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  1. thanks prowler! the navs and strobes are 1mm fibre optic threads attached to led sources
  2. here's my USS Defiant after more than a year in the building. lighting was easy as there's loads of room - but filling those GAPS was a real PITA...still she looks good now and has pride of place in our lounge (until the missus gets fed up with it lol): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/99391863/DEFBUILDUK.mp4 Hoping the above link will work...
  3. It's been a looooooooonggg time, but I have eventually finished this lady. I have a video to post but I'm not sure if I can - reason is that I mention another modeller forum (USA) in the credits.... So don't want to annoy the mods unless I can get their agreement?
  4. Great build... Looks superb! As I've just finished filling my Defiant, I feel your pain! Can I ask what colours you used for the panels? Did you follow those in the instructions?
  5. This is JUST what I need for my other E kit lying around - great find!!!
  6. Interesting build - looking forward to what you do with the lighting! Cheers
  7. Thanks Liam - have been doing a bit of field work...last time I flew to Gatwick I managed to get a few pics of the flight to LCY, waiting to depart at the next gate - G-LCYK - checked this out and it's an Embraer ERJ190-100SR. Cheers
  8. Many thanks for your help Jessica - and the link to your build will help no end
  9. Thanks for you help! Welsh models looks a good 'un then...but prepare yourself for a really daft question... ...as the fuselage is 'vac formed' - I assume that this means it is hollow, i.e. not solid? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys! Have wandered over from the Sci-fi forum in the hope you may be able to help... I've been trying to track down a plastic model kit of the EMB 190 - anyone know a manufacturer/stockist? Resin isn't really an option as I'm a bit of a newbie... I fly on these jets (BA/Citiflyer) to and from London City almost weekly and love these jets (despite a harrowing experience once during 'hurricane bawbag') so decided to try and build one P.S. They ARE 190's right? Only some of the in-flight safety cards say '192'? Any help appreciated
  11. Agree with the other comments - that's impressive for a first build! When I did my harrier years ago, there were big dirty glue related fingerprints on the cockpit like a huge alien hand had plucked it from the air.... y the way, once you start building your toolkit up from your leatherman and starter set, BEWARE - it's worth keeping in with She Who Must Be Obeyed...the costs start to build up and there's always something else you 'need'! What I personally do for decals is gloss varnish the entire model (for consistency), use micro sol and set as mentioned above, then matt varnish to finish - gives it a painted on look, rather than an obvious decal look. I had no idea that this technique existed before I found this forum I've learned a lot from the guys (& gals?) here - what I hope you'll find is that your builds will get better the more you do them, and the more you learn from more experienced modellers. Most of all - have fun!!
  12. Always loved the Phantom - my fave of the era - awesome machine and you've certainly done it justice...good job!
  13. Next, the pulse cannons and torp launchers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XWDj6vJpW0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQGBlPJ7h8Q Let me know what you think...I reckon I have the frequency going about right? Cheers
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