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  1. Completely agree,the box art should of been 100 in it's winter camouflage.
  2. Looks like Rye field are to release an Initial Tiger:
  3. jeff72


    Is there any good sites to upload photo's preferably free,I used to use Armorama's gallery. Thanks
  4. This might help?
  5. Why not do a cut out.
  6. jeff72

    Ryefield Tiger

    Wow 5 months you must have patients of a saint
  7. jeff72

    Ryefield Tiger

    Thanks Jack,the reason I asked was the shop I left a £5 deposit with had the 31st May now it's changed to 31st July.
  8. jeff72

    Ryefield Tiger

    Has anyone pre-ordered the new Tiger from Ryefield 5001u,if so have you got a due date?
  9. The officer looks a bit like Groucho Marx lol.
  10. Think I have reached my limit on painting 1/35 heads.This is my forth attempt at painting these Master box figures and I think they look kind of ok.
  11. ICM You could always try Historex agents.
  12. Thanks for taking your time to reply,I shall have a look at what you recommended sounds promising.
  13. Anyone recommend a good figure painting book as I suck at painting faces Thanks
  14. Made a start on my ICM British infantry with gas masks,the figures are well detailed and I was quite surprised how good they look once they went together. Done the officer first:
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