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  1. Presuming this goes ahead, I have a decal sheet for the build ... A lot of the schemes here would also be eligible for the proposed Tiger meet GB ...
  2. This decal set arrived in my porch last week for some Swiss F-5E Tiger IIs. That set contains several options including fish, a swan, a dove, at least two tigers' heads, and (if permitted) a witch. (There is also a full tiger skin paint job). Of course, I'd want one or two of these for the proposed F-5 build, assuming that goes ahead.
  3. About three weeks since I updated the snap-shot here. In that time, the number of models in the gallery has tripled (7 to 21) and we have twelve new builds started ... a kind of transposition: ... 21 complete, 12 new starts. We also have our first maritime (sea) build; coincidentally, that is also our second pre-20th century build. With no new countries, the regional map is unchanged: But the weighted map of operators has some changes - South Africa, Egypt and Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Other charts:
  4. The first technique in this video might help reduce paint bleed problems https://www.goldenpaints.com/videos/hard-edge-techniques-using-golden-products Basically, what they suggest is: - paint the base colours - mask - re-apply base colour (to block the bleed channels) - apply top colour The principal works for both hairy-stick painting and airbrush
  5. Thanks for the heads-up @JOCKNEY Message received and understood
  6. I couldn't take a look at this for the last few days, but it is here now - snapshot 17:00 04 Apr 2021 UTC (approx)
  7. Interesting chat about German armoured cars from the Tank Museum
  8. The FAQ area is relatively new here, and (IIRC) is made up from old posts asking fundamental questions. One of the problems for those of us who spend time in a space, or working on an activity, is that we begin to think that what we do is obvious and normal, and everybody else would see that. Working out what should be in an FAQ is not so easy. The questions you ask in your OP are helpful, both because they are real, and because you came up with the correct answers. Common Terms and Acronyms: Bun fight (or bunfight) - local jargon for an annual vote. The vote is held to select builds for the following year. Historically the vote lasted a month, but there have been moves to shorten that period. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. GB - Group Build - a time limited activity where we build models. The models are selected in response to a theme. Examples might include an Interceptors GB, or a Matchbox 50 Anniversary GB (kit manufacturer) The criteria for GBs is very variable, and the discussion (chat) and rules should be checked to assess the eligibility of a specific model for that build. STGB - a type group build where the theme is limited by type. Example STGBs might include a Spitfire STGB, or a Sherman Tank STGB where that type of machine or its close precursors or derivatives may be built. A Spitfire STGB would typically allow Seafires as the navy version of the type. A Sherman Tank STGB might allow Lee and Grant tanks (precursors), along with Priest and Sexton SPGs (US and Canadian built derivatives). Note, for both GBs and STGBs, the rules vary. Group Build Chat - an area for discussing proposed group builds, group build rules, and anything related that might be off-topic in a specific group build. Note: there is a general Group Build Chat area with many threads. The proposal thread for a GB usually becomes the chat area for that build when the GB goes live. Host, GB Host - usually the person who suggested the GB. Co-Host - somebody who volunteered to help the host. KUTA - Kick Up the Back-side, an annual group build where builds of incomplete kits may be followed. OP - Opening Post, sometimes Original Poster. RL - Real Life. WIP - Work in Progress. There are WIP areas elsewhere in this forum. RFI - Ready for Inspection. A gallery outside the Group Builds area where images of complete models may be shown. There is no limit to the number of photos that may be shown in the RFI areas. The Gallery. A space where photos of completed builds are shown. Photos are limited to five per build. The gallery usually locks when the GB finishes. The Poll - a vote held after the close of a GB. The poll is optional, and depends on the host, or a co-host, putting it together. To be eligible for the poll, a build must be in the gallery. Newbie, newbi, newby, noob - shortened form of new boy (i.e. new person or new player). A person who has recently joined; typically a recent recruit to a forum, or an online game. Inexperience (in the current context). The term has spilt into RL, so may be encountered in a work context. Equivalent term to recruit or to rookie. Generally correct. GBs need 30 or more supporters before they go ahead to the bun fight. STGBs need 25 or more supporters. Supporters, in this context, are people who say they would participate. (Off topic, 'say they would participate' can be treated very loosely by a GB proposer. Personally, I've learned not to ask a question or comment in a GB proposal unless I'm prepared to be added to the supporters list.) The GB Moderator may, at their discretion, put a GB into the Current or Future group builds, by-passing the usual chat and Bun Fight. To join a GB (or STGB), all you need to do is to start a thread in that build's forum while the build is active. There is no requirement to sign up before-hand. The model to be built should be less than 25% complete before joining the build, but that rule may be waived or adapted depending on circumstance. How the 25% is assessed is a dark and mysterious art, known only to the modeller and host involved. Completing a GB is encouraged, but is not a requirement. People have a life (RL) beyond these forums, and that can interfere with participation here.
  9. Snapshot, 09:00 27 Mar 2021 UTC (approx)
  10. Try Googling Aerogallo - or check here: https://www.flightjournal.com/the-rooster-flies/
  11. Oh, a nice one Mark - going to watch What did you use for the armature? And how did you soften your Chavant? I really couldn't get on with that stuff
  12. OK, done, your name is on the list now Bronco Humber? Did this one come with a 'Michael Caine' figure?
  13. Snap-shot, 11:00 20 Mar 2021 (approx)
  14. AK Interactive (two types of paint) and Vallejo both offer boxed sets of Acrylics for British and Commonwealth N Africa schemes - but boxed sets are expensive. Presumably the same bottles are available unboxed too?
  15. A good choice for a build @825 Do you use enamel paints? Receiving acrylic paint through the post hasn't been an issue for me. Finding a supplier with enough of the correct colours to justify the postage? Now, that has been challenging.
  16. Looks interesting Darryl. My opinion ... no more white on these pieces. Not sure about the remaining turret hatches ...
  17. Looking very good Stix - I do like your track colour. Those are spare torsion bars.
  18. No promises as to well worn. They were, but they have done what link-and-length tracks always do for me, separated back into their component parts That aside ... progress. A thin and flexible sheet of polystyrene foam has been glued over the base, base painting has started. The wheels have been glued together and the outer edges of the tyres painted a darker grey I'm not sure yet if the darker grey will work: the intent is to contrast the damp area in contact with the running surface with the side walls. The exhausts have been painted a dark grey and attached too: And snow has been applied to the lower hull sides (and underside and back and front) This is, probably, a bit over-the-top at the moment, but is easy to remove with a damp brush.
  19. Thank-you @Mjwomack, this does seem to be a good way forward, because people can (and do) help keep the data up-to-date. Those notes are out of date, there are four pages on my sheet. It is up to you whether you want the fourth page (the scratch-pad). Heads up, the charts in my OP are linked directly from the spreadsheet, so don't need to be hosted. The snapshots, being static, are saved locally and then hosted (go to the chart on the Britmodeller page, right-click, save image as, give it a name, then copy to your photo host service).
  20. Does it have to be something with the animal on it? Or can the animal be the subject of the build - perhaps a figure?
  21. Welcome to the build Andy, you are on the list now.
  22. Depending when this happens, I could join in. I'm sure I have a couple of Siskins and a similar number of Furys in the stash (Matchbox boxings, various colour mixes for both) - or, if I'm feeling brave, I have a Venom/Sea Venom (Revell boxing, in white IIRC).
  23. Great to have you with us Andy. I've spent a good few hours looking at the AECs* on MiniArt's website; the kits look complex, but, knowing your builds, I'm sure you'll give us a great model *wonder which one you have?
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