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  1. Guys Its the end of the road. I'd been storing the model on a shelf next to some curtains, and my wife accidentally caught the model on the curtains yesterday morning. Looks like the model took a 6 foot tumble hitting the bedside table on its way down to the floor. wrecked. The model is completely beyond repair and 18 months of work have amounted to nothing, I don't blame my wife, it was an accident and she is mortified , I'm at a point now where I don't want to continue the hobby, so this afternoon I've packed everything model related away as I don't have the time, space or motivation for the hobby any longer. Thankyou to everyone who helped me along with the project along with the encouraging comments - I'm truly sorry it has come to nothing. Take care all. John
  2. That, Paul, is ruddy gorgeous. Stunning.
  3. Very nice. Must build one of these one day because they turn out beautifully!
  4. That is stunning, very dynamic and beautiful scenery , blades look fine to me
  5. Hi Bill Can you not just mask the ring to the right depth and spray the fuselage aluminium to hide the last mm ? Beautiful job btw - and yes I'd wash it John
  6. Bloody lovely. A real showstopper and clearly a labour of love. Top drawer stuff.
  7. Ta Mickles, nicely casted there fella,re-drilling the rocket tubes will be simples Thanks Andy, glad you approve
  8. /\ Is that our very own Mr Buckley in the photo above?
  9. This project fell by the wayside many moons ago, not sure if any of it helps.. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...hunder&st=0
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