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  1. Nimrods carried Harpoon in the anti-ship role as well as nuclear BDU depth charges,iirc they were also trialled for SHRIKE or HARM around the time of the Falklands war.
  2. It's not a standard BOZ pod in the photo,looks like a dummy one,flare pack's been faired over as well as the chaff chute,and the blue band around the nose.
  3. I used these seats on my GR4 & they are the mutts nuts!...Don't forget tho that the headbox is different on the GR1 to the GR4.Some gentle sanding fixed the shape differences,,,, http://acc.kitreview.com/paragon32025reviewjl_1.htm
  4. He's just ate a Gurkah curry.... The cross on top of the helmet is actually not white,it's a silver reflective tape,you may also see small squares of it on the Koch fittings on the life vest so the growbags can find them easier,,,,
  5. Did the canopy arrive mate?....Should have gotten it by now as I gave it to the postie to put in the bag as he was emptying the postbox last Saturday lunchtime...
  6. lol...Beat me to it....Basicaly the is a key on a bit of string that is inserted into a keyhole to the left of the HUD which enables the weapons system
  7. Cracking work mate,just a note about the map,I'd put it on the other side as the's also a MASS warning flag there (the yellow/black striped flag) iirc.... http://i1312.photobucket.com/albums/t530/mervyn7451/95A0C9EC_5056_A318_A85EAC050906250D_zpsmahblj6g.jpg
  8. I should have somewhere.
  9. What he said....Ah the Falklands,where Bennies are........................"Stills" (we were told we couldn't call the locals Bennies (after Benny from Crossroads) so we called them 'Stills' as in they're 'Still Bennies!")
  10. Dont forget the Tornado life jacket is different than that worn by the Jag & Bucc crew's as it has sleeves,the crews also often wore locally made survival vests as well under the main life vest,usually ran up by the squippers iirc
  11. For pilots of what aircraft?...The Tornado pilots is different from the Jaguar pilots which is different from the Bucaneer ect...
  12. Sending you the canopy tomorrow mate.
  13. The red on the gun muzzle isn't actually a stripe mate,it's a sort of bung.You can see it's red on the RAF one & yellow on the German one... http://i1312.photobucket.com/albums/t530/mervyn7451/231210763_5407d67248_z_zpsibrbbkn3.jpg http://i1312.photobucket.com/albums/t530/mervyn7451/ZA452CannonMuzzle_zpsuqnyan3n.jpg Many thanks to the phototgraphers of the images.
  14. Mate, Have'nt forgotten about the canopy,been a bit ill of late but I'll get it off to you early this week.
  15. Just gotten the 1/48 Hobbyboss N/AW A-10 A Warthog to build while I'm in hospital,it's a nice kit that comes with a nice representation on the Avenger cannon...BUT why include it if the are no open panels so you can display it?...What's the point?.... So I'm going to omit the cannon & sit it on a dolly next to the jet....
  16. Yeah,and we called the TIALD pods Sandra & Tracy aka The Fat Sl@gs.....go figure...lol
  17. Dave Parkins is,I gather,working on an update set along the lines of his Italeri compatable one.
  18. IIRC the upgrading of the GR1 to GR4 standard started in the mid 90's & carried on till the mid 2000's.
  19. About 10 years old & never used,crystal clear.
  20. If you want a new (ish) canopy,I've got a few in the spares box...Might take a while for me to send it tho as my cancer returned end November so I'm in & out of hossy for the next few months for chemo,but Zone19 can contact me as we're both ex Armourers.
  21. The was a Jaguar GR1,it was the designation of the Jaguar S,it's just as like the Harrier GR5,that particular model wasn;t in service very long & was upgraded to the GR3.
  22. IIRC back in my day attack was a normal bombing role,ground attack was our version of combat air support (like what the A-10 does) & strike,well I'll have to kill you if I tell you...lol (it was nuclear bombing,and we had to re-qualify on strike loads every 30 days,work in pairs & know what each other does so we could spot sabotage by other team mates...)
  23. Loads of threads in Recources.. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/51911-hawk-t1-walkround-lots-of-photos-and-a-few-t2s/?hl=hawk
  24. spike7451

    Jaguar T2

    T2's never carried over wing sidewinder rails,usually as a training aircraft they'd only carry Ceeblie practice bomb carriers,it was also very rare that you'd see them armed with drill 1000lb'ERS or BL755 & even rarer with live bombs.. They were mainly used for pilot flying training at squadron level & by the time the pilots had got onto dropping bombs & stuff,they'd be doing that from a single seat jet.
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