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  1. Here are the images of the first few of these. Please feel free to comment and or critique my work as advice is what is helping at the minute. I may apply some minor washes to these once my Matt varnish has turned up. I used Revell Aqua-colour paints for them and a woodland scenics mix. To see images just tap on the one that’s already there. Thanks for looking. Tom
  2. Beautiful modelling and weathering. Well done!
  3. Great and unique paint scheme mate!
  4. More Images are on Flickr now! Click the picture to see them!
  5. Very good. The wood finish is amazing!
  6. Great job. Particularly love the weathering and marble effect on the grey areas of the plane.
  7. Here is the start of my Airfix 1/35th scale German infantry. Paint used Revel aqua colour numbers: 45, 77/68, 08, 09, 99, and leather brown. Heres the images on Flickr. Please feel free to critique me as I am trying to get better at modelling.
  8. Beautiful tank! Figures look amazing! Juat general detail is outstanding!
  9. Great one mate! That sort of scale is difficult to master. I think you have done very well!
  10. Did the scale make it harder to build. Great build btw!
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