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  1. There are some B/W photographs that came along with a fundecals sheet which can be viewed in an older thread of this forum here: Another good reference may be this book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eyes-Phoenix-Photo-reconnaissance-Operations-South-East/dp/0951989944
  2. Beautiful model of a rare USN attack aircraft. As a fan of US Naval aviation I have to say that I always like the choice of your projects. Although the Mauler first flew in August 1944 it came too late to see combat service in WW2 and orders were drastically reduced at the end of the war. Whereas the Skyraider which came also too late to be deployed in the War against Japan enjoyed a long career, the Mauler had only a few immediate post WW2 carrier deployments and was relegated to reserve duty with land based squadrons due to problems that were encountered during that operations. Fortunately, unlike many other aircraft from that era there are still some preserved.
  3. So far I was unsuccessful to get hold of one. But mabye I should give it antother try so I have updated my advertisement in the Wanted section now.
  4. I would love to see a F8F Bearcat decal sheet in 1/72 with a number of USN and USN Reserve options fo the F8F-1, F8F-1B and F8F-2.
  5. As far as I know the Canadian 111 Squadron that also participated in the Aleutian Campaign flew P-40Ks whereas the Aleutian Tigers of the 343rd FG were equipped with the E. However, additional P-40Ks arrived in the Alaskan Theatre of operations later on as can be seen here: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-40-warhawk/curtiss-p-40k-1-cu-warhawk-42-46319-aleutian-islands-alaska/
  6. This is really an excellent Corsair! The same goes for the whole collection of your F4Us that you are showing here.
  7. You are making great progress with your project! It is nice to see the stash of models you already set aside for the next batch of P-40s.
  8. Being a 1/72 scale modeller I can quite agree with that. On the other hand, I like the line-up for this year in spite of the fact that there is only one new kit since many new-tool 1/72 kits which were sold out for quite some years such as the Spitfire Mk 22 are going to be re-released.
  9. The T-Bolt looks excellent in these markings. But the same goes for the rest of your 1 ACG collection. They are all splendid builds! Tony, are you planning to add a Norseman or even a C-47 to your 1 ACG collection?
  10. Beautiful model of a classic jet that served with airforces of so many countries including Austria which operated four T 55 and five T 11.
  11. This is an impressive Mustang Mk III. Once again you did an excellent job Tony!
  12. In my view, this is a very profound and detailed monograph about the He 219 with many interesting pictures: https://www.amazon.de/Nachtjäger-Heinkel-He-219/dp/3925505512 However, the text is German only and unfortunately the book was never published in English which is a pity since it is a very good source of reference about the production as well as the operational history of the He 219.
  13. Thank you for sharing these interesting pictures covering an important part of USAF history.
  14. The F8F-1B was released recently by Hobby Boss but there was no USN option included. Only Thai and French decals can be found in the box: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1635&l=en So I really hope for nice decal sheet from Xtradecal or another manufacturer with plenty of options for all variants of the Bearcat.
  15. A superb little Bearcat. You did an outstanding job. The new F8Fs from Hobby Boss are really nice. It is too bad that there are currently no after market decal sheets available with Post War USN Reserve markings for them. Starfighter Decals did two sheets in 1/72 with some nice options but both were long sold out before the release of the Hobby Boss kit and have not been reprinted yet.
  16. USS Robin was the code name for HMS Victorious when it operated with the USN in the pacific in 1943. Here is a link to an article about this unusual deployment of a Royal Navy Carrier with the US Navy with some more pictures of the Martlets: https://www.armouredcarriers.com/uss-robin-hms-victorious
  17. I received my Tempest F.6 today. Looking at the sheets of the construction guide that was provided by KP I spotted a mistake. The rocket rails that are included can only be used for the construction of the Mk II and not as shown in the assembly manual for the Tempest F.6. All Tempest F.6 were equipped with the Mk VIII zero length rocket launchers.
  18. From what I can see here the sprues are obviously including all the parts required for building the Tempest Mk II including rocket rails: https://www.modelimex.com/172-hawker-tempest-f6-over-egypt-3x-camo-kpm-72225 https://www.modelimex.com/172-hawker-tempest-f6-3x-camo-kpm-72223
  19. They are both looking excellent. You did an outstanding job. Thank you for researching and sharing the history of these aircraft. As far as I know No 1 Aircraft Performance Unit was not only testing RAAF aircraft but also some captured Japanese planes.
  20. Hello Santiago, the scope of your latest project is simply impressive. I will be closely watching your progress. Best Regards, Martin
  21. A USAAF Mossie is indeed a rare sight. You have added another beauty to your collection Tony. I like the way you did the overpainted RAF roundels.
  22. This is a very beautiful Tempest F 6. I like that scheme too. To be honest, I had really given up hope years ago that some manufacturer would release a Tempest F 6 one day. Even though I still have two Matchbox Tempests and plenty of enhancements for them in my stash I am going to buy even more Tempests from KP.
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