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  1. So these are my 2014 completions Revell 1/72 Canberra Pr9 Revell 1/72 Tornado Gr1 converted to Gr4 Airfix 1/72 FW190 A8 Airfix 1/72 Zero Starfix 1/72 P51d Mustang Airfix 1/72 F51 Mustang Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Revell 1/72 Fokker DVII Hasegawa 1/72 F4j Phantom
  2. But consensus is she would have had the soft edged camo with lag undersides? Re squadron markings, pictures later than 67 show her with 617 markings on the tail, so I am a bit confused about this.
  3. This is the excerpt from the flying log 01 Apr 64 To Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Woodford for modifications retrofit. (Mvt card dates this as 2 April 64-but see above. This was the commencement of the retrofit of the original 26 Blue Steel Vulcans and took 12 months involving improvements to existing radar, jammers and sensors plus additional equipment. The Olympus 201 engines [long tail pipes] would be replaced by Olympus 301s [short tail pipes]. The removal of XL318 and XL319 for retrofit reduced the number of Blue Steel Vulcans on Bomber Command strength to 24). 14 Apr 65 To RAF Scampton.
  4. Ah thanks for the help. I have a pdf of a flying log for XL318 which states it was a 617 jet. Having just looked at it again, it became part of Scampton wing in feb 64, and in April 64 went to Woodford where it was retrofitted to use the 301 engines. Thanks for the comment, as i had missed that completely.
  5. Would this have been the softer edged camo or the hard edged? Of course i hope i am right in presuming it wouldn't still be anti-flash white? Struggling to find any definitive info on this airframe in that period, other than i believe it being a 617 Blue Steel B2.
  6. Its funny, because there must be more than one version of the art about, as this looks familiar on a Flypast cover, but had stabilisers Loving the progress with this
  7. Putting the straps up like that also helped keep the fragile back pad straight, and stop some clumsy mech/tech/pilot/nav from getting in and breaking it asfaik.
  8. I would love to see a Lightning and EF Typhoon paired take-off and vertical climb, followed by a display by the Lightning. Other choice would be a low level Bucaneer flypast.
  9. Thanks guys, pretty pleased with it. Looks good next to my Tornado in the cabinet, bristling with weapons in comparison.
  10. That is great, love the panel and bay door colour variations, just like so many ad they get cannibalised to keep others flying. Nicely presented too.
  11. Great job for a first model, well done. You will be amazed at how your skills develop with each model. Follow some WIP threads to pick up tips, and dont be afraid to ask for advice on here. Keep it up!
  12. Used some artistic license with the hi-vis markings, although i did read somewhere an account of some of the J's repainted in the 3 greys scheme having them. First Phantom build, so after comments in the WIP i would do the intake/fuselage different for a better finish. All brush painted using mixture of Revell, Humbrol, and Xtracrylix acrylic paints.
  13. It may well be, but i try not to get too hung up on things like that.
  14. No more progress photos, but its now finished how i like it.
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