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  1. Basically none of the bombs in the Has weapon sets are suitable for use on any RAF aircraft with the exception (after some modifications) of the Enhanced Paveway & Paveway IV.
  2. Was talking to a mate of mine who's a plumber on Typhoons & these conformal fuel tanks are only going to be offered to export customers,the RAF,at present, are not interested in them.
  3. That's the badger!!...Thankfully I was able to dodge all but a few months in the dump &,aside from trade training,never got to handle a SNEB pod in the flesh so to speak!
  4. Practice bombs were generally painted allover blue (can't remember the exact color match) aside from the tail units,this is mainly the 500lb,1000lb & 2000lb dumb bombs as well as the bomb components of all LGB's in use. On the likes of AIM 9's,ASRAAM,ALARM,Harpoon & Maverick missiles,these were the standard body color as mentioned but with a blue band in place of the yellow HE band. Selvyn,was'nt the a couple of different marks of MATRA SNEB's in use as well?...
  5. For one the size would mean you couldn't load them using a Wendy & they'd be physically impossible to load with the hernai bars. And Big Jugs are what we call the larger 2250 tanks,I never heard them called 'Hindenberger' in my time in the RAF,so that term looks like it may have been 'invented' by the hobby & stuck.
  6. IIRC,we did practice a 3 tank fit with a WE-177 on the port shoulder pylon,guess the jet would need as much fuel as possible for the fast dash to the target & the way back,but it was the smaller drops we fitted,I think the only time they were fitted was on long detatchemnts for red flag/maple flag ect.
  7. To add a lot of the BOZ-107's that were carried on the left (port) outer were dummy pods,which were recognizable as the flare cartridge opening at the back was blanked over & the was a blue band around the front of the pod (blue refers to drill,inert or practice stores.
  8. Hindenberger (or Big Jugs as we in the RAF called them) were NOT carried by the GR1 before the first gulf war & the GR1A/GR4A can't carry the centerline pylon as it interfears with the linescan pod fitted under the jet.(NEVER hear them called Hindenberger in my time on Tornado's as an armourer) IFR probes were fitted to most RAFG jets as far as I can recall & the outer pylons can only carry BOZ 107 pod on the right outer pylon & Skyshadow on left outer resectivly,as the release units fitted to those stations are only a light duty type.
  9. Just got an Airfix B2 & wan't to open the bomb bay up.Is the an aftermarket bomb bay available?...(as my scratchbuilding is doggy do do!) Also thinking of getting Dave Parkins B2 update set as well
  10. You in Norn Iron too then?...I'm near Ards..
  11. Looks like they are all wearing DPM camoflage trousers & the one on the left wearing a DPM jacket,bit the lightness of the photo's makes it difficult to tell.Back then the DPM kit we got was often second hand or scrounged & they could become quite faded over time.The guy on the right is wearing aircrew cold weather trousers. Aircrew or NI (Northern Ireland) high leg DMS boots were often scrounged back then as we only got issued the old DMS Ammo Boot back then till the late 80's..(I remember having to go to stores to trade mine in for a set of high leg boots) or Doc Martins were also worn.
  12. It could be John decided not to wear the aircrew cold weather bottoms the three on the right are wearing,the one on the very right is also wearing a aircrew flight jacket. If you could scrounge some extra kit to keep warm,all the better.Back in the 80's we didn't get issued DPM kit,so we wore a mix n match of what you either bought or scrounged.Popular was the Aircrew Tee Shirt & long johns as the ones we were issued with was aweful! (waist up around your chest & crotch around your knees!) When I got to Kinloss in 85,I was issued a arctic parka,which when I left Kinloss was handed in & went so someone else,same as when I went down the Falklands in 89,but by then we'd started to be issued our own DPM so while the arctic/cold weather kit wouldn't have been needed in Germany where I was based,it was needed for the Falklands so I was issued it for the duration.
  13. If they were wearing overalls,then they would have been as I said above,although in the early to mid 80's the gray overalls were being replaced with green ones.
  14. Uniforms would have been either full DPM Combats or DPM Jacket & olive green lightweight trousers,with a wolly pully under the jacket if needed. The link below will give you an idea of what was worn; http://www.militariarg.com/task-force.html
  15. Don't forget you'll be away this weekend Steff,getting messy in Blackpool at the weekend....
  16. Everytime I've used the stick on fabric ones,I've found they've came unstuck!..Only one I got to work was the etched metal set for my 1/32 Tonka.
  17. We had one at RAF Cosford that we did our flight servicing (liney) training on back in the early 80's....Although I think it's a different mark...
  18. Don't really rate Eduard too well myself,the stuff I've used has been a waste of time (cockpit detail sets) but D J Parkins has detail sets like the one for the Italeri Tonka in th works..
  19. I agree with Andy,it's way over engineered,for example the intake trunking,waste of time painting it up as you cant see anything down it once it's assembled...My first Revell kit went in the bin,major fit problems which couldn't be corrected..mainly around the intake area on one side....The are a few innacuracies with it,for one the rear of the Boz pod is modelled after an unloaded one but the rear is wrong,it's also too 'rounded' down the length & the Skyshadow looks too small. The wing flaps & slats are delicate & the's been reports (as on mine) of the spring hinges being broken off in transit. In all it's better than Italeri in some areas & a thousand miles better than that abortion of a kit that Hobbyboss 'attempted'
  20. That was my post from a few years ago,not in it I said 'I gather' which means,to me anyway,can they/Not sure....I've never worked on the F-3 so I was assuming that as they can carry shoulder pylons & the airframes are almost the same,one would assume they had the same capability. Bomb'ed would know as he was on F-3's during Gulf war 1.I spent all my time on GR1's....
  21. Even worse when you use the blinkin Hernai Bars!
  22. Same here,I don't remember fitting them,just the bigger ones...(hopefully empty!..mackem'll know what I mean!)
  23. Landrover & Bowser would also have yellow stripes down the side...
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