product/modern-maintenance-crew/ Following this with interest
  10. Looks great. Well done. Must finish mine.…
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