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  1. Following with interest. I lived pretty much under Bentwaters flight path when these were there, with that and Iron Eagle watched at a formative age I was always going to be an F16 fan. The film however has not stood the test of time. I was going to say smoked canopy but I see bar side has already evidenced the point.
  2. Looking like MkXIV Spitfire is a good match on production timing and it'll be nice to have a go at a Griffon engined variant. Time to do some more reading.
  3. The Revell has arrived. I have persuaded eldest that he might like to have a crack at it since he needs to back up some research for Scouts and his Air Spotter badge by building a model. It's definitely light on detail in some areas (cockpit is a bit of a non event for example) but it might just give him a more manageable build as a consequence. I'm going to have a good look at the decal sets/schemes for this one with him and see what appeals. Then I think maybe we will either build it an earlier variant buddy in 1/48 so he can use for a compare and contrast or one of it's Allied equivalents from the same era. I'd just need to do a bit of research to work out what would be it's 'mirror' aircraft. Might make a good paired build/WIP in my head as well as a research project for his badge. Any further input definitely welcomed if anyone has suggestions on good earlier variant or Allied equivalent aircraft to look into.
  4. That's lovely. Had to check the scale twice.
  5. It seems that is even more so than I thought - I guess that this was a bi-product of the needs of war and particularly of later in the war. I am just taking a look at the Eduard kits as well as two of you seem to have recommended. The Revell was only a tenner so if it gets consigned to experimental duties in favour of something a little nicer it won't have me crying in my cornflakes. I'm not that familiar with the different brands yet - although I was very impressed with the Eduard weekend Hellcat that my younger son made. It has - it's given me cause to pause and think about how I'm going to get to the end goal here which is something that looks good as a thank you rather than some mad experimental project for me! Thanks for all those - I'll have a look with a pc in front of me rather than the phone screen later. I've just started looking as you're the second one to say that. Thank you very much all - lots of good/helpful stuff and maybe a good chance/incentive for me to rethink whether I have got the best base to start from. A look at the Eduard kits seems a must. I've seen the profipack one in stock somewhere on a quick search so maybe that's a place to start.
  6. My eldest is a big Bf109 fan. He's not really into building and painting kits but he is absolutely mad/nerdy on planes. Over the last couple of weeks he's done some really good things for the family and I want to say thank you by building him a Bf109 for display in his room. I'm slightly cheekily looking to tap into the much greater knowledge of people on here in the hope of saving a bit of learning curve. I've got a Revell 1/48 Bf109 G10 on it's way as my starting point but I'm looking for some "upgrades" to make it a bit special as it looks a fairly simple kit so there must be some obvious enhancements but not sure what will give good bang for buck? I'm new to the upgrade world and this isn't a plane / variant I know a great deal about so I'm googling around product names I see mentioned on here. I've so far found... Aires do a cockpit kit (7143) which looks ok and is a brand I keep seeing mentioned on here. Also found some Quickboost exhausts p/n 48899 and pitot tubes p/n 48051 Some wheels Eduard Brassin (648158) or Barracuda 48391 I'm sure there's more but if anyone has built one of these and can offer any feedback on these or better alternatives I would be most grateful. Likewise if anyone who has good knowledge of this variant knows of any cool schemes for which I stand a chance of finding decals that would be awesome. Any suggestions or advice gratefully received.
  7. Well I suppose someone had to say it. Mighty fine pair of Falcons there and loving the two seater in splinter.
  8. That's superb. Such a commitment to detail and I assume an insane amount of research not just on the aircraft, schemes etc but on the aftermarket bits.
  9. It's certainly cheerful. Thanks very much for the info on the Dettol. Lots of this still new / relearning for me. Looking forward to the rest of the thread.
  10. Really enjoying watching this restoration job. I found a box of badly builts in my parents' loft a few weeks back and they've managed to make it back into the model pile for the kids to play with but maybe for a bit of experimental improvement by me. May I just ask...Dettol...is that being used as paint stripper for enamels or acrylics or both? There's an F16B, a Tomcat and a Hornet that could all do with a bath if it's enamel .
  11. Load out decision time... I have 3 wing tip missile options The box depicts the AMRAAM and there's some other photos online with these loaded. I quite fancy this on the wing tip because it's bigger and is clearly therefore better There's also options for Sidewinders with or without the front fins. I can only find the "no front fins" variant in a Google search in this busy looking livery. The other thing I cannot quite work out is whether this aircraft had had its outer pylon removed from each wing - it may not be very distinct in the photos but to me it looks like it's missing. Has anyone got the knowledge?
  12. Great job and looks great in the RFI too.
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