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  1. Svedberg

    pink foam priming

    I'm sorry if you got the impression that did not take this seriously, because I really am.
  2. Svedberg

    pink foam priming

    True. Some paint solvents react with the foam and literally eats it. Other stuff, like marker pen ink, bleed into the foam just like you say and is impossible to overpaint. How do I know? The latex paint avoids this and at the same time gives a good covering.
  3. Svedberg

    pink foam priming

    I'm not sure Nick. If the problem is that you need to seal the material, yes. But in this case I thought the problem was to find something that simply covers the pink colour. My experience is that extruded foam does not need much sealing, if any. Or perhaps I just misunderstood you. Here are some pictures of a diorama base of mine in some early stages. First the plain foam and then painted (one coat only) with a tan latex paint.
  4. Svedberg

    pink foam priming

    "Pink foam" is a kind of extruded foam. Used for building insulation purposes. Light blue is another commmon colur. In the model railroad community extruded foam boards are extensively used to build land forms. And there ordinary latex paint, the stuff you use when painting interior walls such as dry-wall, is used to hide the pink colour, before adding various scenery material. So pick up a can of latex paint at your nearest home improvement store. Much cheaper than any Vallejo colour. If it tends to hide your deatils, dilute with some water and apply several coats.
  5. I must say, I am really in awe of how meticulously you attack every aspect of this build!
  6. Thank you everybody. I am truely flattered! Yes, but as I said in an earlier post, those guys have already left for an early lunch
  7. Svedberg

    The Charger

    Nice touch with the mud spray on the car sides.
  8. Yes, that would be more like it. Not tea though. Rather coffee in paper cups. But in my scene they are all off on an early lunch, leaving the poor driver behind.
  9. Thanks everbody! No, I saved that detail for the trench dioarama that @Kallisti is about to build
  10. Ha Ha! I had quite the time getting that little sub-scene together. The hardest part was finding a suitable figure. In the end I used the one below. The angles of the arms are not 100% correct for what he is supposed to be up to. But it is close enough, when seen from behind. Apart from that, I filed away at his parka to make it more like a shorter jacket and loosing the hood. The hard hat is from the original (sitting) driver that came included with the Hasegawa excavator kit. The reflective striping is plain household aluminum foil.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement everybody!
  12. The dioroma has been finished. Pictures are found in this RFI thread:
  13. The dioaram I have been building, and described in this thread is done. Here are a some pictures. The cab is empty. Where has the driver gone? Here he is. Tending to urgent needs! Is the driver drunk? Starring eyes and the helmet askew
  14. Thanks a lot @Badder! I'm really happy with the barriers myself. Turned out better than I had hoped for I have never printed or copied any decals myself, but I know that it is possible. A quick search showed this, among others: Decal paper to be used for your own prints or for copying already existing decals. It says "Use your own laser printer" so I'm not sure it this paper works with inkjet printers. http://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Finishes/Transfers/Item/Decal-paper-laser-photocopy-clear/ITM4546 Actually they have this paper also, which is said to work with inkjet printers http://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Finishes/Transfers/Item/Decal-paper-inkjet-clear/ITM4557 I know that white is a problem when printing decals. You either need white decal paper or an Alps printer, which is a printer that can actually print white. To use white paper seems like a more affordable solution, but then you must very carefully trim your decals before applying them.
  15. Thank you very much guys! I am really eager to get it all together and see how it finally turns out.