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  1. Hello all 🥳 After a long absence, 2 hospitalisations and 4 stents later, I'm back on track. Today I am pleased to present to you a perhaps old acquaintance of mine in a new look. I used the time of healing to rework the M12 vignette, i.e. figures, weathering, snow effects etc. were edited or added. What started here as a GB developed into one of my longest projects. I hope you like it - comments are always welcome! MD See you!
  2. A fantastic kit so far. Definitely a new concept for me building an ambulance, but the Gecko kits are hard to resist-they're really good.
  3. Usually it doesn't happen to me, that I continue with a model someone else has started, but this one is a bit of an exception here. One of my fellow modelers started this project but was unable to finish it so I took it over and hopefully will get it over the finish line. The model itself is L.Z. Models conversion based on Trumpeter's S-65 tractor kit but has almost none of the Trumpeter plastic remaining. When I got it the building phase was almost complete, but the model had resin chassis frame heavily warped over time it sat nearly ten years I got it somewhat straight again bathing it in hot water and also replaced exhaust and air stacks. Also some fuel lines, wiring and linkage has been added by me. First, here are some photos before it got to my hand. And here it is on my bench with my enhancements and assembly completely done: Cheers! Kristjan
  4. Hi! Got over the finish line with this one. Build log is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235131913-kettenkrad/ Here are the photos: Cheers! Kristjan
  5. This is the new old one on my bench - Dragon 6128 Kettenkrad. I started the thing actually more than 10 years ago and it seemed a great kit at the time. It found its way to shelf of doom though because I found out Dragon got the sprocket totally wrong and I hadn't any means to fix the issue then. Well, T-Rex Studio released a correct sprocket lately, so I decided to get it going again. Tamiya of course has released a much better Kettenkrad a few years back, but oh well, as I've already put some effort in this one, I'll be a gentleman and get it to the decent end. Much of the work has been done with the engine and the transmission so far. Also the handrails has been replaced. To add to the kit I also have the Eduard PE set and the T-Rex Studio 3D-printed front fork, and some decals too by Passion Models. Here's the little bugger: Cheers! Kristjan
  6. Hello, after a long hiatus, I came back to modelling and chose the KV-2 from Trumpeter being the beast of choice to tackle. Over the course of years, I have bought some aftermarket stuff (with varying levels of usability, to be honest). Here is the lineup of the accessories - well DEFINITELY NOT all of them were really of any value. And I am speaking speaking specifically about YOU -> FC Model Trend! And here is the current status - still before the final small stuff to be added. Also, I am pretty sure that the next "surfacer-phase" will bring some new challenges (i.e. consequences of my two-left-hands) to tackle :-) I added acetylene-torch marks on all major armor-plates, both on hull as well as the turret. Although the kit brings some nice and subtle welds, they were missing at the aft curved armour. There I made use of my old stock of the Archer dry transfers to replicate the weld beads. The tracks in the kit were hammered with ejector pin-marks, which I wasn't really willing to sand, so opted for the Friulmodel ATL-10 link-to-link tracks instead. IMHO they really look better than the Trumpeter-tracks, but they also add the "extra heft" to the model (which for some reason I like 😉 ) The gun barrel from ABER 35L-44 is in my opinion a "must-have". It is perfectly turned, but also has that "hidden detail" of barrel thread, which, considering the size of the 152 mm howitzer, is really visible on the model. I opted for the FC Model Trend screens and exhausts. Honestly speaking - only the screens were so-so usable. The exhaust stacks were marred by crude print-marks and I am not sure, they added any value over the kit exhausts... The large Eduard 35825 PE sheet contains some useful details, but overall the detail of kit is really remarkable. For example - I did opt for kit´s real deflector, since the kit part IMHO represents the structure of the part better than PE replacement. Still, the Eduard set contains a lot of details for further KV-1 tanks, so they will find use at future projects. I added also some cabling behind the horn and light, based on pictures from surviving museum exhibits. There is still some work to be done - like MGs, towing-cable holders, etc. Next step would be to spray the kit with Surfacer 1200 and repair a plethora of issues I expect to find. Wish me luck!
  7. Very straightforward build, I used Value Gears' kit-specific stowage plus other 'stuff' scrounged from the spares box. Tamiya lacquer paints mixed & lightened by eye. One of my fave WWII vehicles and a huge step-up from the old Academy kit (which did sacrifice some bits & pieces to make this one). Please feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or criticisms. Belated HNY all from the other side of the planet. Cheers from a very sunny and warm New Plymouth. Ian.
  8. Last one for the year, a quick build of the Airfix Ferret. Brush painted with Tamiya Acrylics, somewhat over-weathered with Vallejo Model Washes. No additions other than a couple of aerials from copper wire. Completed as vehicle in UN colours in Cyprus, 1974. The instructions say 5th Parachute Brigade, but a search online actually indicates it’s a vehicle belonging to 5 Troop, Parachute Squadron RAC. Thanks for looking and a Happy New Year to all.
  9. Managed to get my hands the Airfix Ferret very soon after it arrived at my local hobby shop. While I finish off my Whippet and Sherman I thought this might be a nice quick build. First the sprues, which are nice and clearly marked: Neatly printed decal sheet: Im going to finish mine as a UN painted vehicle in Cyprus. My mother was a QA nurse there in the mid-60s while Dad was serving in Aden. Started with the interior and main hull. Went together very quickly. Just a little bit of dirty wash before sealing up - not going to be able to see much inside. Everything slots together really easily. Just a bit of blu-tak with some fishing weights to add a bit of “heft”, before I sealed the engine compartment up as well. Made a start on painting the wheels using Tamiya XF61 Dark Green and Vallejo Dark Rubber. That’s it for the next few days - festivities await! Merry Christmas.
  10. Hi, This is a 1:35 model of the Sherman M4A1, an American medium tank. This is Italeri KIT no. 0225. I made it as a traditionally movable model, of course. The additional parts are - the Friulmodel tracks, couple of small accessories like towing cables, jerry cans, helmets, bags, supply and ammo boxes. The model wasn't very detailed but I tried to add some details by myself. I hope you see it and like it. Models finished in 2021/2022 - "Sturmgeschutz III ausf G (1:35 vintage Tamiya)", "Matilda MK II (1:35 vintage Tamiya)" I invite you to see the rest of works on my site "about me"
  11. I am in the process of scratchbuilding the fire-fighting section for a Land Rover TACR1, using the Revell 1:35 kit as a basis. I have the main details for the side and rear, with the help from Mick Bell plans, but I am having difficulty working out how the top looks. I've done searches on dozens of images but they are mainly quarter-angled side views. Does anyone have top down photos and details of how the roof area looks please? cheers, Mike
  12. As I mentioned in the chat thread a long time ago, this is my oldest kit in the stash No dates anywhere on box or instructions, but scalemates as being the 1980 boxing which fits in with my fading memory https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-221-opel-maultier--1096348/timeline @JOCKNEY, perhaps influenced the our great leader @Enzo the Magnificent desire to see 'em built has adjudged it less than 25% complete I'm starting to think a more pertinent question will be, is the parts count 25% complete? Decals already look beyond resuscitation, and the instructions are wonderfully faded and the paper crisply dry; perhaps it should all be in the Atrophy GB? But can you smell the nostalgia? Forgotten just how much I loved those instructions with their little pictures of what it's meant to look like!!
  13. Hi, guys! I'm happy to finally call this done. Here's the Sd.Kfz.252 ammo carrier of the second batterie of StuG.Abt.185. Build log can be found here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235122916-sdkfz252-ammunition-carrier/ Here are the pics: And some with the StuG: Cheers! Kristjan
  14. As I just said in the chat thread, I have decided to give this GB a try. My idea is to build a vignette showing some everyday stuff, like bicycles and household appliances, that have been left outside to slowly decay away. Maybe against a background of an ill maintained wall. And with weeds all around. We'll see how well I'll succeed. Anyway, here are some inspirational photos: So far, I have acquired some kits to get me started. I will not be using the figures, just their bikes. 🙂 I got he soldiers, although I did not need them, since I could not locate any other bike kits in a suitable scale. Now I shall just muster courage enough to actually get going.
  15. I had some figures leftover from a couple of builds and threw this quick, thrifty, "build" together. This was more about technique experimentation and enjoyment than tactical and historical accuracy. Though, there were engagements between US soldiers and Fallschirmjagers in the Battle of the Bulge-era during the winter of '44-'45. USGI is from the Tamiya M4A3 35250 kit. Fallschirmjager is from Dragon's 2nd Fallschirmjager Division kit. Paints are AK(OD greens) and Vallejo. Snow is AK Microballoons. Fabricated washes using cheap Amazon oil paints and thinner. The base is a peanut butter jar lid. The barn walls are popsicle sticks. I think I'm right at about ten figures completed now. So, I'm still developing skills and open to any critiques/suggestions.
  16. All of these CAD renders have been taken periodically over 2022, each vehicle has been modeled from separate parts items like the engines and gear boxes have been designed as single items, chassis frames, suspension, drive shafts, axles, door and other parts are separate parts (80 parts make up one of the vehicles) all designed for 3D printing. The parts and the vehicles were designed according to workshop manuals and individual component drawings, and a lot of help from owners of the real historic vehicle owners. Some are designed as conversions for the Italeri 109" Kits and before anyone asks Yes Mike @bootneck is aware of these and has helped me with the Series 3 Ambulance conversion. The next stage is to start test prints of the parts and once I'm happy with everything I am planning on making the files available for purchase buy others A full 17 CH 4 cylinder petrol engine Mike was happy when I sent him these images. Yes a full 3.5 Rover V8 engine Yes I have modeled the body door handles on the finished doors. The radio and vampire vehicles are void of any internal parts as I could not able to get anything on the equipment and considering it is still in service quite right too. The series 3 Ambulance body will be a conversion to the Italeri base Kit. I will post updates as I proceed with the test printing. Pete
  17. Kit - Meng Paint - Vallejo & Tamiya acrylics Decals - Star Decal & Kit Extras - .30cal from Academy set, stowage from spares box. M4A3E2 Sherman 'Jumbo' 69th Tank Battalion, 6th Armd Div. Luxembourg / German Border Winter '44/'45. Immediately after finishing the Skyraider build a couple of weeks ago, I brought this back to the bench from the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' where it's been parked since Sept. 2021. It's the Meng Sherman 'Jumbo' and as a kit, an exercise in putting bits of related plastic together... it's utterly superb on every level. Simply the best AFV kit I have ever seen/built. Paint is a combination of Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics. The winter whitewash is four layers of off-white and white, applied, clear-coated and hairspray chipped until I was happy. The earth tones are mostly airbrushed then pigments added for texture. W&N oils for all the streaks, leaks and stains. Decals are combination of Star & kit for a machine of the 69th Tank Bat. somewhere around the Luxembourg / German border in winter '44/'45. Please feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or pass-on any criticisms. Cheers from NZ. Ian.
  18. I needed to call into a local model and kit shop to pick up a couple of paints for an ongoing (forever pausing) build and during my wander around the store i came across this boxed set from Italeri. The store owner said he was selling them on for a customer that simply wasn’t going to build it and for a measly £3 they were mine. I don’t need another kit to build, I’ve more than enough either in my stash or being built to keep me going but for the bargain price of £3 (labelled as £25 from the same store!) I thought it would make for a good side project and diorama. I’ve not built anything like this before and so for I’m liking the scale and detail. Let’s see if I can do it justice!
  19. I dedicate this project to all you Ukrainian's out there, you have many friends I have seen a number of very interesting photos of these destroyed on the news and internet that have piqued my interest. Some blown to smitherines and given several new ones to boot. Many planned shell holes and deflections, explosions points, fires, internal explosions with the turret blown out, bullet holes and bullet marks, melting of wheels and general battlefield mayhem.
  20. Hi, getting started with a new one. I had a couple of StuG III Ausf.B's on my table a few years back. One of them was Dragon combo kit paired with a Sd.Kfz.252 ammo halftrack and I decided it's time to get it on the road at last. It's basically the same, as the Dragon 6718 kit. The vehicle is a bit odd conversion of the widely used Sd.Kfz.250 halftrack, It had an enclosed top and a sloped rear armor with a huge pair of hatches. There's not much material of this variant that I've found on the internet and basically no info about the interior, but I guess it was pretty close to the 250 that it was based on. The kit itself is a mix of newer and older sprues with a varying quality. Dragon has some of the details wrong there as well that I'll try to address on the way. I also have some Aber PE sets to it, a Friulmodel tracks that has a correct drive sprocket in it and the Quickwheel resin wheel set. The kit has Sd.Ah.32/1 trailer in it as well, that I intend to do as well. I've never done a halftrack before, so we'll see how it goes. For starters I made the front axle steerable. Axle details were the ones from the older molding and needed some serious work to achieve the task. The hull sides were a bit warped in my kit but after straightening went on quite nicely. The joint strip on the lower tub and the side panels was nonexistent on the kit, which seemed a bit odd, because the tub clearly had the place to add them, simply the details for the strip were not there. I added the styrene strips to the both sides and some bolt details too. The location of the bolts are more or less guessed. After the sides were fixed and dried, I cut off the location tabs inside and smoothed the transition. I also added a strip of resin rivets to both sides to liven the area up a bit. The hull interior has the Aber PE replacements in it that adds a lot of fine detail too. The running gear was also completed but there's not much in it besides a bunch of wheels and swing arms. Tracks went together nicely. No wire this time but simply gluing the upper and lower part together. Not much cleaning either, so good job, Friulmodel. Here's how it sits when dry-fitted. That's all I have for now. Cheers! Kristjan
  21. Hello people There are my two 1:35 models which I painted in the so-called meantime so please don't expect too much precision or details ZIS-3 is from Italeri 6499 kit and the GAZ-AA is a Zvezda 3602 kit. I made it as a movable model, as per tradition. There are no additional parts, just OOB. I don't expect much praise Models finished in 2021/2022 - "Sturmgeschutz III ausf G (1:35 vintage Tamiya)", "Matilda MK II (1:35 vintage Tamiya)" I invite you to see the rest of works on my site "about me"
  22. I bought this a little while ago and messed up the turret by melting it with acetone to clean the paint off, oh dear. So destroyed Leopard it is then, many many planned shell holes, explosions points, fires, internal explosions, bullet holes and marks, melting and target range mayhem. I have added some additional armour to the front that I've seen in some photos and will need to get the melted turret into some form of presentable as it's absolutely mangled by melting, that and having to mantle my pristine hull and scratch built chequer amour to the front top plate.
  23. It was the local model expo last week, and I managed some interesting kits at the swap’n’sell. Varying degrees of complexity. None of them a quick build! I also picked this up for a paltry A$5. This very definitely has potential for a quick build, mostly to practice my painting and weathering. I’m going to complete it straight out of the box as a carrier from 1 Armoured Division in North Africa. Started work on Friday. It comes moulded in very dark green hard plastic, but other than some injector marks is pretty clean if flash. Not bad for a kit first released in the mid-70s. I realise early on that it was going to be easier to paint as I go. I used Tamiya acrylic NATO Brown as a primer, and used Vallejo Model Air British Light Stone as the main colour. I was moving along quickly without thinking to take photos, so here is where I am this evening. A quick dry fit: And that’s it for now.
  24. Built pretty much from the box, swapped the top .30 turret for a Sherman split hatch cuppola and left-off the tool boxes from rear. Paints are all Tamiya acrylics mixed by eye to 'try' and make the SCC13 Jungle Green. I've no idea what colour the earth is in Mandalay Burma, so mixed up some Mig Farm Soil & Vietnam Earth pigments and hoped for the best... Decals are by Star (35-C-1120) for a vehicle of the 3rd Carabiniers, 245th Indian Tank Brigade in Spring '45. Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions. All the best from New Zealand. Ian.
  25. Picked the old Tamiya Universal Carrier up for A$5 at the recent local model expo. Perfect as a quick build to work on my painting and weathering. Brush painted with Vallejo and Tamiya Acrylics and finished with 1 Armoured Division markings straight out of the box. A little extra stowage added from the spares box. Figures donated by a Miniart Valentine kit. Build log can be found here: Off overseas for a little vacation for next couple of weeks, so hope everyone keeps safe and I’ll catch up when I get back. Looks good with my Border Models Crusader Mk II that I made at Christmas time. and finally one in black and white.
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