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  1. That's a pretty damned good standard, I don't think you have too much to worry about! Only thing I might suggest is using some thinner cable for the lighting next time around - it seemed a bit bulky for a low voltage LED circuit and might make things a little easier for routing
  2. Not sure if you've spotted this or not, but the images for the advent calendar are still on the site.. Thought I'd make it a but easier to examine
  3. Yeah, then alter the Interceptor into a more realistic looking "model" too?
  4. btw, if anyone needs a reference shot for the Angels, here's a good one: Who's going to be squinting with a scalpel to carve the obviously generic RAF male pilot into a bonefide Angel?
  5. Stunning, a real work of art! I'd be very tempted to start rubbing oil into that prop
  6. A bit of gash polystyrene, some filler and a bit of flocking?
  7. As far as I'm concerned now, it's all done with black magic, lol Awesome work Oliver!
  8. I think this answers the question of "What is possibly beyond super-detailing?" The answer, Oliver's Hyper-Detailing Masterclass... Any more detail beyond this at this scale and you'll need a scanning electron microscope..
  9. I take it that this new line will soon be available at all the usual retail suspects?
  10. Damn, I hadn't realised - I'd just bookmarked his sr71 thread and kept revisiting it now and again,then he'd posted at the end of April mentioning that he'd binned it and was going to relax in Mexico for a while Here's his last post: Damn, that's pretty sobering knowing that he never got to do what he wanted, he died only a couple of weeks after
  11. ...and I spent over an hour and a half in there today (and another £85... )
  12. There's a bit of software called hotspot shield iirc, which masks your IP via proxy - so you should be able to watch it okay with it - I've used it to view some "USA only" videos
  13. Today was mostly: Hawker Hunter, Alphajet, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Tucano, Several Hawk T1's ( Oddly enough all in red, leaving smoke everywhere..) A few others.. Yup, it was air show day today in Lowestoft, sadly I was at work, although I was a damned sight drier, as it piddled it down all day pretty much..
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