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H Builds a “Rather sparkly Hornet” in 1/144 *FINISHED*


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Good choice

 I have one in the same scale snd markings

 Y also used to have a 1/72model in the same scale but don't have it any more but


I do have the same decal sheet by Leading  Edge so I could ,can or do it again. I also have a couple spare sets  available.


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The 1/144 is too small for me to handle 😵💫😵💫😵💫 - However, at age 16 I built one: a legacy Hornet. Sprayed it all silver. Mounted it on my bicycle, over the front wheel. Hoped the girls would like it… 


looking forward to seeing what magic you can do with these tiny plastic bits. 

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With the clear parts safely arriving from @bootneck, work has commenced 


Some white in the wheel bays, and the cockpit glued in ready for decals. 
And yes @modelling minion, a definite need for some primer of pink after a closer inspection of the decals, some orange paint is needed. We better put @nimrod54 on standby  :rofl:

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A little update


Seat painted, a “touch” of lead added to the front, lets close her up. 


A quick tracing of the decal to make a mask, ready to spray the mighty Primer of Pink. 
Some tape seat belts


Having made sure @nimrod54 is sat down, it’s time to call all the Brothers of Pink,



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7 hours ago, nimrod54 said:

Looking good H. There's not a lot of pink on there matey, I'm worried that you might be running out. :unsure: :winkgrin:

There’s plenty of it in the stash, don’t worry about that :rofl:

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  • Hockeyboy76 changed the title to H Builds a “Rather sparkly Hornet” in 1/144 *FINISHED*

Hi All ,

                  I noticed that the REVELL 1/144 F/A-18C Model does'nt have the (2) bumps

        rear of the Canopy . The PLATZ 1/144 RAAF F/A-18A incorrectly has them.

           It appears to me that only the 18C Hornet has them fitted .

           And I  don't know wot there are there for....anybody know ?


          btw:  the Platz Kit is obvously for Wargamers , no Cockpit Interior,chunky Undercarriage

          fitment ,Snap Fit but excellent Anniversary RAAF Deecals !


                                                                   cheery "Modellin' " mumbas !

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20 hours ago, Sam said:

Congratulations, looks great!
144 is a scale i don’t dare touching. 

You guys play ice hockey in Wales? 

Quite possible when it’s not raining, but that’s not my “Cup o Tea”

10 hours ago, Wings unlevel said:

What lies beneath!!


Looks terrific, super impressive.

Thanks for the kind comments, “Pink is the word brother!”

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