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  1. Looks great. I have one question... that white dust on body, what does it suggest/represent ? If winter camo, than is this not to gently ? I'm asking serious. W
  2. A superb work, especially an interior and tracks. Chears W
  3. Great work, excellent finish and weathering. Regards Witjas
  4. Not much details to see on these pictures (and they have a wrong White Ballance) but on wheels and the rear parts I could see some kind of weathering and chips, that are few in my opinion for the WW2 AFV. Anyway I can see the potential in this work. Regards W
  5. I like it and I believe that a modern tank doesn't have to have so strong weathering and chips like the WW2 ones. Good job Stix. Regards
  6. Hi. First please tell me using simple words how it will go. If I understood well, members of the GB will start model making simultaneously in February 2021 and during modelling they will public photos of their progress on Work in Progress topic. Correct me if I wrong. And yes, I thinking about an old Tamiya Kit model no. 35014 (MM114), I already have it (unstarted) in my nook Chears
  7. Hi Stix. I've read the message from you. I can be involved in this project or something... if I could choose particular mode to make, I mean the Sturmgeschutz III ausf G with a shutzens and 75mm long gun barrel. So what would you say? regards W
  8. Great work especially for a first AFV. Chears W
  9. Absolutely superb! You are the master indeed. I'm going to reach your modelling level someday Chears W
  10. Hi Badder. You right about the helmets, I don't really know how they should look so I painted them like you said. You critics is justified. You question made me laugh a little bit First of all, I do my model not only for the put them on the shelf and do not touch any more. Even if I have not running models I really like to take them, touch and look it from all sides in my hands. Secondly, I have two sons (8,10 y.o.) who asked me to make only a running models for the playing them on occasion and under my oversight of course . If you look closer to fenders on this tank, you'll see a striped paint on their angles which arose in natural way by the scrape Of course I'm not boasting them but I noticed this too late, only on photos after I published them on this forum. If I noticed it before taking the photos, I would do the paint/weathering correction first. Best regards WITJAS
  11. Hi, thanks for the comment. I can't see the JPG you attached, try to use hyperlink. W
  12. Thank you very much for the comments. Cheers W
  13. I have light tent with the original led light inside (2000 LM). The only equipment I use except the LT is a Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II camera fixed on flexible tripod.
  14. You right, that's the medium tank of course
  15. Hi, This is a 1:35 model, the Panzerkamfwagen III Ausf L, German medium tank. This is Tamiya KIT no. 35215. I made it as movable model, to do it I had to replace the road wheels by older ones from older (85'th) Tamiya KIT. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks and small accessories. I added a short video showing how does the model ride at the bottom. P.S. The photo light tent really does it job. This video clip presents how can this model ride. Review my remaining RFI-armor posts
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