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  1. That does look beautiful and thanks for the heads up on the Mr Paint Silver, definitely going to have to try that. Really like the shading you have got along the panel lines as well, its a lovely subtly worn look, what did you use, oils? Cheers, Stu
  2. Both look absolutely stunning Duncan, not yet got a 1:48 Mustang in the stash and wasn't sure whose kit to go for with so many decent offerings but I think you have just made up my mind, Mr Eduard should give you a commission
  3. Thanks for the heads up I will definitely look out for that documentary I grew up in Melbourn in the 80s and 90s so Royston was my local town and Bassingbourn just a couple of villages away. Always keen to do something with a local connection, got a Fowlmere based 19 sqn spitfire on the to do list for the same reason Sorry Woody, not meaning to hijack your brilliant thread!
  4. Great work Werdna, love these late war schemes and need to get one of these in my collection
  5. Thats the difficulty with weathering, when to stop Sure the real things were caked in mud but I think less is more just to create the illusion of wear, tear and muck without overpowering the model and I think you have nailed it! It certainly makes me want to have a go at a 48 scale fort, always been tempted by a YB-40, though something from Bassingbourn feels fitting as its only a couple of villages away from where I grew up. So whats next?
  6. Amazing work Woody, loved watching this one come together. The weathering looks absolutely in scale and really adds depth to a superb model. Hats off to you!
  7. Thanks again for the kind comments guys and sorry for the late response back!
  8. Wow that is one hell of a scheme, very reminiscent of minecraft Lovely job!
  9. Great result, I had no idea you could airbrush craft paint like that!
  10. That does look superb GRK, great paintwork and the weathering looks lovely and in scale, nicely believable battleworn look. Just starting the Airfix mk.1 at the moment so will be interested to see what that looks like complete, but also opens a hole in the stash for either the Tamiya or new Eduard mk.1
  11. Cracking build, the kitbash looks flawless and is set off perfectly with the lovely paint job, great work
  12. Glad I looked in on this mate, she is coming together superbly, that cockpit painting is sublime
  13. Thanks again for the kind comments guys This scheme has been my number 1 'to do for some time now and glad to have had my go at it!
  14. Great work on the conversion Peter. I have built the Airfix Mk.XIV as the low back but really want to do a high back C wing myself and will be looking back at your GB thread when the time comes
  15. Thats an absolute beauty Werdna and shows that the Tamiya kit still builds into a lovely 190
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