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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Next one of ths year - Italian interwar fighter Breda Ba 27 "Metallico" in Chineese colours from 1937. Model made from AZ kit practicly OOB. Only small modification like spinning prop and home made bars in riging instead of PE provided in kit. Some 12 of them were in use in China and not many more of them were build at all. Here she is: So my Chinees '37-'40 shelf get a bit more crawdy: Coments welcome Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  2. Here is my Dragon 1:144 Changhe (CAIC) WZ-10 attack helicopter which I built back in 2012. It represents LH95112, one of the prototypes, People's Republic of China, from 2004 onwards. Information then was sketchy and different prototypes had some different configurations. The only alteration I did was re-shape the tips of the main rotor blades from square to curved. The tail rotor is wrong. It should be an "X" rather than a cross but I left it as it came. The kit lacked a cockpit and I used a Matador Models white metal Mi-28 cockpit which fitted perfectly. The kit wa
  3. Hey guys: Does anyone have any experience with the multitude of new 1/35 WWII military figures from China that are popping up on EBay? Some are obvious recasts but the majority look like new CAD products http./1/35 Resin WWII German Officer & Soldier Panzer Crew Unpainted Unbuild BL535 from “Fashonzon” is an example. Has anybody ordered from any of these companies? Thanks, Marty
  4. Dear friends, This is the last addition to my collection, a P-26 Peashooter in Chinese colors (in fact the Chinese version was named Boeing model 281). Painted in overall light grey, the majority of these aircrafts were changed to green later. The kit was surprisingly good for its age, no fit issues, a good cockpit (that I enhanced with some belts), and a good engine too. The only difficulty in construction concerned the engine exhausts and rigging, which I represented using Albion Alloys 0.2mm nickel rod. Overall a pleasant construction. Hope you like it, Dimitrio
  5. Hi everyone, Here's my take on ICM's new-tool 1/72 Polikarpov I-153. It's been completed using LF Models decals (HERE) to represent an aircraft of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force in 1941. It's hand painted throughout, using Humbrol enamels, then glossed using Humbrol Clear for decalling then finally flat coated using a Humbrol Matt Varnish rattle can. As is my normal modus operandi for biplanes, it's unrigged. As for the kit itself, it's rather nice. The only thing I would watch out for is the plastic, it's quite brittle. I ended up breaking the interior c
  6. Hi, all. Until I wasn't at home, this cat: has surfed on my table where there were details J-10B for coloring. As a result I haven't got one nose wheel (detail D5) and is HUD (detail G7). Nose wheel not a problem for my, because I can make the copy from remained. Not problem to make HUD most if there is a photo or the drawing. Whether somebody can at whom have unbulit J-10B (Trumpeter 1/72, item no.:01651) to make HUD photo (a detail G7) near a ruler? Three photos the front view, the top view and a side view are necessary!!! To m
  7. Hi, all! Maybe somebody saw a photo not retouched number on a fin of the front line (not a prototype) of Chengdu J-10B with Woshan WS-10A «Taihang» ? Chengdu J-10B with Lulka AL-31F at which I saw not retouched numbers on a fin, Chengdu J-10B with Woshan WS-10A «Taihang» didn't meet.... And still question of a camouflage of J-10. Instructions recommend to paint Chengdu J-10 in GS Aqueous Hobby Colour 61 tops and bottom GS Aqueous Hobby Colour 308 + white . GS Aqueous Hobby Colour 61 is gray with a yellowish shade, but on a photo of Chengdu J-10 from above is pai
  8. Hi, Introducing Asian air Arms SIG. Although focussed on post-1945 Asian military aviation there were so many WWII aircraft used in this region until the late 1950s that I though it might be of interest to WWIIers! It offers some wild colour schemes and bizarre partnerships. What about Pakistani Halifax, Communist Chinese Lavochkin La-11, Indonesian Mustang and Tupolev Tu-2, Taiwanese B-24, Thai Helldiver, Japanese Avenger, Filippino Mustang? And on, and on and on.....! Asian Air Arms SIG has been set up to enable modellers to access a huge resource of post-1945 military aircraf
  9. Hi, Want some wild colour schemes and bizarre partnerships? What about Bangladesh Canadair CL-13 Sabre, Sri Lankan Pioneer, Taiwanese U-2, Malaysian Albatross, Burmese Bristol Freighter, South Korean T-33, Communist Chinese MiG-9, Indian Ouragan? And on, and on and on.....! Asian Air Arms SIG has been set up to enable modellers to access a huge resource of post-1945 military aircraft subjects from 26 Asian countries: Mongolia to the Maldives, and from Japan to Afghanistan. Huge website http://www.asianairarms.com offers thousands of photos, colour schemes, research, contemporary acco
  10. Hi, Today we have a day off in my country - I made some photos... therefore third post on RFI.... Dewoitine D510 - a French fighter designed in early 1930. - something between upper-wing or biplanes of 1920. and modern low-wing monoplane of second half of 1930. Like Boeing P26 or Breda 27 but with V-engine, not radial one. Model is almost OOB from Heller kit except of removal of aerodynamic covers of wheels and China markings of 41 Squadron, Yunnan-Fu, October 1938. Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  11. i Second I-16 variant done recently by me. It is a two seater, unarmed UTI-4 in Chineese markings (on profile I followed it was said "1938", on second of the same machine it was "1940"). I found photo of her as well... Anyway - she looks like this: Comments welcome Regards J-W
  12. When in July of 1937 China's Nationalist Party government resolved on war in the face of Japanese military action near Peking, the Curtiss Hawk III was the chief fighter plane of the Chinese air force. The first Chinese fighter pilot to shoot down a Japanese aircraft, Colonel Kao Chi-hang, did so from the cockpit of a Curtiss Hawk III biplane. How the Curtiss Hawk III came into being, and came to its prominent position in Nationalist China's air service, is a strange and tangled tale. In the late nineteen twenties, Curtiss modified the Arm
  13. Hi, Douglas O2M (or O38) is one of long series of early Douglas light bomber and observation airplanes. O2MC was produced in some variants - O2MC, O2MC2,..., O2MC6 and O2MC10. Main difference was in different engines. The variant O2MC2 is identical wih US Army variant O38B. O2MC's were export versions to China (and also produced there). This is a machine from a times of Potez XXV, Breguet 19, Polikarpov R5 or Hawker Hart and based on similar basic concepts. Model is a resin kit by Arpol (72045 Douglas O38A/B), almost OOB (what I did extra? - for example I made a rotable prop, what
  14. This is the 1/72 Trumpeter J-10S, with the addition of DreamModel etched cockpit details and exhaust nozzle. I’m sure that it is humanly possible to make the DreamModel etched exhaust work ... but I couldn’t manage it! I just used the afterburner ring and put one part of the etched detail inside the kit nozzle for what I think is a pleasing effect; the cockpit set on the other hand worked fine. Markings are one of the kit decal options. The Trumpeter kit goes together easily and, although I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the form in every regard, I think it looks good.
  15. I have literally for years been looking to find a picture of a 2(AC) Sqdn Bristol at Shanghai in the summer of 1927. Late last night I came upon this, on a site that monitors memorabilia auctions. It is captioned 'aeroplane from HMS Hermes flying over Shanghai Aug 1927'. (HMS Hermes was present, with Fairey IIID and I believe also Flycatchers; No. 2(AC) came with HMS Argus.)* The serial number of the Bristol in the picture is J7652, which is among the four serials Mr. Bruce gives in the Windsock Bristol vol 2 as being the machines 2(AC) assembled and flew from the racecourse at Shanghai. The r
  16. This model represents a machine flown by Sgt. Maj. Kyushiro Ohtake, who flew four years in China and has the distinction of being sole pilot of the 25th Sentai to survive WWII. The Type 1 Army Fighter Ki-43 Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon; also known by Allied reporting name 'Oscar") is in some ways a Japanese analogue to the Curtiss P-40, a type it engaged frequently in its combat service. Both machines were designed as expressions of an out of date concept of air fighting to which air service leaders remained deeply attached; both were built in large numbers, and kept in s
  17. Good Afternoon, I recently acquired a photo and would really like to pin down some details on the airplane. It is Hurricane Mk.II HW805 photographed in China at the end of the war in US markings. Mark
  18. Now that I've got your attention I'll explain what I intend to be building for this GB. I am going to attempt my first double build having seen it done on a few other GB's as it seems to make a lot of sense, they are both the same aircraft (more or less) with the same interior colours and the same overall colour scheme (probably). I lay most of the blame for this at David's (MirageIV's) feet for his continued prolific high quality builds of pairs (or more) of aircraft in the time it takes me to build one, so hopefully I can burn through the stash more quickly. Anyway onto the kits.... Any
  19. The Curtiss company sold aircraft all over the world in the twenties and thirties of the last century, but its greatest export success came in China, and was attended by intrigue and skullduggery which would not have been out of place in the 'Yellow Peril' tales so common in the pulp magazines of the day. Curtiss' first large sale to China, booked in spring of 1932, set the tone: 18 export Hawk I fighters sold, through an intermediary company, to a body in open rebellion against the internationally recognized central government of China. How there came to exist in 1932 two governments, one
  20. Neither of these are the greatest of kits to be honest but there's not a lot of choice in this scale... That'll probably be because they are all repops of the old Crown kit. I'm going to be using these lovely decals from Miniscale.
  21. Hi,just trying to catch up on mail,etc,im just very suprised,ive not heard more on this story,maybe more to come?but dont you think its a bit james bond? http://freebeacon.com/china-testing-new-space-weapons/ cheers Don theres some intresting web sites mentioned in this article you might want to note for future ref? https://medium.com/war-is-boring/630a858923ec cheers Don
  22. This is a bit off my usual 'wind in the wires' patch, but I do have an abiding interest in matters Chinese, and the successors to the old China Air Task Force certainly wedge in there. Airmen of the 14th Air Force attempted to vindicate Claire Chennault's view that U.S. air power alone would be sufficient to defeat the Japanese Army in China (a view that was very congenial to Gen. Chiang Kai-shek, as if true, it would mean no changes need be made in the practices or deployment of Chinese armies). While the 14th's airmen achieved a great deal, the Japanese ICHIGO offensive of 1944 proved Chenna
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