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  1. Hello people Thank you very much for the comments. Best regards W
  2. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your comments. All the best. P.S. I'm painting PZ III in DAK paints now, in couple of weeks I'll finish it and publish photos, so stay sharp
  3. Just masterclass! Congratulation on great job. regards
  4. Well done, I very like the figures painting. regards
  5. Very nice work, super painting of equipment and the whole model. W
  6. Hi, This is a 1:35 model, the Elefant, German tank destroyer. This is Italeri KIT no. 0211. I made it as movable model. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks, towing cable and small accessories. I little modified the front fenders and replaced the shackles for a bigger one. At the bottom I added a short video how does the model ride. P.S. I just bought photo light tent and pictures of this model was taken in the my light tent for the first time. I forgot install an antenna in the model so I took couple pictures with it after I folded in my light tent
  7. Hi. That is the original Tamiya plastic barrel. About headlamp I would say that I'm not satisfied enough of the effect, see my Sherman Easyeight, it has better result. How to achive it? Just cut rounds of silver/chrome paper/foil (f.e. box of toothpaste) then glue and press them deeply inside lamp covers. Or just use Molotov Liquid Chrome marker. Then use some clear ingredients f.e. humbrol clearfix or better A.Mig (094) Crystal Glass (you can join both). When they be dry but too flat, just apply another layer (drop) of paint to make more sphere surface. regards Witjas
  8. Looks good but like you said you put too much rust on the exhausts (in comparison to the rest weathering) and you could expose steel on tracks to make it more realistic. For the more opinion it is needed more photos from different sides of the model. Best regards Witjas
  9. Thanks a lot for the comments guys. Best regards WITJAS
  10. Hi, This is a 1:35 model, the KV-1 russian heavy tank. This is Tamiya KIT no. 35066. I made it as movable model. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks, towing cables, engine grill, saw. At the bottom I added a short video how does the model ride. Constructive criticism is encouraged
  11. Hi Zigster. Thank you for the comment and for the suggestions. I've leveled some amount of rust (see replaced photo - back side). I'm not planning reposition of barrels rips cause it little hard and not really necessary for me. As previous users said I've done the model exactly by Tamiya instructions and didn't think that it may be wrong Thanks any way. Best regards
  12. I'm looking forward to see your Tamiya SU-122 here. W
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