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Found 112 results

  1. Good afternoon all, Hope you like my take on the 1/72 AModel Shavrov Sh-2 Hydroplane in Finland. AModel kits are good fun but you need a lot of patience... Kit required all parts to be removed from the runners with a razor saw, much reshaping and sanding (using wet n dry paper), and model filler smoothed flat using wet n dry paper - Preferably wet to cut down the dust debris. I used the new range of Lifecolor acrylic paints covering colors used by Finland - Brush painted as always. The big surprise for me was the decals they worked really well and even submitted my rough handling and application. I thoroughly enjoyed making this model kit and this won't be my last AModel kit for sure ! Comments and advice welcome.
  2. From other end of the scale after working on my Monogram F-106 comes this 1/144 Canberra. It is by A-model and I think I used nearly as much filler on this as I did on my Airfix 1/48th Canberra. To allow for multiple variants the nose centre section and tail are separate assemblies so alignment was fun. I'm not sure I got it right though. Like it's 1/48 scale counterpart no matter how much lead shot I packed into the nose it was still going to be a tail sitter so as with the real thing a prop was placed under the rear fuselage. I reshaped the nose to remove the bomb-aimers window to create a T.13 nose then disaster struck and I ruined the canopy. Hence the black painted cockpit. Something that looks ok-ish in 1/144 but I reckoned the chances of a replacement part were less than zero. The decal are mixture of the kit, which surprisingly nice, Xtradecal for the codes and the silver ferns on the roundels are hand painted. As always thanks for looking.
  3. Hello people , This is my first WIP. I have really enjoyed reading and watching the WIP's of others and feel it is time to try to give something back. I have a variety of interests in terms of modelling, but I always seem to come back to aircraft and AFV's of the Spanish Civil War. The variety of aircraft used is quite incredible and moreover, many were simply 1930's 'Golden Age' civil aircraft impressed into often quite bizarre roles; for example passenger Vultee aircraft and Fokker FVII/3M's becoming bombers. Nevertheless this was a proving ground or test run for many new technologies. In terms of aircraft the I-16 'Mosca', (the subject of this build) and the very first Bf-109 'V' prototypes then A (or is it B1?) through to E series, saw their baptism of fire here. The history of the conflict is well documented on the internet and in good old traditional books, and there are some simply splendid (albeit sometimes a little rare and expensive) books available on the aircraft involved in the conflict. Controversy about colours and actual aircraft involved is absolutely rampant and in a way, quite liberating. Within the community of Spanish Civil War modelling enthusiasts I know (not many!) a great deal of encouragement and artistic licence is granted. There is so little that can be certain, from actual numbers/codes of aircraft involved (BF-109C for example) to types (was there really an RWD-8 and a Bloch MB-200?) to, well, just about everything down to the colour of a particular Republican pilot's socks, or the strength and lens thickness of a particular Legion Condor pilot's monocle . OK. About me. I'm currently not very good at making models. In fact I'm certain that I'm not as good as I was when I was 9 years old and high as a kite on polystyrene cement most of the week, making at least 2 models a week, with very high standards for a little boy. But it was fun wasn't it? My grandfather had been a career RN man (Russian Convoys and MTO in WWII) and encouraged me into modelling. My introduction to modelling is described on the intro post I made some months ago to BM and a little more in my 'about me' so I won't ramble on about my early abject failures. Needless to say I returned to models after a bereavement in 2003 and it really helped me, like a breath of fresh air. Then work and an illness prevented me from starting again until last year. I thoroughly enjoy it, but I keep on trashing my efforts. Perhaps time to lower my standards? I think it would be far better to use this opportunity to probably demonstrate to the world at large that I am still highly capable of an abject failure.... Thus, onto this model. Amodel. What a fascinating company. That's one adjective. Others can be used. Nearly all of their kits pose a challenge in one way or another, they are short run, yet often they are short run for so long that the very sprue runs, and we end up with nothing but flash from which to try to identify and carve our own components . Nevertheless, they kit some wonderfully obscure subjects, and I love the wonderfully obscure! Thus - I feel I help keep someone, possibly in a cold dark cellar in Murmansk, with a scriber, some faded plans, some resin and a bottle of vodka, in a job. Some of their kits go together beautifully straight from the sprue, but there are some, like this little, tubby, I-16 that can be exceedingly variable in terms of moulding quality. In this case, from production batch to production batch. Ask me how I know. I decided to post this as my first WIP because, frankly, this model can be a real pain in the derriere. I know it isn't just me; it is known for possibly needing a bucket of filler. Moreover it has some issues, probably the main one is the wings. They aren't really of the right kind for an I-16 type 5 of the SCW (as I will refer to that very 'uncivil' war from now on). Other issues I will discuss as we progress together into the build. I have not completed a model since I started again around a year ago. To be honest they have all been rubbish and have flown directly into the dustbin. Often. Around 10 now. I have tried to build this one 4 times now. Dustbin; 3 times out of 4. The 4th attempt is in the drawer of doom. This will be attempt number 5. I am posting this, perhaps foolishly, because I had a Really Big Think™. I may, just may, have figured out a way to make this without the usually required bucket of filler. I'm sure I'm not the first, but I may perhaps be the most incompetent, so it should surely provide a little entertainment. I hope so anyway. I'm not awfully sure I have this Photobucket thing worked out yet, so I will only try to post a picture of the box here. I hope it works. I hope this WIP at least helps fellow modellers to see the fun a cheap little East European kit can give, even when it is utterly frustrating and maybe, together, we can find a way to tame this little beastie ?. Best regards, thanks for reading and happy modelling Tony Edited for terrible spelling.
  4. I'm going to build two Antonov twins - an An-24T and an An-30 - both 1/72 Amodel kits. There's a lot of commonality between the two kits so I'm going to build both together. I've more or less decided that the An-30 will be in MIAT Mongolian Airlines colours and the An-24T will be in Sudan Airways colours. There are a quite a few good colour schemes for an An-30 but the Mongolian one stood out, whilst there aren't many that stand out for an An-24T - Sudan Airways being the exception. You can see what I have in mind at these links: Sudan Airways An-24T MIAT Mongolian Airlines An-30 I'll have to print my own decals for both of these. There are quite a lot of photos of the Mongolian An-30s online - plus several other aircraft in the same colour scheme - so there are some good references to work from for that one. There aren't so many photos of the Sudanese An-24, but it's a fairly simple colour scheme, so should be ok. I won't be using a lot of aftermarket - just Armory resin wheels and KV masks (a mask is essential for the glazed nose of the An-30!). Box and sprue shots (there's a lot of empty space in these boxes!): Can't wait to get started!
  5. Here's my Amodel Antonov An-24T, built for the From Russia With Love group build. Build thread is here. It's finished as CCCP-46280, which was the fourth production An-24T, in the colour scheme it wore at the 1967 and 1969 Paris air shows. The mustard yellow colour seems quite appropriate for the era - perhaps even ahead of the time, it seems a bit 70s to me (it reminds me of the colour of our next door neighbour's Morris Marina). The kit is fairly standard Amodel - nothing fits particularly well, but with careful alignment and a bit of fettling everything goes together ok. There's some quite nice, very fine surface detail which inevitably was largely obliterated through extensive use of sanding sticks. The fuselage was in four parts, which is pretty much standard for Amodel kits of this size, which required careful work to line everything up properly - that was probably the worst of it. Not much aftermarket used - the wheels are from Armory (the kit wheels were probably ok but I hate assembling two-piece wheels) and I used KV masks (worked very well, left a bit of residue on the windows though - the best solution seemed to be to lick it and rub it off with kitchen paper) The yellow is a mix of Tamiya yellow and dark yellow. I seem to have spent quite a lot of my modelling time over the last few weekends masking! Decals are from Bsmodelle (very nice, very cheap, thin but not too thin, went on and conformed very well but you have to position them carefully as they don't want to move once they're on). All in all, a satisfying build, and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. I'm quite fond of the colour scheme although I'm not sure I'd have painted the real thing like this. On to the photos:
  6. Amodel is to release 1/72nd CMC Leopard kits Source: http://www.72news.eu/2016/09/amodel-bunch-of-upcoming-releases-for.html Wikipedia CMC Leopard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMC_Leopard - ref. 72337 Sources: http://www.martola.com.pl/en306/produkty67049/cmc_leopard http://hobbyterra.com/product/cmc-leopard-amodel-72337.html - ref. 72341 Sources: http://www.martola.com.pl/en306/produkty67049/cmc_leopard http://hobbyterra.com/product/cmc-leopard-amodel-72341.html V.P.
  7. OK, I'm in with a dh 60G from Amodel in 1/48. The most commented downside of this kit is that Amodel don't give a rigging diagram in the instructions - but that should be solvable from the web. In the box, there are three decal choices - I'll probable go for the forth option On the sprue, this kit looks great, and I must admit that I'm tempted to get one, or both, of the other Amodel dh60's (Cirrus or Metal Moths) ... but let's start simple(r)
  8. In a fit of either bravery or insanity, decided it was time to tackle something which has been lurking in the stash for a while.... Reference materials downloaded to Kindle.... "... we're going to need a bigger desk...." .
  9. I had forgot all about this GB then I saw the title a few days ago just as I was about to start this, the Amodel 1/48th Yak-52. Lovely little kit but typical Amodel, flash here and there, nice decals & etch. I flew in a Yak-52 last year down at Popham, G-YAKI, a superb experience and one I hope to experience again soon and my main reason for building this kit, although I will be doing it in the kit decals, but I would love to build a G-YAKI! as for the model, two photos of the boxart and what you get. Thanks for looking in.
  10. Amodel is to release in 2016 a serie of 1/72nd Adam kits. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997175-amodel-new-172nd-1144th-kits-in-2016-update/ - ref.72350 - Adam A500 - ref.72370 - Adam A700 V.P.
  11. Just finished my Amodel 1/72 Tu-134A as an aircraft of Kazaviaspas, the air operation of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations. The choice of colour scheme might sound a bit odd - I wanted to build it as an aircraft that's currently (or at least recently) in service, which narrows it down, and a colour scheme where I could print the decals myself, so after some googling I hit on this one. It was an enjoyable build - not straightforward, challenging enough to make it interesting but never frustrating. I used the Neomega engine details and Armory wheels, and KV masks, so pretty much all the aftermarket that's available for this kit. Decals were home made - my first attempt at decal printing, and pretty pleased with how they came out. WIP thread is here On to the photos (apologies for the state of the table top, really should have cleaned it!):
  12. After the CL-215, Amodel is to release a 1/144th Canadair CL-415 kit - ref. 1476 Source: http://hobbyterra.com/product/1-144-scale-cl-415-amphibious-aircraft-amodel-1476.html V.P.
  13. I am planning a quick build [read: less than a month!] of the Amodel kit, and the only option is G-EBLV as preserved by the Shuttleworth Trust. According to the Wikipedia it had the Lancashire Aero Club as first owner. I wonder if in the same blue and silver livery? And the interior, light grey and wood, as suggested by the instructions? Another option (may be not so colourful, but more interesting historically) is Lady Bailys's G-EBTG, but this poses the problem (for a quick build!) of the exposed engine. Anyway, is it all silver with black registration? https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/the-honorable-dame-mary-bailey-cbe/ Any help on the above, or suggestions of other historical and colourful options that I can do with my printer (that excludes white registrations...) or with available decals very appreciated! I have all the Amodel boxes with extra parts (different fuselages, slatted wings, different props, etc) so I'm not confined to a Cirrus Moth. Carlos
  14. just found this: https://www.modelimex.com/1-144-an-225-mriya hope it comes to fruition!
  15. Hello fellow modellers, I hope you are having a pleasant weekend. I am building a 1/72nd scale Amodel Polikarpov I-16 Type 5. Unfortunately something strange happened to the canopy. It is no longer clear, it has gone a milky white and is now opaque. I live in Queensland Australia and had stored it in a little parts tin. I feel maybe humidity or some other factor related to heat caused this change, as it hasn't happened to canopies stored in normal kit boxes or zip-lock bags. It has probably been cooked! I have tried emailing Amodel and they cannot provide a canopy, only complete kits. I then found out that Falcon list an I-16 canopy in their Russian canopy 1/72 set. Unfortunately it isn't listed as an individual item in the Squadron range, so I would have to buy the complete Falcon set. It would be better value for money to buy this set than another I-16 kit, but I can't find any pictures of the Falcon set and wondered if the canopy included is the correct early type I need? It needs to be quite 'tent' shaped and fully enclosed. Does anyone know what type is in the set? Finally, I am hoping to model a Spanish Civil War Example (I know the kit has probably the wrong type of wings. I can live with this - this time ). I did wonder if anyone knows of a picture showing a SCW Polikarpov Type 5 (6?) with the later, open, round windshield rather than canopy? So far I have only seen this on type 10's, but if any type 5's like this existed my problem is solved. I have a good non-fogged one as I left it in the kit box rather than in the 'cooking' tin! I wonder why it became so fogged in that little tin, was it really that warm in there? Thank you for reading All best regards Tony
  16. Hello! This is the Amodel Albatross which I finished this week. The triphibian was equipped with skis so It could land on snow more than six inches deep, in case you were curious. All brush painted with humbrol mainly, some Vallejo along the way. I have an airbrush now and just learning on it - would have made quite a lot of this a bit easier I suspect! For various reasons I spent a good deal of time detailing the interior, although predictably little of it can be seen even with the door posed open! It's a great little kit and surprisingly small, even for this scale. Quite a bit of sanding and rescribing to get it done but one of the more satisfying builds of the last year. Looks the part, I reckon. Bit of a rough finish in areas but I'm happy with it. Thanks for looking!
  17. Amodel is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Beriev Bе-10 "Mallow" kit - ref.72329 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997175-amodel-new-172nd-1144th-kits-in-2016-update/ V.P.
  18. Finally finished - my conversion of the new injection-moulded Amodel Be-10 'Mallow' into the proposed missile-carrying Be-10N (it never actually flew) The radar nose is from a 1/350 scale nuclear submarine - and the K-10BS anti-ship missiles are scratched from plastic knitting needles and plastic card. Nose job - converted Amodel nose (left) - and Deka vacform original glazed nose (right) More photos of the finished model - plus WIP pics - here. Ken
  19. I can't keep up with all these new releases from the Ukraine...... Hot on the heels of the Modelsvit M-17 Mystic, comes the new 1/72 scale Amodel kit of the Soviet-era jet flying boat - the Beriev Be-10 'Mallow'. Box art..... Probably due to mould size limitations, the fuselage is in front and rear halves - which might make for an interesting joint !! The third part of the fuselage is the tail gun position - plus the centre section and wing fences. Upper and lower centre section parts.... Upper..... .... and lower wing halves.. There is quite a lot of flash present - but the engraved panel detail is well executed Ken
  20. " Сами не летаем – другим не дадим." ["Don't fly – don't let anyone else."] -- Unofficial motto of the Войска ПВО СССР, Soviet Voyska-PVO -- the branch of the armed forces which operated interceptors and SAMs for home defense. "The Soviet estimate of their own effectiveness against high altitude penetrators must have been high... planning factors for the probability-of-kill of SA-2s (given launch inside engagement parameters) were 0.8. Similarly, the handbook probability-of-kill of the air-to-air missiles on Victor Belenko's MiG-25 was 0.86. These are end-game probabilities of kill in Western analytic jargon. If the PVO command and control system could enforce at least two end-game engagements for each penetrator, the bomber attrition would have been estimated as above 0.95." -- "SOVIET STRATEGIC AIR DEFENSE: A LONG PAST AND AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE", James T. Quinlivan, RAND Corporation, September 1989 "The other attack option available to pilots was ramming- -a much celebrated tactic used in the Great Patriotic War and even in modern conditions. "Given the high value of a nuclear -armed strategic bomber this tactic presents a good trade-off and has been explicitly endorsed in the VPVOS press, but ramming requires flying skill at least as great as that for gun attacks and would be unlikely to greatly increase VPVOS effectiveness. "The conclusion of most Western analysts is that the VPVOS did not present a very effective defense against low altitude penetration during the 1960s and 1970s." -- John William Rix Lepingwell, Organizational and bureaucratic politics in Soviet defense decisionmaking: a case study of the Soviet air defense forces, MIT PhD Thesis, c.1988 I was going to do a joint Spitfire build with Cookie after I finished the Hunter, but we're both a bit worn down at the moment, and I wanted to wait until happier times to build my favourite aeroplane. The Yak-28P is probably one of the less well-known Soviet aircraft of the Cold War. It was never exported, never served overseas (unlike the Su-15 -- which used the same radar and missiles -- a few of which were apparently briefly stationed in Egypt during the War of Attrition), and labored more or less in obscurity as part of the PVO (in the USSR, the air defence command was an entirely seperate and independent service from the VVS, the tactical air force) covering lower-priority sectors of the vast Soviet Union against the possibility of NATO intruders. It was phased out around the same time as I was born in 1983, which seems more recent than it actually is. I probably wouldn't know anything about it if there wasn't a two-page full-colour spread of it and the paltry selection of stores it could carry in Bill Gunston's Modern Warplanes book, which I must have first seen in 1988 or 1989. I thought it looked incredibly unlike any NATO plane (my favourite at the time, by the way, was the hapless Tornado F.2), and spectacularly Russian. Of course, now I know it's a rather old-timey-looking design for the late 1950s from whence it sprang (it and the F-4 Phantom are contemporaries), but despite its vague resemblance to an Me 262, there's just a bit of muchness to it: the nose is too long, the wings too swept, the whole thing too pointy. I dig it. When I got back into modelling in 2011, I happened upon a secondhand kit of it in a local hobby shop and bought it immediately, only to discover it lacked a radome, which pyro-maniac kindly sent me. I then read that it was a bit of a tough build and left it at that, until now. [fanfare] 20161006_214424 by Edward IX, on Flickr 20161006_214430 by Edward IX, on Flickr Hmmm, "prefer quality". Well, I like to think I do. I like my models like I like my women, beautiful surface detail, expensive, and locked up safely in the basement. And look, only three steps, basically, and then it's all together! 20161006_214418 by Edward IX, on Flickr Sprues don't look too bad. Low parts count is good. 20161006_214442 by Edward IX, on Flickr what the butt 20161006_214457 by Edward IX, on Flickr This should be a hole. 20161006_215101 by Edward IX, on Flickr "Intriguing" fit. 20161006_215818 by Edward IX, on Flickr I've started the cockpit tub: 20161006_225434 by Edward IX, on Flickr From what I know of Sovjets, they didn't start getting their delightfully hideous vomit green cockpit interiors until the late 1960s, so this aircraft should have a restrained light grey with black instrumentation. A three-part nosewheel bay, which I then have to capture between the fuselage halves! Oh, Amodel, you spoil me. 20161006_225430 by Edward IX, on Flickr
  21. OK a month to go on this GB so I will have a go at another model, seeing as the TU-104 is complete, bar a few aerials etc! I like the Amodel Russian subjects and they build into a decent representation of the real thing in my opinion. Here goes - quick pics so I can get cracking later today. Usual wobbly panel lines but its a simple looking kit and I think it will build quickly. Might use the Aeroflot kit decals, but not sure how good they are - anyone got any experience here? Windows I hope to fill with the Humbrol stuff if they are not too big - will do a test later. I have the Amodel Il-12 so I may build that alongside in a production line style! Again decals look questionable but what are the aftermarket options?
  22. Hi guys, Glad to finally get up my second ever RFI on Britmodeller... Where does time go?! I have been on here for 5+ years I believe.... might get another done before the year is out too...! Built for my Water Bomber IPMS SIG... the eagle eyed will see a few decals are missing, the top red band and a few little thin white lines... they all broke into a million pieces sadly, and I can't get any replacements as of yet... It will be on the 580 Modellers Club at SMW this coming weekend, but please don't look to closely.. I have also just noticed a bit of over spray on the top of the wing but rubbed that off, so there is now no dark/light area on the top right wing surface... silly me! One thing I have learnt, is I now really like 1/144th scale, even though it has taken me a few months... Thanks for looking, any comments good or bad welcome! Radleigh Amodel 1/144th Be-12P RA-00073 by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr Amodel 1/144th Be-12P RA-00073 by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr Amodel 1/144th Be-12P RA-00073 by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr __________________________________________ Edited - Re-done the top wing and taken another photo! Amodel 1/144th Be-12P RA-00073 by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr Thanks for looking
  23. Amodel is to release in August 2016 a 1/72 MBB Bolkow Bo.105GSH kit - ref. 72322 Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/bolkow-bo105gsh-military-expected-august-2016-72322-a-model-amdl72322-netherlands-military/product/?action=prodinfo&art=138526 Box art. V.P.
  24. Dear friends, I would like to notify all of you about latest new items that arrived in our shop's stock. - CL-415 from Amodel in 1:144 scale (AMO1476) - Yakovlev Yak-18T "Red Aeroflot" from Amodel in 1:48 scale (AMO4810) - 2 cm Flak-30 anti-aircraft guns from First To Fight in 1:72 scale (FTF035) - Bofors 40 mm Polish Anti Aircraft Gun from First To Fight in 1:72 scale (FTF036) - HMS Middleton 1943 Hunt II class destroyer escort from IBG Models in 1:700 scale (IBG70005) - HMS Zetland 1942 Hunt II class destroyer escort from IBG Models in 1:700 scale (IBG70006) - Swedish light tank - Stridsvagn M/38 from IBG Models in 1:72 scale (IBG72033) - Swedish light tank - Stridsvagn M/40L from IBG Models in 1:72 scale (IBG72036) - SU-122 (Initial Production) w/Full Interior from MiniArt in 1:35 scale (MA35175) - B-29 Superfortess flaps from Metallic Details in 1:48 scale (MD-PE4814) - E-50 Ausf M from World of Paper tanks in 1:50 scale (WPT-AR-0001) - Air defense missile system, S-25 Berkut from ZZ Modell in 1:87 scale (ZZ87013) Sincerely, Alex Scale-model-kits.com - plastic scale model kits on-line shop
  25. Amodel is to release in 2016 a 1/48th Yakovlev Yak-18T - ref. 4807 Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/yakovlev-yak18t-4807-a-model-amdl4807-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=135377 Boxart V.P.
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