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Found 18 results

  1. Release expected in Spring (April) 2024 - ref. A05141 - Bristol Bulldog Mk.II https://uk.airfix.com/products/bristol-bulldog-mkii-a05141 V.P.
  2. Read in Modelforum.cz. There's a add in the CZ magazine REVI n°135 (http://www.revi.cz/cz/revi/135.html) about a future 1/48th Bristol Bulldog Mk.II/IIa kit by RS Models. Source: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=68170&start=15975#p2570827 Nothing yet in the RS Models homepage or Facebook. Wait and see. V.P.
  3. Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is to release 1/72nd Scottish Aviation S.A. Bulldog kits. - ref. KPM0298 - Scottish Aviation S.A. Bulldog T.1 - RAF Source: https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/s-a-bulldog-t-1-raf/ - ref. KPM0299 - Scottish Aviation S.A. Bulldog T.1 - RAF Special Source: https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/s-a-bulldog-t-1-raf-special/ - ref. KPM0299 - Scottish Aviation S.A. Sk.61 Bulldog - In Swedish services Source: https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/sk-61-bulldog-in-swedish-services/ - ref. KPM0300 - Scottish Aviation S.A. Bulldog T.1 - Overseas services Source: https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/s-a-bulldog-t-1-overseas-services/ V.P.
  4. Good day all, Today I have for inspection a modified version of the old Airfix Bristol Bulldog. While both of the kit provided decal schemes, an RAF and a Swedish option, are quite nice, I decided I wanted to build something a little different after learning that the Nakajima Aircraft company license-produced 2 Bulldogs with slight modifications. In the case of the second machine, a cowl ring was fitted, along with wheel spats and a new exhaust system. I took the cowl ring from a Monogram F11, the prop from a Matchbox Fury, and the wheel spats from an AModel Fury II to modify the kit, along with leftover decals from a Rising Decals Resin set for a Ki-43 with underwing rockets. Together, these produced the final product: Overall, I feel I could have done a slightly better job of painting this one, and the underwing decals came out very 'bubbly' for an unknown reason - they looked fine until varnish was applied. In the future, I plan to build another Bulldog, and I may even build the JSSF No.1, which lacked the cowl ring and spats but featured streamlined cylinder fairings instead, which I could source from a Zvezda ANT-5. Thanks for checking in, Stay safe, Tweener
  5. Finally got started on my contribution, the venerable Bristol Bulldog, for some reason I have 3 although a few parts are missing so in reality there's enough to do 2. This one will be largely OOB as I am in respite after my Contrail Botha! The kits... Decided to open the blister pack but use the decals from the later boxed version as they are the only ones in usable condition. Here's what you get.. Noticed the poor pilot is missing a leg and some engine cowl bits have broken off and gone missing so will raid one of the other kits for replacements. Added a better seat, instrument panel, framing, control column etc to the cockpit, very little of which is seen once closed up. Closed up and spayed. The circular block on the lower wing looks at first like a casting mark but does exist on the real thing, there is a corresponding hole in the bottom of the fuselage to take it. The decals are thick and despite all my best endeavours refuse to sit well. I will replace the roundels with Xtradecal ones and possibly the lettering too. The tail ones are terrible and will be replaced by masking and spraying. I wanted to apply them at the gloss stage so that they don't silver, the fabric areas will be dulled down with matt varnish spray. All in all I'd say this is a well engineered kit and should go together well...more soon.
  6. Just seen on Takoms facebook page; I know we have a 432 post but this is so different from the standard APC I think it deserves its own thread Julien
  7. Hi - Hoping someone can help out here I am building the Airfix Bristol Bulldog and am not sure about the blue used in the roundels on the decal sheet. It seems that some interwar roundels may have had a paler blue than the "identification blue" normally used. I also know that film used widely at the time made the blues come out very pale in black and white photos which muddies the waters. The decals supplied seem to be a bit too pale. This hasn't been helped by seeing the same Airfix decal sheet in a kit review with the standard blue used. So I am not sure if the sheet I have has a colour printing error. The decals shown are from the Airfix sheet sheet. The larger roundels at the bottom are from the SMER decal sheet for their 1/48th Bulldog which has a richer blue. Any thoughts anyone? Do I need to raid the spares box? i
  8. No. this is not the title of a previously unknown Christmas album by the Who, but a new venture for me. I was given a kit for Christmas by my dear wife, and have decided that, since it is a relatively simple build with not that many parts, I should be able to build it fairly fast. Unlike all my other builds, I do not intend to super-detail anything, or add any after-market parts to it, other than the set of masks I already have, and probably some Airscale instruments to pep up the very visible cockpit. Oh, and a fair amount nose weight, I should imagine! So I present to you the statutory sprue shot of the Tarangus 1/48 Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1. It will be built as XX541/L of RNEFTS, RAF Topcliffe, the aircraft in which I did my first Bullfrog solo on 2 May 1985.
  9. Hi, Over the past few weeks I've put this little collection of 1/72 scale 1930's fighters of the RAF together. They are a mixed bag of Airfix and Matchbox kits, some old, and some new. I must admit, they have all been a pleasure to build. Some of the kit decals couldn't be rescued owing to their +40 years age, but on the whole they went on ok. Additional decals came from friends half-used sheets. Thank you John and Chris. These aircraft certainly add a little colour to the display shelf. I have a couple more to build, but so far the collection includes: Airfix - Demon, Bulldog, Gladiator, and a Gauntlet (converted from a Gladiator) Matchbox - Siskin, and Fury. I am in great admiration of those who can add the bracing wires.... you will see that I didn't. Life's too short, and well beyond my skill! ;-) Thanks for looking,
  10. Latvia purchased a dozen Bristol Bulldog fighters, the first being delivered in September, 1929. At this time the Bulldog was very much first-rate aerial equipment, as it had only begun to enter Royal Air Force squadrons the previous May. English support in the aftermath of the Great War had been essential to the establishment of Latvia, and the other Baltic states, as independent polities, and relations remained close in the decades following. The Bulldogs arrived in two batches, one of five late in 1929, and one of seven following in 1930. They were equipped with license-built Gnome-Rhone Jupiters, rather than the standard English product. They equipped the 1st Squadron of the Latvian Air Regiment, replacing A.D.C. 1 fighters (Great War vintage Martinsyde Buzzards fitted with Armstrong Jaguar radials by the Aircraft Disposal Corporation after Martinsyde's bankruptcy). The Bulldogs were to remain in front-line service until 1937, when they were replaced by Gloster Gladiators. Latvian pilots found the Bulldog Mk. II a difficult machine to handle, prone to enter a flat spin during aerobatics, and hard to get out of the spin once it had begun. Three of the twelve Bulldogs were crashed, and their pilots killed, as a result. Three others were written off owing to more normal accidents; a collision while landing, hitting the ground during gunnery practice, and running into a telegraph pole while stunting at ground level. This machine, no. 74, crashed on June 15, 1936, while piloted by kapt-leitn Huge Fremanis, a ten year veteran of the Air Regiment. He took off before a large audience of soldiers at Daugavpils, stunted spectacularly for some while, and then dove the machine straight into the ground on the aerodrome. He was engaged in a bitter divorce at the time, and it is quite likely he made a suicide dive, though the official report suggests he simply 'misjudged his distance from the ground'. The model is the Airfix Bulldog in 1/72, which needs a few alterations for the Latvian variant, and also some basic corrections. The profile of the nose needs correcting at the bottom, and as the cylinder back-fairings in the kit are somewhat anemic, I made my own, slightly larger ones out of 2.5mm x 3.2mm stock. The cabane struts need correction as well; Airfix has the front leg much too short. The Latvian variant has slightly different panels on the port side, and has two exhaust pipes led off into the fuselage on the port side as well. A few other things were done, but I confess I do not remember them all, as this model was completed several years ago, though never got properly photographed or written up. I got it off the shelf today, cleaned it up a bit, and took advantage of a bit of sunlight.... The nose is covered in home-made foil, aged by boiling with egg-shells. Wife made the decals for me; it was, I remember, our second try at doing this. It took a good deal of work to match the font for the numbers; the insignia were printed red on transparent film applied over circles cut out of white film.
  11. Pics thanks to Keith, I am informed this is the Swedish Spec Machine in these pics.
  12. Bulldog K2227 (S.No. Unknown) at the RAF Museum, Hendon, pics thanks to Mark Mills. Pics mine;
  13. Hello one and all, I did say I was going to build one of these aircraft and after finally find one (for £9.99) I purchased it. I have been building it over the last few weeks but haven't gotten very far due to work and SWMBO and SWTSMBO (She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyd) getting in the way. I was originally going to do the aircraft that I flew in when I was in the ATC. However I appear to have lost/misplaced my 3822, so I have no log of it. Plus with the other 2 (or 3??) RAF Bulldogs I decided to try the Swedish version. The only problem is the decals, they have seen better days, I dont know when, but I am guessing they have! On to the pictures. I think this "boxing" (I use that term loosely) is older than most of us on this forum... just Also I wish I paid 28p for it! How cool would that be? After some cutting and cleaning up I started to clean it up. Here is the IP and the control sticks, I don't actually remember what colours they where so I used artistic license. The centre console (is that the correct term?) has also been painted to look pretty. The fire extinguisher is a cut USB cable, once again it looks pretty good! (I also used it for my 1/144 Puma build). All the bits put in together, I tried to make the seats look better... kinda pulled it off I guess. I can still have a play with them at a later date I guess. I have checked photos online (because there is SO many!) and I am going with the vague assumption (until proven otherwise) that both RAF and Swedish versions are the same. It doesn't look too bad, altho I never realised how much room there was in the back, could get your weekly shop in there! Thank you for looking Kind Regards, Dazz
  14. Fresh off the bench today is the Airfix 1:72 Scottish Aviation Bulldog that I built for the Training Types GB. This was a fun little build and a trip down memory lane as it was the A/C I flew in my Air Training Corp Days. The kit went together well presenting no problems with the only negative issue being the Tamiya white that really didn't go on well and leaving the surface quite rough. A big thanks to Paul J for providing the roundels to replace the slightly off center kit ones. More info can be found in the WIP. I have just noticed the nav lights still need to be painted. IMG_3673 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3674 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3675 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3676 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3679 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3681 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3682 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3684 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3685 by Snapper_city, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  15. It would seem SA Bulldogs are akin to buses and you wait ages for one and then three come along in a row! Looking at AndrewE's earlier entry I was inspired and managed to snag one of these on Ebay for about $5 (plus the same again for postage, so not quite the mega bargain!) and it just arrived. I was a bit worried what state the decals would be in after seeing snapper-city's photos but these seem okay and appear to be in register, so i will be doing the RAF version. I like the look of the Swedish one green and orange but I fancy something a little brassier. A lot of the parts are off the sprues already but I think everything is there. I may attempt to rescribe some of it, although the surface detail doesn't seem too bad and the real thing was a little rivety. Cheers Segan
  16. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234931186-azmodellegatoadmiral-wwii-aircraft-comments-questions-and-wishes/page-11 Answering Britmodeller questions and wishes Petr Muzikant, the AZModel/Admiral boss, has announced a 1/48th injected Scottish Aviation Bulldog kit. To be followed V.P.
  17. Hi here are a few photo's of my tanks if any one is interested. A Tiger, Walker Bulldog and Panther G. The Panther is still being painted. Any comments welcome. I know I have gone a bit mad on the chipping but I find it relaxing and it reminds me of my first car, a "T" reg Fiat! Cheers
  18. M41 Walker Bulldog, pics from the Vietnam War Remnants Museum, pics by Mike (bootneck)
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