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  1. hi Steve, many thanks. yes you're right, standard=type 1. can you suggest me specific version in which I could mount the type 2 tires (Good year radials)? cheers
  2. hi guys, anyone who knows the differences between these 3 types of tyres? std https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RESIM4809 type 1 http://armorymodels.com/ar-aw48501a-148-panavia-tornado-wheels-w-tires-type-a/ type 2 http://armorymodels.com/ar-aw48501b148-panavia-tornado-wheels-w-tires-type-b/ do they refer to specific versions of the Tornado (GR.1, IDS, ADV, GR.4, ECR etc.) or specific timeframes? many thanks.
  3. any chance to get the optional long fuses on the M-117 bombs? I need the long fused version. thanks.
  4. Hasegawa Super Bug is incredibly precise and beautiful and his dorsal spine is perfect (from anywhere you look it looks like the real one, I tried to match it with hundreds of photos!)... I'm using the -E kit as a "master" to correct (scale plans in hand) myself the 1/32 Trumpeter kit. I think it is one of the absolute best models ever made in 1/48 scale.
  5. here it is! http://blog.naver.com/cooger73/220711558111
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