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  1. Ha ha, trying to follow this and I'm completely confused now... Mind if I ask for my own clarity - John, in reference to your photos and Pete's drawings with the doors numbered. I'm presuming you mean keep the yellow outlined door 3, as you can see the outline of it in the photo, but delete door 4 on the starboard side, (the one that mirrors door 5 on the port side, which does exist along with door 1 as you can see them both open in the photo of the port side? So in the end doors 1,2,3 & 5 remain? Thanks, Stu
  2. Beautiful paintwork and weathering I have the Revell boxing close to the top of the stash and will be looking back at this for inspiration, if mine comes out half as good I'll be very happy - great work! Cheers, Stu
  3. Thanks CC and glad to hear you have one underway - I would love to see some pics, are you doing a WIP thread? I like the motto too but can certainly understand why your wife may not like it, quite graphic when you think about it Cheers, Stu
  4. Looking great there CC - lovely work on the cockpit and nice to hear it is the usual excellent Eduard fit. I could be very tempted with the Eduard kit and I certainly need to add a pony to the stash
  5. Lovely paintwork and weathering, looks great in those colours!
  6. Cracking looking cockpit mate and very neat lead packing there Looking forwards to the next update!
  7. A lovely model and a very worthy monument to a touching story, thanks for sharing
  8. Would also love to see more and bigger pics please I did the Revell/ICM kit myself a few years back, I don't recall the troubles you mentioned but I think its one where you either have to open it up or leave most of the engine parts out too get the cowling to fit together. Looks great in the thumbnail anyway Cheers, Stu
  9. Thanks guys for taking the time to leave the kind comments they really are appreciated I'm surprised how well the photos came out in the end, I keep thinking its getting time to invest in a proper camera and light cube but haven't yet. Fortunately with the decent light at this time of year and a freshly ironed pale blue pillow case they seemed to work out alright on my Samsung S10 phone! I think that was how I was getting with it which is why it sat there so long waiting for me to work up the courage rather than risk trashing a half decent kit, but my advice is definitely get yourself cracking with it mate. I promise you wont be disappointed with it and I look forward to seeing the result Thanks mate, I'm glad I gave the freehand spraying a try as its always daunted me but looks like it may be the way to go for the Luftwaffe soft edged camo, still plenty of blu-tac sausages in my future though Now get some updated on that Canberra and Jag, I'm getting impatient Thanks again all!
  10. Thanks guys, I moved to Imgur after photobucket started messing around but still getting to grips with it, think its sorted now though can only do 'huge thumbnail size', for some reason the original image code is what gives the grey flashing lines?
  11. Hi all, Slowly working through my small stash with the help of lockdown, its either that or a trip to Barnard Castle I bought the Eduard D11/D13 dual combo off the back of taking part in the FW190 STGB back in 2012. At that point the absolute next model I needed to do was the D13 'Yellow 10' that was in the boxing, hard to believe that was nearly 8 years ago now but gives you an idea of my slow build rate! I finally cracked this out properly a couple of months ago and decided to build both Yellow 10 and Red 4, as who doesn't need a JV44 bird in the proper scale. I was aware from other builds I had seen on the net that this kit needs a bit of care to get it fitting right so decided to focus on Red 4 first and hopefully learn from any mistakes rather than ruining 2 kits at the same time. To be fair, although the fit is to very tight tolerances it can mostly be persuaded to fit where it should, just a lot of patience and glueing and clamping bits at a time to pull it all together. The main areas of difficulty I encountered were those usually mentioned, i.e the wing root cannon covers and alignment on the engine plug and front cowl, but nothing terrible and i reckon its still well worth the effort what what is otherwise a lovely detailed kit. The build was pretty much as supplied in the box, with the addition of some Ultracast resin exhausts I had kicking around, they were meant for the Tamiya D9 but fit with far less trouble than me trying to hollow out all the kit tips I also tried scratching some of the finer details such as the brake lines, electrical cabling on the gear legs and landing gear indicators, plus some fishing mono for the aerial cable. Paints were mostly Gunze for the RLM colours and Tamiya elsewhere sprayed through an Iwata Neo. Then sealed with Alcad aqua gloss and finished with an oil wash and Xtracrylics matt varnish. Anyway, I hope you like the build and now to pick up with Yellow 10 properly, just hoping I can achieve the camo! Any C&CC welcomed as ever, thanks Stu And one last adversary shot with my Airfix Mk.XIVe
  12. That gnat was a good fun little model to do and has stood up to a good amount of playing with It was nice to do as the old offering was one of the first models I got when I got into this hobby as a kid (bought it built from a stall on a village fete and thought it was amazing ) The Heinkel sounds like a great project, all the more fun when there's big bombs attached - look forward to seeing the result!
  13. Simply amazing build Neil, always like seeing your bomber command builds and this is no exception, well worth the blood, sweat and tears that you have put into it and a wonderful tribute to the under recognised heroes of bomber command. I am assuming you have a whole separate house to display all these builds Like the sounds of seeing what you do with the B24!
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