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  1. Hi all my first build will be Tamiya`s 1\48 th Razorback P47. Little Pete 2 Formation Monitor of the 467th BG Rack Heath January 1945 That will be my first build cheers Wellzy
  2. After much thought and rummaging in the stash, I've decided to go with a Buccaneer. I have a few of the old Airfix Buccs in the stash so I will resist the temptation to buy a new one and use one of the old ones to make a photo recon version. I have a resin Recon pack from Heritage Aviation to use up. The recon pack 'fitted into the weapons bay as a replacement for the door' according to the literature but I'm sure they were swapped over very infrequently. If anyone knows the identity of a specific recon plane then I would be keen to know. It will be done in hanger format with nose, tail and wings folded. A few resin goodies to make up for using the older kit. Note the Recon pack at the top and complete engines. Some other renditions of the 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer Previous models include NA39 S1 S2D Looking forward to make a start.
  3. Picked up the academy kit a week ago and I've been working on it every day since. I wanted to finish it in 2 weeks because I'm trying to challenge myself to finish kits as fast as possible, otherwise I end up getting distracted after a while. Super nice kit, comes together very well. Here's all the progress so far... Painted them hull red, then painted the zimmerit with a tan-grey color. Did the camo and chipped the paint, although I regret using Tamiya Dark yellow and Mr. color lacquer for the pattern, as they did not want to get chipped. You can see this on the gun, the yellow paint chipped very well but the green didn't at all. I went back later to add some more with a needle, and that work good enough. That's all the decals done. Moved the spare wheels to the back and put the spare MG42 in the rack to make it more interesting. Then I decided I didn't want to hand paint the wheels so a I paper mache'd a tarp on them Today I plan on doing the side skirts, spare tracks and wheels. I'll hopefully be able to put them up tomorrow.
  4. Hi Chaps, I'm a bit late starting here due to over enthusiasm with the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes mega GB. I have a few Planes/Helos which I have concidered but with a FAA GB coming later in the year I thought this should be a bit different. So a long time resident in the stash (>43 years) will get completed. Probably rare and worth a fortune until Airfix re-released it a few years ago, this is a 1973 boxing which I think I bought in 1979 when Airfix went bust in the late 70's. Its all still there but at some point I've taken some of the planes off the sprue.
  5. Hi all, here is my late entry. A while ago I bought Revell`s Ju88A-4 in 1/32 in the so called "Technik" boxing, which means it includes lights and rotating propellers: With some AM: Decals are from Profimodeller. I decided for some really expensive cockpit decals because they will be very visible with the cockpit lighting. Last year I had built HKM`s 1/48 B-17G with MagicScaleModelling Light and Sound kit: That is actually why I got the Ju88, I loved the B-17 build so much. To my disappointment I found out that Revell`s kit does not include the sound part, so it is only lights and rotating propellers. The second problem with Revell`s kit is the decals. I would have loved to do the camo of the kit`s artwork, B3+AM. But that aircraft had an MG FF mounted in the gondola which is not included. So I decided to do another aircraft with an interesting camo: 7A+GH, which belonged to 1./(F) 121. I had built that aircraft before in 1/48 from Special Hobby`s JU88D boxing of the ICM kit: So that is what I have until now: I drilled holes for the cameras and made some fairings. Since I do not have any cameras, I hope that the inside will be in the dark. I will have to prevent light from the cockpit or the rear nav lights to enter. Volker
  6. This Group Build covers my main area of modelling interest so I can enter numerous models from the stash. I have decided to build the SR-53 as it is a key British Aircraft and is quite a recent kit. I have never heard of the manufacturer before, 'Simian Stuff', but first impressions are good. The real aircraft survives at RAF Cosford. The kit comes in a stout box with the resin parts sealed in plastic. The main parts are individually sealed with the smaller parts in groups. A good, strong looking undercarriage and nose weight are cast in white metal. Detail in the cockpit and wheel wells is excellent and the nose probe looks fine and beautiful. It will have to be replaced though as I cannot trust myself not to knock it off. There are 2 vacformed canopies and a set of decals for both planned aircraft. These appear to have no white printed so I'll have to remember to mask the base coat! The kit has what appears to be the best set of instructions for a resin / limited run kit so far so I'm hopeful of an easy build. So here's what you get. We have a good rendition of the jet compressor and some great cockpit detailing on both halves. Looking forward to making a start soon as my F15 for the Eagle GB is nearly ready for a coat of paint.
  7. This model is actually almost done, I just never started a WIP thread for it. I started this model back in August 2020 and then it became an on and off project due to lack of motivation. I decided I'm finally going to finish it, currently doing decals! I'll post some photos of the build up to this point: And she currently looks like this: Expect more updates this evening...
  8. Ok having completed my Challenger 2 BATUS winter repair I have built a Mirage Hobbies Vickers E Mk A which I have not logged a build for but now I am starting a new project Tamiya's Valentine Archer which will be built out of the box after the CR2 detailing. So here are the box shots ready to start. And here is a preserved example just to show what it should end up looking like Thanks for looking in more to come soon Stay safe Roger
  9. Hi Guys this is what l hope will look like a Sherman will build it as one of these Mk l`s Cheers Wellzy
  10. Salutations everyone, I'm back with another WIP thread where the model is actually already finished, I just enjoy sharing my processes. I started this one back in December, relatively quick build for my standards. The aircraft in Question is XN781 of 19 Sqn. RAF Gütersloh. From my reference images on the internets I had discovered a few flaws with the instructions, the gun ports were not gunmetal on this (or frankly most of these green lightnings), on neither panels, the one nearer the cockpit was green like the fuselage and the actual gun port was usually red or a highly chipped showing the gunmetal underneath. On the lower guns (or where they would be), there is a green bit sticking out which is also missing. (THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT MINE, I AM UNABLE TO GIVE CREDIT AS I CAN'T FIND THE SOURCE) I started with the seat. I really enjoy scratchbuilding onto them as they really lack detail. Closing up the fuselage and painting was a surprisingly fast process. Then the gear was painted (and dry-fitted) Then I lost motivation for a bit but in the past 2 days I finished her! I decided to go with green firestreaks as I had seen photos of Gütersloh lightnings with them (and they are much easier to paint than white). Here she is next to XS921, my other lightning (there will be more...) This one is a very short thread, next update will be the RFI Hope you enjoyed looking at it though!
  11. Late start for this as it took longer than planned to finish the 'Unarmed GB' but I plan to honour the esoteric French Aviation Industry with this splendid machine which really could only be French. Intake in the fuselage spine, retractable rocket pack, superimposed engines, full width flaps and slats and no control column merely add to the character. Derived from the Grognard 1 as a ground attack fighter, the 11 had a longer nose and canopy giving a snake like air to it. First flight was in 1950 but the 2 prototypes lost the fly off competition with the Vaotour and were both scrapped. I bought this in about 2004 when first released. As a French kit of a French aircraft in French service we should be OK for eligability. Of course being a Fondurie Minature I know it will be a challenge. So here's the box, still sealed from the factory..... Inside the box I have 2 big sprues, a bag of white metal undercarriage, a few bags of resin undercarriage bays, wheels and cockpit. All looks jolly nice, apart from the half printed ejection seat decals. Reasonable instructions and US customer feedback form complete the contents. Only the cockpit canopy missing then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm, Good old Fonderi Miniature. According to a 2003 review on Hyperscale, there were 2 canopies in the review kit so if anyone built this and has a spare please drop me a line.. Colin
  12. This is my official thread now. I will be doing the Revell 1/48 Beaufighter IF. If all goes to plan the kit should arrive on the 14th. If it is delayed I can start it with the TF-X kit I have as it is the same kit with different tail surfaces. The IF Beaufighter was an early nightfigher operating in 1941. I read a book about one of Britain's top nightfigher aces when I was a young fellow and the image of the Beaufighter nightfigher it gave me has always stuck with me. It is because of this book I have had an interest in building the German bombers of the time. Particularly the Do 217E which is in my cabinet. There were several descriptions of them being shot down by the Beaufighter. The kit
  13. I thought I should start a thread for this build. I decided I needed a more colourful Beaufighter. This is the 272nd Sqn Mk.VI based in Malta in 1942. It is the out of the box Tamiya 1/48 kit. Using kit decals. and Vallejo paints. This build is current to this GB. It was started well after my TF.X
  14. Well I'm adding one last build to this GB. I have found my Tamiya kit. It allows me to build Australian Beaufighter. I already have the decals. It will be interesting to compare the the kits.
  15. I noticed that Pat (Jockney) has already done an Airfix 1/72nd Buffalo, with RAF markings. Is there room for another one? I have a Matchbox kit that I bought a couple of years back from a certain Auction site. This was the original 1974 Matchbox kit PK-24, moulded in two colours. Here is the image of the box top - the actual kit came in a plastic bag (with no decals)! The original owner had done some work, removing items from the sprue, and done a little priming and painting of the interior, and had only done one piece of construction - adding the wheel well to one side of the fuselage. Here is the sprue, or what is left of it! The instructions are very simple indeed..... I have since purchased a set of decals for the kit, from Red Roo, which depicts a Buffalo that had been purchased by the Dutch from the US, and had been "diverted" to Australia following the fall of Java. It depicts a Buffalo in RAAF colours from 1942. The decals are Australian, having been produced by Red Roo in 2000. So my questions to the mods are:- 1. Does this one fall within the 25% rule? 2. Is there room for another Buffalo? If so, I would intend to do a fast "out of the box" type build. Thanks, Philip
  16. Seen as we have a long build period for this GB I'm going to do a RNZAF Corsair. This was flown by my Uncle in the Islands during the later part of the war and will complete my Pacific fighters collection.
  17. This is my backup project because the Ju 88 is rather a big project. it is a Bf 110D Dackelbauch which escorted the Heinkels in the Northern raids on August 15th. I might change the codes as I don't have evidence that this particular plane was on the raid.
  18. Now this allows my own thread I can do some images in the morning. I'm doing a Revell / Monogram Ju 88A-1. It will use several resin addons to convert it from an A4 to A1. It gets new ailerons, wingtips, engines and canopy from Aires. Eduard PE and some masks. Masters brass gun barrels. Maybe home made decals. This will be great fun as after doing the Ju 188A-1 I know the kit quite well.
  19. This is my He 111 H-4 project that I'm finishing here as approved. This won't go into the Galley, but there will be finished images in this thread. I have been working on this for maybe a year. There have been lots of ups and downs in the build. Here is the link to the WIP build thread. This is a model of a KG 26 plane that was in the 15th of August northern raids. It was shot down into the sea, but the crew survived. The plane is an H-4 which carried the torpedo's on external racks. To achieve this I have used the ICM He 111H-3 kit and taken the external bomb rack part from the H-6 torpedo bomber kit. I think there maybe a small miss match in doing this that needed quite a bit of filler to over come. I will leave the rest of the issues in the work in progress thread. A lot of them are most likely of my own making, But the engines issue I had is worth reading if you are going to build this model. This is where I'm at.
  20. Hi all,Picked up a few of these 28mm metal figures from Elite Miniatures(Australia),They are all Claymore Miniature Castings.It's slim pickings down here not much on the local market,and I'm not to sure about buying anything from overseas,I have a few of these figures from a earlier purchase,I was so impressed by them I had to have some more,the detailing in something so small is great,these are a real pleasure to paint,Some are primed,some base painted,and some are getting the fine detailing.All are being painted with Acrylics. Cheers Jim.
  21. The photos of the kit box and contents are in this post https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070764-spitfire-prototype-cmr-and-spitfire-prif-airfixairkit-172nd-scale/ as TempestV asked me to separate my builds which is fair enough. limited progress has been made as I am trying to finish my Mach2 Avro York for the Lancaster Group Build. So far I have cleaned most of the parts up and primed them and made a start on the cockpit using the photo etch instrument panel and seat belts and they seemed to fit well. I bought some of the Mig Ammo Ultra Glue for photoetch and clear parts and I am quite pleased with it. It is a bit like Rocket Glue n' Glaze, but thicker and higher grab. The fuselage halves had a bit of an issue as they were warped, but have responded well to being attached to a steel rule with elastic bands and dunked in hot water for a couple of minutes. After much reading the interior colour is some Vallejo model Air 'Eau de Nil' 71009, supposedly matched to BS216. There seems to be a very similar colour in their 'standard' range named 70974 'Green Sky' The photo shows the interior parts before I added the seat belts last night. I hopefully will get on with this a bit more this week as most of the cupboards in the house have been cleaned out and the conservatory has been cleaned inside and out.
  22. Whilst working for ABRO/DSG in December 2007 I was asked if I would like to go to the British Army Training Unit at Suffield, Alberta, Canada for three months winter repair season. I left the UK on 2nd January 2008 on a 24 hour trip to Medicine Hat the nearest town to Suffield with an airport. We were put up in the Medicine Hat Lodge hotel as there was insufficiant housing on the camp and we travelled dailly, the journey taking about 3/4 of an hour each way. Towards the end of the three month deployment I was asked to stay on in Canada as part of the year round support to the BATUS training fleet which lead to me staying in Canada until October 2010. Anyway what has all this waffle got to do with modelling, well just before Christmas 2019 my daughter and son in law presented me with this saying I could make something to remind me of my time in Canada Well I worked on heavy A vehicles second line serviceing/repair and Challenger 1 tanks were not in UK service at this time, I very diplomatically said this to my daughter and son in law and was promptly told to open the box............................ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Accurate Armours combi kit of the CRARRV that changed to out look to the build somewhat! This then was the original CRARRV replica so to update to the 2009/10 spec Challenger 2 track and sprocket carriers and later type road wheels were added to the mix, I also obtained a copy of the Tankograd BATUS by Carl Schulze which has pictures of a great deal of the BATUS fleet types during exercises on the training area, this book covers the 2007 year exercises when the vehicles were in green/sand colours as apposed to the single colour sand of the period that I was there. I will start this project in the near future but as @Dads203 asked what was next this is a sneak preview Thanks for stopping by Roger
  23. Told you ....😎 I have three of them. Why you might ask......
  24. Colin W


    Hi Chaps, With great enthusiasm i plan to join this Saab Viggen STGB masquerading as the Scandinavian group build under the New Nordic title. Although i have an Airfix Viggen at the bottom of the stash, I shall endeavour to turn the Special Hobby Viggen into something approaching trickyrich's efforts in the Specialist GB last year. I bought this from Hannants in 2017 so was able able to compare it to the Tarangus kit which was significantly more expensive. Lucky I did because it is the same kit! Another great reason to support your local hobby shop. My last Special Hobby kit was the truly shocking R4 helicopter which hit the bin mid last year. Hoping for slightly better from this one. Since i live here on the outer rim, this will be a resin free build using only a set of 2 Bob's decals bought many years ago, some plans and Milliput. Oh and 200 pictures i took of the one in the Newark air museum. Scheme will be the splinter one. You know what the sprues look like by now. Colin
  25. My Academy Buchon has arrived. I will be doing it as one of the Battle of Britain Bf 109s. I'm still waiting for the decals to arrive. If I get time I will get a start on it soon. I'm deciding whether to get the G6 PE for it as the cockpit detail in the kit is a bit sparse. I will put up photos later today.
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