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  1. Hi folks I'm looking for a figure of a painter (as in, a house painter, or a figure holding a brush or something) in 1/24, as part of a gift for someone. Unfortunately I can't seem to find one. Anybody here able to help, or who can point me to one? Thanks!
  2. See, I have experienced this too. The white primer dries very grainy, leaving what feel like sand grains all over. The grey goes on nicely, and sprays very good IMHO, but always feels soft or whatever and yes sanding it is very hard, and often it will just flake off. Seeing other people have good results using other primers, think I will start doing the same. Time to order grey and white primer! I love the black primer from Mr paint (the Czech stuff) but I have noticed that a black undercoat also really darkens the final color, more so than other
  3. Hi folks, me again... As I was just doing the body on an Alpine, I accidentally produced a runner on a door of the body. I think I thinned the 2K (the Zero stuff) a tad too much, and I didn't move the airbrush fast enough when doing the wet coat. Anyway, what's done is done, and as such I will have to fix this little mistake. I don't want to chuck the entire body in brake fluid and start from scratch, so what can I do? I was thinking very fine grit sandpaper (2000+?) and sand away the runner, and then polish the affected area? Luckily this will b
  4. Looks like I opened quite the can of worms here! I was indeed planning on basing myself on the spitfire drawing on the tail of the F-16, and the drawing 349 has up on Facebook (as I assume especially the painting on the F-16 would have been referenced with the archives they presumably keep somewhere?) @corsaircorp, I will be PM'ing you! thanks already! P.S.: thanks all for your helpful and valuable input! I do aprreciate it a lot!
  5. http://img1.pictaero.com/2019/06/28/s/301922.jpg This how a current Spitfire here in Belgium has been done. I'd guess 30 inch? Thanks for the very clear explanation! I am more than proficient with computers, I just don't have any experience working with Illustrator/Photoshop, and no access to a mask cutter anyway. I did think about printing my own decals on an inkjet printer but I seem to have found differing opinions on how good they work, and, as I said before, no experience with graphic programs. Unfortunately I'm not the most creative
  6. Hmm seems the Shyart is sold out unfortunately... Would have been perfect, as their sheets contained all letters, I could have just used the GE-S and used the serials to recreate the serial... How would I go about making own? Or is there somebody who would be able to help me with that here?
  7. I have found most of what I need in regards to what she looked like on the Facebook page of the current 349 sqn, so that shouldn't be an issue. With regards to the Eduard kit, is it Spitfire LF Mk. IXc 1/48, number 84151?
  8. Hi all, I am looking to build Joseph "Jeff" Moureau's Spitfire, preferably in 1/48 or larger. After some sleuthing I have managed to find following information: The plane he flew on D-Day and shot down a german Ju-88 with, was a Spitfire LF IX Mk.153 of the 349 squadron (which still exists today in the BAF!), Code GE-S. Could anybody point me in the direction for a kit that depicts this plane and does anybody know where and if decals of this plane exist? If not, is there maybe a manufacturer that does sheets of the code letters and su
  9. Hi, Thanks for the replies so far guys. I am no longer really inexperienced but I don't want to waste time cursing at a crappy kit while I have a few nice Tamiya kits waiting in my stash haha. I had been looking at getting their Yak-23DC, according to Scalemates that's a new tooling. I might just give them a try!
  10. Evening all, Just came across this brand at my favorite online shop, up to now have never heard of them. They seem to be related to Modelsvit (have no experience with those either) and the models they have seem to be mostly rather special/forgotten types, making them quite interesting. Before I splurge on one of their kits, does anybody have any experience with them? Build quality and such?
  11. okay, sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I haven't had much time to think about this. After doing some searching, it seems opinions are quite divided, but I think I have found a relatively safe solution. I have found some brushless AC extractor motors, which seems to me should be safe? Brushless motors shouldn't really produce sparks, and most people who use home-built solutions just say to make sure to switch the fan on before you start spraying so there is not yet a build-up of fumes present which could be hazardous.
  12. I use Zero Paints primers (preferably the grey, but if spraying a light color I spray white primer, but I don't like the white primer on account of it leaving granules all over the model) The primer and basecoat I usually leave for about a day or so, sometimes a bit more depending on the time I have, but I figured that would be fine as according to their site the stuff dries very fast... I will give the wet and dry a go, I haven't tried that yet, always thought I would end up with swirl marks if I did that... I have most grains from 400 all the way to 3000, guess I'll g
  13. Hi all, I have been using Zero Paints for a few models (their entire system from primer all the way to the 2K clearcoat) and have been really liking it. It sprays beautifully and without much of an issue, save for some operator error... However, I am now starting some more complex color schemes (just some basic striping or two-tone color schemes) but the paint ALWAYS lifts off somewhere, all the way down to the bare plastic... Which means sanding down the entire panel or if it is really bad stripping the paint off and starting from scratch... What am I doing wrong? I us
  14. Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. Already had a good mask (3M full face with ABEK10 filters and additional particulate filters) but was in a well enough ventilated room before. Was hoping maybe I could find a Benchvent alternative for a bit cheaper (moving is expensive!), But if nothing else I will have to scrounge up the cash for it. Better safe than sorry and all that.
  15. Hi all, Moving to a new place soon, will finally have my own basement corner with a bench and a ventilation hole right above where I can insert a hose from a spray booth. I spray the good stuff (the kind that makes your lungs shrivel at the mere thought of inhaling it), but apparently not all spray booths can handle the fumes these products give off (i.e. they can go boom or whoosh). I spray Mr. Paint, Zero Paints, 2K lacquer and also use rattlecan varnish, along with Tamiya and Hunze acrylics. Does anybody have recommendations for me
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