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  1. Thanks again guys. Dave, thanks I'll remember that tip next time I post, though on my phone there doesn't seen to be a load of space to scroll through after the pics to get to the end of the post, only when I did the edit on my laptop Spiny, thanks, detailing the insides was too much fun to hide it all permanently but this car does have lovely lines all closed up Jerome, thanks for the link to the topic, definitely a great one for future ref, scary that in my late 30s I'm becoming too much of a technophobe to have sorted out a photo bucket replacement til now!
  2. Thanks Guys, gave up in the end as I couldnt see the images without being signed into Google myself ?? Gone the Imgur route now thanks Kiwi Dave, though I seem to have a lot of spare space at the bottom of my post, bit of a disaster! Martin, the tyre logo template is a PE one and was in a set of AM decals that I got for the McLaren mp4/4, got it mainly for the ciggy logos when doing that model but its great to use, will find them and let you know whose they are. Thanks again for the kind comments and patience Stu
  3. Thanks for the heads up gt6mkiii and Kiwidave4. I have put the relative photos into a shared folder and updated the links above so hopefully it works now, problem is i could see the pics before and can still see them now If this doesn't work then I'll follow your advice Dave and set up an Imgur account
  4. 2nd EDIT: Thanks for being patient - given up with Google and gone onto Imgur - hope it works now!! EDIT: I have updated the Google photo links to see if they will display from a shared folder, failing that its time to look into Imgur Hi fellow BM'ers Its been a very long time since I posted anything completed, partly due to my painfully slow progress and also needing to find a replacement for Photobucket, hoping that Google photo links below will work!! I am usually a builder of winged things but after a couple of armour subjects and a Tamiya DTM Calibra I decided to have a go at an F1 car build. Really enjoyed this and now got Senna's McLaren Mp4/4 as my next subject, sorry I know its probably already been done to death but for all the right reasons Few little additions to the basic kit, Tamiya seatbelts and etch fasteners, tyre logos sprayed on with a template and bits of scratch build and wiring here and there. I had a go at the radiator pipes and flexibles using st/st welding rods and blue wire coating, even had a go at the jubilee clips with some foil tape and micro solder, also replaced the brake light moulding with some clear red plastic from a disposable lighter. Fit was good enough though the top and bottom parts of the shell probably want to ether be permanently joined or displayed always open, also a fair bit of cleaning up of the exhaust manifolds to get something usable. Paint was Alclad white primer for the shell and Revell aqua colour Ferrari red sealed with Alclad clear gloss.
  5. Looks brilliant Jason, lovely subtle weathering. Been watching your thread since the first post and loving seeing this come together. I'm building the very basic Airfix NF.XXX at the moment but very tempted towards trying a future two stage mossie using the Tamiya kit with your nacelles. Keep up the good work, Stu
  6. Lovely build mate, shows what a nice model can be made from this kit with a bit of hard work and the vac centre section for the canopy makes a world of difference. Think the molded one piece hood and rear section was an interesting idea from Airfix but cant see how it would ever look right.
  7. Superb build mate, love everything about it and itching to get mine started properly now, will be happy if it comes out half as well as yours
  8. Lovely work Dave, got one of these myself at Xmas and looking at yours really makes me want to get it started
  9. Beautiful build Thant and the diorama sets it off perfectly
  10. Beautiful trio of colourful Mustangs Pete, though I would also have to pick 'Jumpin Jacques' as my favourite. Looking forwards to seeing you progress with the triple Spitfire build now, Stu
  11. That's another lovely looking aggressor mate and well worth the effort to bring the kit up to scratch - be good to see a lineup with your other aggressors too
  12. Hi, I built this as a favour for a colleague who was given it a good few years back and never got up the confidence to start it. Its my first build of something without wings or tracks and off the back of this I now have a couple of Tamiya's 1:20 F1 kits added to the stash. Really good fun and straightforwards build, as you would expect fit is very good and easy to assemble. The only addition I made was a set of belts, I didn't want to spend out on etch so printed a set out on paper and made some buckles from foil (a mince pie tin I think :)). Paints were mostly Tamiya, with shades of Citadel Mithril Silver for the metal parts and finished with Alclad aqua gloss. The kit decals had fallen to bits after living in the loft for so long, so an OOP Shunko Models replacement set were sourced from a guy in Italy as they seem to be rare as hens teeth. They were nice and thin but a bit brittle and prone to cracking, though settled down OK in the end with Micro sol/set. Not really much more to say other than I would definitely build one of these little DTM cars again and the end product was well received Thanks for looking and any C&CC gratefully received, cheers Stu
  13. Always a pleasure to see your work Bill and ranks right up there with your recent Buccaneer and the F-4 EJ you did for the phantom group build, some of my favourite works on here, keep up the great work!
  14. That looks superb mate, how did you find the lozenge decals to put on? Love the wood effect on the prop!
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