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  1. Beautiful trio of colourful Mustangs Pete, though I would also have to pick 'Jumpin Jacques' as my favourite. Looking forwards to seeing you progress with the triple Spitfire build now, Stu
  2. That's another lovely looking aggressor mate and well worth the effort to bring the kit up to scratch - be good to see a lineup with your other aggressors too
  3. Hi, I built this as a favour for a colleague who was given it a good few years back and never got up the confidence to start it. Its my first build of something without wings or tracks and off the back of this I now have a couple of Tamiya's 1:20 F1 kits added to the stash. Really good fun and straightforwards build, as you would expect fit is very good and easy to assemble. The only addition I made was a set of belts, I didn't want to spend out on etch so printed a set out on paper and made some buckles from foil (a mince pie tin I think :)). Paints were mostly Tamiya, with shades of Citadel Mithril Silver for the metal parts and finished with Alclad aqua gloss. The kit decals had fallen to bits after living in the loft for so long, so an OOP Shunko Models replacement set were sourced from a guy in Italy as they seem to be rare as hens teeth. They were nice and thin but a bit brittle and prone to cracking, though settled down OK in the end with Micro sol/set. Not really much more to say other than I would definitely build one of these little DTM cars again and the end product was well received Thanks for looking and any C&CC gratefully received, cheers Stu
  4. Always a pleasure to see your work Bill and ranks right up there with your recent Buccaneer and the F-4 EJ you did for the phantom group build, some of my favourite works on here, keep up the great work!
  5. That looks superb mate, how did you find the lozenge decals to put on? Love the wood effect on the prop!
  6. Really nice conversion Tony and a striking scheme, impressed with the rattle can finish and will definitely bear that in mind for the future - I hate spraying yellow!
  7. Absolutely beautiful work, lovely detailing and love the metal finish
  8. Lovely work on the kitbash, makes me want to get another airfix mk XII
  9. Sorry just realised I hadn't got back to this one last year - how rude!! Apologies and thanks all for the likes/kind comments! Stu
  10. Thanks for the kind comments guys
  11. Hi again, recent completion number 2 from me! This time its the Airfix 1:48 Seafire Mk.XVII, finished as one of the box options, a plane from No 1832 Naval Air Squadron, RNAS Culham. The kit is a little bit chunky in places, closer to the standard of their Mk.XII than their most recent kits. I spent some time thinning various items such as the wing trailing edges, radiator housings and prop blades, which I think helped the overall look? I have seen comments elsewhere on this site about the prop blades being too narrow but in the end I went with what Airfix provided. Panel lines and cowl fasteners are a bit deep too so I tried putting a thick coat of primer on and rubbing it back to reduce this a bit. On the whole though it was still a nice straightforward build and i think it looks quite smart all together, I hadn't looked much at Seafires before this build but the lines of the Mk.XVII have really grown on me, with the short griffon nose, low back and large tail. Other additions were replacing the cowling scoop with thin sheet aluminium, the ends of the cannon with brass tube, drilling the exhausts out and adding a whip aerial from fusewire. Paints were Tamiya throughout and dark grey (which I thought looked a reasonable match for EDSG), also Alclad armoured glass for the windscreen insert and quarter panels. Finished with a light grey oil wash and light weathering, as with my Pr.XIX I thought they would have been fairly well looked after. As with my last build big thanks go to PeteW for the lovely photos, on with the pics and thanks for looking, Stu!
  12. Hi All, Long time since I got anything finished and posted but here's the first of my 2 recent completions. Its Airfix's 1:48 Spitfire PR.XIX, finished as one of the box options, PS888 based at RAF Seletar in 1954. Theres not much I can say about the kit that hasn't already been said by others, it builds great from the box, nicely rendered detail and fit was good. The only additions I made were; a set of brass seatbelts by Lion Roar, replaced the solid moulded intake on top of the cowling with thin sheet aluminium, drilled out the exhausts and added a bit of fuse wire for the whip aerial. Paints were Xtracryics for the PRU blue and Tamiya for the rest. I finished her with a light oil wash and minimal weathering as I presumed they would have been kept fairly clean then dulled down with Xtracrylics matt varnish. All in all a very enjoyable build and I can definately see more of these in my future, quite keen to use it as a base to try one the many options I have seen on here to a Mk.XIV conversion. Hopefully if I do then someone will wake up and offer one straight from the box :)!! Last thing to say is a big thanks to PeteW for the lovely photos that show her off far better than my phone camera, thanks mate! Anyway on with the pics, thanks for looking and any C&CC always appreciated, thanks, Stu.
  13. Best build i have seen of this kit too, well done and well worth the extra work you have put in to get it there!
  14. Glad to see you back in the saddle after all the DIY mate, it was well worth the wait! Beautiful build and looks even nicer in the flesh. So whats on the cards next then?
  15. Lovely finished result and very impressive casting, great work!
  16. Hi All, I have been working on this on and off for the last year as my first larger scale armour build and attempt at figure painting. Its a bit heavy handed in places but I'm pleased with it and has been good fun and learning along the way The kit is the Academy 1:35 last production version of the King Tiger with narrow transport tracks. One of the box options is for the much discussed Octopus camo scheme and as I really liked the look of this I thought I would give it a go. The kit does have decals for the rings which I had considered using, but they are a bit thinner than the rings appear on the photos so I decided to have a crack at spraying it instead. My method was to spray the green then use blu tack snakes and balls to mask for the yellow and paint the yellow centres in the rings by hand afterwards. You'll have to decide if you think it works, I can tell you though that putting a clear coat on to protect the green before masking made it a right PITA to get the blu tack to stay in place.... Anyway enough waffle, on with the pics - hope you like her and any C&CC appreciated as always, Stu
  17. Cheers Guys, yes Meatbox its on the car bonnet Its becoming a recurring theme with my pics as I try to get them in natural light - the cloud reflections add something to it though - reminds me, I need to wash the car!
  18. Hi all, been far too long since I actually got something finished and posted! Got this as a little stocking filler at Christmas so decided to get it together as a quick win. Its a lovely little kit, good fun to build, fits well and great detail for the scale. I might have to get their 1:144 Tornado and Tomcat now as looking at other posts these seem to build up nicely, though I am tempted to get a 1:144 bear to sit with this Thanks for looking and as usual any C&CC welcome, Stu
  19. That looks absolutely superb Tim, really like the dusty worn and chipped effects you have achieved. Couple of questions if you dont mind me asking? I was wondering what base colours you used for the wood as it looks spot on. Also with the chipping fluid, do you spray or brush it on, I have had mixed results with hairspray, not sure if I let the paint layer set too long before chipping it as it is very hard to chip through. great work anyway mate, look forwards to seeing something with tracks soon, Cheers, Stu
  20. Thanks again Roger, Woody and Fin Fin - thanks, the paint chipping on the wings is just Games Workshop Mithril Silver and a piece of scotchbrite dabbed in the paint and then dabbed on tissue until almost dry then onto the plane, it went on a bit heavy to be honest. I think I prefer the effect that hairspray or chipping fluid gives but completely forgot to do anything about this before putting the main colours on...doh. Cheers, Stu
  21. Superb collection of adversaries Jens all really nicely finished, quite fancy doing Vipers one out of Top Gun - can hear 'Danger Zone' playing now
  22. A lovely pair of builds Simon and both ones that I want to do at some point, good results with brushing the Tamiya acrylics as well, they spray great but I struggle with using them for brush painting. How was the special hobby kit to build, a mate has one and I thought it looked nice in the box? Cheers, Stu
  23. Thanks again guys Tim - ha ha you are right, glad to have a black car now it gives a good contrast on the photos
  24. Good work Simon glad you dug it out, makes me want to get mine out of the stash
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