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  1. I was intending to do that kit in that scheme, even bought some hemp colour paint, but my Gulf War GB F-4 is going slowly, so I wont have time to chop a cranberry around. If I do join this GB it could be with something simpler; no pilot, no cockpit. Chris
  2. @CliffB that's the neutral gray done, and the first thin coat of gunship gray on; I find brushing enamels that many thin coats works better than a solid covering which ends up too thick. What I like about this scheme is the great variance in hue in different photos; hard to get it wrong. Chris
  3. @Shalako yes the 90s moulding; all finely engraved. Nice kit but not as nice as the new FineMolds. I’m in the dull multiple thin coats of enamel with long wait between stage. Chris
  4. Thank you @Vultures1 and @Benner - brilliant modelling there - no way I can replicate that detail. This is what I think I should have: both - basic pylon and two fairings into wings right - just little bits for hanging bombs - are they the sway braces? left - sidewinder rails + special adapter - but no little hanging bits Any more advice before I finish my "special adapter" and glue all? (Held together by Copydex at the moment.) Chris
  5. Stunning build; fantastic details and an engrossing WIP. Chris
  6. Followed the advice in @baldwin8's build and lined up the panel lines on the intakes; leaving some filing to do on the upper "shoulders". And trimmed rear cockpit coaming while sanding in that area. Then wings on; bit of jig to hopefully ensure dihedral is the same. Worst gap between left wing and fuselage; filling in progress. Still looking for advice on pylons for CBUs. Chris
  7. @reini yes, got some Wolfpak decals and some photos, so hoping to do one of those very faded RDAF Huns. May chicken out and just do a Starfighter in same scheme. I won't manage both. Chris
  8. Just arrived from big H Current planning to use that AM for this GB. Chris
  9. Tiim; I found the same on the two I’ve made up for my F-4; very hard to get flat surfaces. Mine not perfect but the detail is great. Chris
  10. Shame about the slivering; a nice very neat tiny model. Chris
  11. Assembled and base-painted the Eduard CBU-87; still to varnish / decal / varnish. And drop tanks; easy, solid colour. And after a bit of thought worked out how to paint the handles on the top of the ejection seats. The kit comes with inner station pylons as per instruction sheet, I assume TERs? dstorm.eu says: "- a single CBU-87/D on each of the inboard pylons, the left one suspended from "special weapons" adapter (the special weapons adapter was screwed directly to the inboard pylon where the MAU-12 was usually located. Therefore the pylon did not feature any sway
  12. Bit of a lag with phone uploading photos.. Temp sensors stuck in intakes prior to paint touch-up, wings assembled and fuselage progressed. Understand that the intakes is where I will be doing filing. May not be best way but I decided to fix the inside pieces and let dry, before fixing outsides; because splitter plates fit to inside pieces and they have to sit relative to fuselage. Chris
  13. More progress: On the critical path - intakes painted inside - temp sensors to add, then close up. And because I had the white out wheel bay covers and hubs painted - some in picture, some not. Chris
  14. F-5E complete, but then I had Covid jab, so felt slightly off for a couple of days and arm still sore, no complaints, but didn't feel like doing much physical. Masked up transparencies, and dry fit; windscreen masks need trimming. AIM7-M missiles from weapons set V, on understanding that -F only varies in markings; fin reset since photo. I guess I don't need upper fins when used with Rhino in recesses? Chris
  15. Great Century series collection; lovely builds, great schemes. Chris
  16. Matt, what is the choice for you to do next? Will watch whatever. Chris
  17. Matt, Apart from a tiny bit of slivering what's not to like? The 3rd photo could be the real thing (and the 4th if you didn't have a flowerpot in the background). But where do you keep it? I know the Harrier is relatively small compared to say a Rhino, but... Busy week your end; just waiting for the Lightning to finish and the 747 to progress. Chris
  18. @RC Boater Bill I think you have understood the process fine. I joined my first GB last autumn (fall) and can thoroughly recommend them. You get advice and comments and for me it really helps keeps going when you get to a sticky point. And if you don't quite finish in time you can always ask for an extension (seems an extra week is often given) or just keep going for a few weeks (eg Interceptor GB finished 2 weeks ago but one model is still going) or ask the mods to move your thread to a WIP form. And Single Type is normally applied broadly, so a Spitfire STGB would be all marks an
  19. Ok was going with a 1/72 Hasegawa for this but gave in Sunday, bought a vanilla Kai, from UK shop: ...arrived this morning. so much better than Hasegawa: the intakes, the exhausts, the cockpit, even the large instruction sheet that understands I am going to add the breakable bits at the end. And I paid less than I would for a new (big H) or second hand (ebay) Hasegawa rhino. Very excited. Chris
  20. Gave in Sunday, bought a vanilla Kai, from UK shop, arrived this morning. so much better than Hasegawa. The intakes, the exhausts, the cockpit, even the large instruction sheet that understands I am going to add the breakable bits at the end. Chris
  21. Phabulous; love the wrap-around scheme with low viz markings. Chris
  22. Loving this; not just the rare schemes for the older planes, but the precise modelling. Placed next to other planes the Scorpion remains large. Chris
  23. The Japanese prices are attractive and the UK price for the variants that are here are less than Hasegawa and it’s apparently a better kit so worth getting. But reflecting what FineMolds market is and the fact they are selling out fast even in Japanese stores are they doing any variants / reboxings after the RF-4EJ? Is it a case of buying whatever is available in UK or Japanese stores or preordering the RF or paying premium price for some previous variants? Or do we not know? Where I am at is a stash 12+ Phantoms, mainly Hasegawa and Fuijimi Phantoms and some other brands, already
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