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  1. After reading this review a couple of weeks ago I got out & assembled the set I have. I am very impressed with the method of assembly, How all of the parts fit together & look so real. I have since assembled all of the Masterbox WW1 figure sets, & most of the ICM sets. They are all excellent. Worth what you pay for them. They are not shake & bake kits. Some require very careful assembly. Particularly the ICM French infantry ones. Carl T
  2. Today while looking through the ICM catalog I saw that they are producing a 1/16th scale Vatican Swiss Guard figure.. I also did a Google search on this figure & found a few pictures of the assembled figure. Has anyone seen this model? I would like to get one. Thanks. Carl T
  3. I just came across this thread. Very good work. I am making up the F-2 version for a winter diorama in Russia at present. Carl T
  4. I bought this model about 6 weeks ago, & started maki9ng it up the very next day. I have the whole model together in sub assemblies ready for painting. I found no major problems while working on the model. I think that the fit of parts are relatively good, with filler needed here and there. Nothing major. Because there are no locating pins & holes the aligning & gluing of pieces is at times a little trying but can be done. I have 7 of MiniArt's figure kits & so far I have overcome all of the problems that they present. My advice to someone who wants an inexpensive Samurai figure, for its large size,, this should satisfy all but a purist. You will earn the end result for sure, but you will have a figure worthy of your best efforts. Carl T
  5. This is the picture that inspired me to build this model. The box art of the original kit, & at the bottom copies of the reduced plans. Carl T
  6. The interior now has a much fuller array of tools in it since I took those pictures. I am planning on repainting the model & pairing it with a Daimler armored car in a diorama. Carl T
  7. I forgot to ask this earlier, but, were both vehicles painted in deep bronze green ? If not, what color was used ? Carl T
  8. The M-9 field repair vehicle was a British conversion based on the American M-5 halftrack & in use for about 25 years. Were these 2 vehicles in use in the British army during the same time period ? I have finished 1/48th scale Bandai models of both & would like build a small diorama including them together. My H/T model has a fully equipped workshop area on the back, plus the boom rig. on the front bumper. The Daimler is fully detailed including the motor. Thanks for any help I can get. Carl T
  9. p-26luvr

    Churchill tank

    Hi T, thank you for your information, it is very helpful. Carl T.
  10. p-26luvr

    Churchill tank

    Today I acquired the old Aurora 1/48th Churchill tank model. Does anyone know how accurate it is to the scale? Also, was it finished in deep bronze green during WW2 ? Carl T
  11. p-26luvr

    German Jerry cans

    THANK YOU gentlemen for giving me your answers. I have painted the white cross on the can. Carl T
  12. To give you a better idea of what you are looking at. In both pictures, at the very front of the model, you can see the bottom of the jib boom that sets on the bumper. The wires running up at an angle, from behind the door on both sides, go to the top of the boom and act as a support for it. The boom was used to remove tank motors or gun barrels where the tank may have broken down. This vehicle was used by the British army only, & was in service from about 1950 to sometime in the 1970's. To go back to the model, on the back end what you see as an extention in the base tan color in the top picture & light grey in the bottom one, is the open door with a window in it. The 7 Jerry cans that are on the 2 sides are scratchbuilt & have 3 brass wire handles in each/ one. The base color is a light tan. The model is now on display at the local hobby shop, & it took 3 place in the only contest I entered it in. Carl T
  13. By way of describing the model. It is based on the old 1/48th scale Bandai M16 gun vehicle. I had been wanting to build the model since I read a build article in the April 1980 issue of Military Modelling magazine, & a later one in 1987 in another magazine. Both were done in 1/35th scale using the Tamiya kit. Both articles had plans, one with the interior. I delayed building the model so long because the removable top has so many angles to cut & fit. The whole model turned to be realitively easy to make. I think I did a passable job on the whole thing. Carl T
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