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  1. Wow, so many details and add-ons, it must look very realistic when finished.
  2. Hi. I had to narrow down the main wheels cause they are to wide but also the polycaps which must be put inside them. Here is my actual building progress... Idlers and 2 spare wheels also have been narrowed
  3. Hi bob, you did well to solve this problem, I really like your work and idea. I believe that sprocket wheels and tracks from Friulmodel in my kit resolves the problem with mismatch the wheels and suspension, of course I have to make some corrections but final result should be acceptable. Cheers W
  4. Thank you Stix. I tried to do my best with this vintage kit and it wasn't so easy to give it that look. W
  5. Contiunued of correcting imperfections of vintage Tamiya KIT I had to shorten the suspension arms because the metal sprockets are properly narrower than the plastic ones from the set, that are too wide, but now the track links will run straight. I also decided to drill holes in the wheels to make them look more realistic
  6. Thank you for your comment and yes you can watch my previous models (on site about me) which I made at the beginning of my model making then you will se that they are not so nice like my last one
  7. Hi. There is a Saturday building progress: completed little piece of truck, needed for wheels fitting 5mm bearings inside the sprocket wheel... I have to make running model like all of my models (that's my style of modelmaking)
  8. Thanks for the comment. I added video how does the model run Cheers W
  9. Hi. This is my KIT I'm going to make on this STGB, the vintage Tamiya's Stug ausf G but with some addons. I don't know if I make a figures, probably not, but maybe I'll change my mind.... will see. Good luck on STGB to all of us Witold
  10. You flatter me a little Wayne , thanks you for that but I still believe that your Matilda (Filibuster) looks better than mine Regards Witold P.S. I improve my modelling skills all the time so, maybe next year I'll present something really amazing.... we'll see.
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