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  1. Absolutely stunning mate, really like the look of the Alclad High Speed Silver and lovely smooth finish - want to get one myself now Cheers, Stu
  2. Shes is an absolute beauty mate, the colour looks spot on and she looks mach one just sitting there. Great to see it next to the F15 as well, cant believe how small it is in comparison, almost looks 1:72! All this needs now is his P51 to complete the set
  3. Beautiful, I couldn't do that in 2 months, let alone 2 days. Love the worn look to the paint finish, how did you you do it? Thanks, Stu
  4. Cracking finish mate, love this scheme and brilliantly executed. None of your struggles show through on the finished article!
  5. Great work mate, love that scheme on the Hurri and definitely one I would like to do myself
  6. Sorry for the late reply and thanks all for the kind comments and likes
  7. Hi all, Piccies of my latest completion below. Like many here I have been making the most of the lock-down time to get some modelling done - at least that's been a bit of a silver lining to the crazy times we are in right now This is my attempt at Airfix's new and much longed for Spitfire FR.XIVe, which I got my hands on as soon as I could last year. Theres plenty of reviews out there and fairly mixed, but for my findings it was an enjoyable kit to build and nicely detailed. Like others I found that there was a bit of a gap to deal with at the wing roots and the fuel tank cover needed a bit of thin plasticard adding to the front and shaping to get a good fit. Beyond that though no major issues and I will definitely be doing more of these in the future Build wise I added some Master turned brass barrels that I had in the stash, along with some resin Ultracast wheels and an Eduard 'look' set for the IP and belts. I hollowed out the exhaust tips with the point of my scalpel and did the same for the little vent on top of the cowl. Paints were mainly Tamiya RAF colours with Revell for the spinner (I chose red as there seems to be some ambiguity on the colour and I preferred this to yellow). I also had a go with some hairspray chipping for the wing root wear and a couple of chips on the spinner. Anyway, enough waffle and on with the pics, hope you like and as usual any C&CC welcomed: Couldnt resist a shot with my recent mossie for comparison
  8. Thanks mate, that last step is exactly the one i was wondering about, it looks very effective!
  9. Wow, didnt even realise it has been 6 years since this kit came out, scary how time flies! Brilliant result mate, always look forward to your posts and this is lovely. Particularly like the weathering you have done to the prop, how did you achieve it?
  10. Superb build Steve, also have happy memories of building this myself as a kid, though not as early as some, for me it would have been being 8 or 9 in the late 80s. Really worth the effort you have put in, great result
  11. Superb build and paintwork, the fading really adds a sense of depth and realism, well done
  12. Superb work Pete, really glad to see this one over the line and you have done a cracking job. It looks strikingly beautiful in those late war colours. The basic kits nice and I certainly enjoyed building mine but replacement cowling, spinner and prop really do improve the look, I would love to do another one of these in the future and seeing your great result I will definitely use them! Cheers, Stu
  13. Thanks again gents! Stever - go for it, get it out and crack on with it as it would be lovely to see a few more of these finished and posted. I think there's a lot of scope to tweak this kit upwards and from what I can gather a lot of people feel it has a more accurate shape than the Tamiya one, just takes a bit of graft to get it fitting well Of course, I (like many I'm sure) continue to keep many fingers crossed that a new tool 2 stage mossie in 1:48 is Airfix's next surprise announcement...
  14. Lovely result Tim. I also have one of these on the go at the moment but will probably go for the 'lazy lady v' option. Looks like you got a decent fit on the wing roots and fuel tank cover, I have found these need a bit of work (filler and a slim shim respectively) how did you get on? Either way it's a nice kit and I'll definitely do more in the future Cheers, Stu
  15. Very nice job on this and the other Monogram mustangs you have posted recently. Not knowing much about the kit I would have assumed it was fairly basic due to its comparative age but they all really do look beautiful results that you have achieved!
  16. Thanks guys for all the positive feedback and kind remarks, its greatly appreciated F-32 - brilliant, I think you have pretty much hit the nail on the head - or nose! Funnily enough I have really grown to like the look through the course of this build. Don't think I could ever learn to love this one though!!
  17. Hi all, pics of my latest build below, Airfix’s mosquito NF.XXX in 1:48. I am sure anyone who has considered this kit is aware this their old, raised panel line FB Mk.VI with replacement top wings, 2-stage nacelles and a radar nose to graft on. You dont see too many of these built up and i can see why! It was a bit of an exercise in patience to get together, the nose doesn’t really fit well no matter where you make the cut, I ended up trimming back the old kit until most of the new nose fitted and then lots of sanding thickness away on the new nose to get it reasonably matched in, fortunately the new nose is quite thick! Other mods included: · Used Tamiya tape to replicate the dinghy hatch cover and the armour in front of the windscreen and radar access hatch · Flattened the tyres · Reworked the kit FB.VI radar boxes to give a very basic approximation of the ones on the NF.XXX, though you cant really see them in the cockpit · Added some generic RAF belts I had left over · Bulked up the intercooler vents on the nacelles as the kit ones were almost non-existent · Replaced the canopy with a squadron vac form intended for the Tamiya kit · Replaced the cannon barrels with brass tube · Cut and bent the rudder slightly · Used the non louvered exhaust shrouds as both options are pretty overscale and these looked ‘least worse’. Certainly you can see pics of NF.XXX’s on the net in the same squadron at same time with both types Finish was with Tamiya paints, oil weathering and Xtracrylics matt varnish. Fun/learning build all in all, though would be very tempted towards trying the same thing again with the Pangolin 2 stage nacelles (they look even better in the flesh!) and the Tamiya NF kit. Anyway on with the pics and as usual any C&CC appreciated, thanks Stu
  18. Thanks for the kind comments and likes guys they are greatly appreciated. Neil - get yourself an F-14, not only are they one of the most attractive looking planes ever, you also get to have Danger Zone playing in your head every time you pick it up to work on it Thanks for the info on colours Tony. There were no instructions with the kit so cant say Revell definitely got it wrong. My painting and decal placement were interpretation from pics I could see on the net of 453 so more my mistake than theirs. Cheers again!
  19. Beautiful build and lovely attention to detail. Will be coming back to look at this for inspiration for when I crack on with the 1:48 Hobbyboss one in my stash
  20. Superb Mudhen Adrian. None of the issues you mention come through in the pics but we are always our own worst critics! Lovely to see how well the Revell kit can be turned out in skilled hands!
  21. Lovely Hurricane Rich and reminds me how much I need one in the collection
  22. Hi all, Finally got round to taking some piccies of my recent build of Revells 1:72 F-14a. Picked this up second hand for less than a Tenner and decided it needed building to make a hole in the stash (which has now been filled by a 1:48 Hobbyboss F-14B ) Its not a bad old kit all in all, a bit dated now and there are definitely much nicer options out there but it was an enjoyable build. I broke the nose (pitot?) so replaced it with the nozzle from a disposable lighter with a pin pushed through it and doesn't look too bad! Other than that I added some basic masking tape belts to the seats and scraped the edges on intakes and the 2 ducts on top a bit thinner. Scheme is as one of the box options, for VF124 Gunfighters and nice to have a black tailed Tomcat in the display cabinet. Paints were Vallejo for the gull grey and Tamiya for the rest, Alclad clear aqua gloss, oil wash and then Xtracrylics matt to finish. Annoyingly now that I have taken the pics I see there is a split in join just in front of the starboard wing so will get that sorted out. Anyway, hope you like and any C&CC appreciated, cheers Stu
  23. Thanks again guys. Dave, thanks I'll remember that tip next time I post, though on my phone there doesn't seen to be a load of space to scroll through after the pics to get to the end of the post, only when I did the edit on my laptop Spiny, thanks, detailing the insides was too much fun to hide it all permanently but this car does have lovely lines all closed up Jerome, thanks for the link to the topic, definitely a great one for future ref, scary that in my late 30s I'm becoming too much of a technophobe to have sorted out a photo bucket replacement til now!
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