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  1. All canopy glued on, maskol, a little filler to front of windscreen and one side of main canopy, internal framing light grey painted and first coat of topside green, Hu150, on; aiming for a more solid colour after a few coats (like the tail). Chris
  2. Undersides painted and masked off, cockpit by stages; just put HUD on, will leave before windscreen; very old style Eduard masks for canopy, seem to stick so hopefully good enough. Chris
  3. I was tempted by a photo of a CF-116 with tip tanks and 4 wing pylons each with a napalm canister; looked a bleak location rather than a show load. Chris
  4. Bit of tidying to nose then first coat of Hu128 brushed on. Chris
  5. Thanks, my intakes aren't perfect; there are too many variables the way the kit is split up. Chris
  6. Slow progress on this for various reasons: F-4E was prioritised and finished Travel Too hot at bench Right hand side intake wasn't aligned properly, so that came off for a second time But now: Intakes on and faired in Wings on Tip tanks painted grey, masked and on Fiberglass panels top and bottom painted in Hu148 'radome tan', masked, and edge of masking just overpainted Underside grey next; pylons and tail to fit after painting. Chris
  7. @TEMPESTMK5 Patrice, I see you have decided on a scheme, a Norwegian one, but not the grey one in the new boxing. Looks a nice scheme. Is yours NMF or painted aluminium, can’t tell from the photo. Chris
  8. Having changed decals as above I did a bit of digging and found images of the plane on the decal sheet; Wikimedia with squadron colours on tail and Sven’s without@Old Viper Tester Happily for me both images show weathering / non uniform colours. I am going for something in between the two photos, ie tail art and nose roundel, and larger rocket pods than used at Red Flag 83-2. But probably the wing tanks and no centre tank as Red Flag. And wing tanks may end up in pre wraparound scheme. And a slight droop on the leading edge slats(?). Lid will be down because of lack of canopy lifting details. Decisions…. Chris
  9. Phabulous clean short nosed rhino. Chris
  10. So I got the F-4E completed last week, which freed up space and time to progress the CF-104 and start this. Seat assembled and start on paint. Rear fuselage assembled between painting. Questions: I am loading this with LAU-5003; which are supposedly indistinguishable from the LAU-68 in the Italeri weapons set, Are Italeri correct representing tips of rockets as shown (bigger parts on right)? And rocket pod colours; O/D? White? Thanks, Chris
  11. Djordje that is very nice Sabre; NMF has lovely variation; who would have known you had problems? Chris
  12. Nice clean rhino. Any photos of the underside, looks as if it will be nice an busy? Chris
  13. @Col. thank you; it would not have happened without the GB (it would have stayed as part of the large stash of F-4s). Chris
  14. Thank you. They are very nice kits to build, with a lot of nice features and decals are good. I am probably happier with my build of the EJKai, but this E benefits from the very nice Quinta set, much of which is hard to photo at end. Which ones are you on with? Chris
  15. Jason, thanks. Yes Patricia Lynn, Airfix kit with dimple filled in on nose and Blackbird Models B-57E tail faired in. It’s a long way from @canberra kid cross kit accuracy ( no Frog wings, no Italeri cockpit, etc). Chris
  16. James, thanks, I am at the happy to have finished but noting a number of bits could / should have been better stage. 6+ months for a 1/72 fighter. Chris
  17. Late finish from Bomber/Strike/Ground Attack GB, a dirty F-4E "Spunky VI", Thailand 1969, loadout as parsed from photo by @f111guru, thank you Ron. General grubbiness and two tone tan to match photo. Details Kit FineMolds F-4E (early) FineMolds missiles and bombs sets Quinta studios 3D pit and seat details Master pitot scratched strike camera Xtracolor enamels brush painted (pit acrylic paints - and windscreen blue Tamiya) W&N matt varnish Flory washes errors (multiple) all my own WIP at link: At bottom my Nam pair; RB-57E from 2020, and then my trio of long-nose Rhinos: USAF F-4E (early), Thailand, 1969 - FineMolds - now USAF F-4E, Turkey, Gulf War, 1991 - Hasegawa - early 2021 JSDAF F-4EJKai, Japan, 2007- FineMolds - May 2022 Common to all, apart from my cack-handedness, Master pitot. Open to comments. My observations: Struggled with fixing the bombs and the daisycutters' extended fuses are too delicate / not parallel. Quinta studios 3D pit and seat details - really liked this though the canopy latch handles are too small for me to use. I wanted the radome to be shinier than the camo, perhaps too shiny? Chris
  18. Calling this finished. More photos in RFI; thanks for all the encouragement; its taken time but without positive response it would still be languishing. Chris
  19. Robert, very nice options for Es, though most are grey. I'm going with the 2-tone Canadian for the A in this GB. The Greek blue and sliver would be an option for 2023 Southern Europe GB; that would require an addition to the stash, and the new Italeri release has its own nice options... Chris
  20. Luke, make sure the paint is a different shade from the decals; I struggled on my RoKAF F-5E last year with the darker shade being far too close to the decals so that they are hard to see, and very hard to place right. Lo-viz taken too far. Chris (avoiding grey jets for now.)
  21. Normal swift delivery from the big H; much happier with the colour of these slime lights and also the tail bands as one decal. Lots of nice options, mainly for Es, but I like the blue and silver Greek A, and there is a GB proposal in the 2023 bunfight which would suit. No progress here because: Too hot at the bench. Two other GB entries ongoing; hoping to close out one this week as the weather turns on Wednesday. Chris
  22. @Dansk Paul is that enough to get in the bunfight? Really like this as a GB. Chris (can surf net in this heat, can’t progress models)
  23. I built one as a RB-57E in 2020 at link I was happy with the outcome, it looks like a B-57. But detailing the cockpit was pointless because it was too narrow. Chris
  24. That is a more attractive decal sheet than the boxing I’ve got; very nice options. But the Canadian option still has slime lights that are too egg-yolk yellow for me. And the big H price is nearly 4x what I paid 20 years ago. Chris
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