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  1. Gray is such a nice colour... (Hint, hint ;))
  2. Welcome all and everyone who wants to join! This one will be cracking! I am currently looking at the ground rules. Here is my proposal: Rule #1: Have fun. Subject: The F/A-18 of all versions and its' derivates (Yf-17, RF-18, EA-18) in any scale, any technique and of course any additions to the model, be it AM or your own ingenuity. What-ifs: Allowed in terms of schemes, national markings and loadouts, but noch changes to the actual airframe (sorry no swing-wing Hornets) What-if builds have to be marked as such. 25% rule: Waived. You can enter with a kit already under construction but you have to mark such a kit as "over 25%" I count on people being responsible enough to fairly judge their own work. As a ground rule if you are really unsure if you are over the 25% then you probably aren't (I'd count each of Assembly, painting, decaling and aging/finishing as roughly 25% if done independently). Sales and trading: Not within the GB thread. There are threads groups and places tailored for that. I ask everyone who finishes a build to post one photo of the build shot straight from the top, against a contrasting background, as I intend to create one large overview picture of the finished builds. That should do it. If in doubt, I am judge, jury and (hopefully not) executioner - as long as the mods let me
  3. Welcomed to thed we Bernie and Toryu, It's great to count on your support. The appeal of Marines is, that it is not only a cross section trough all types of air, land and sea units, but you can also build some exciting historical stuff as well.
  4. Thanks Ben, I am still slightly confused, but after finding this picture on the net I will stop worrying and build the flaps and ailerons, so that they just look cool
  5. Thanks for the insight Ben. What confuses the hell out of me, that on pictures of the F-4F I either see the flaps and ailerons in the "up" position or the inner flaps up and the alierons "down". As I said I think I read somewhere about there being a locking mechanism in the F-4F for flaps, slats it alierons (don't remember which) and that they operated differently from any other Version of the F-4.
  6. Hi, I read somewhere, sometime, that the flaps behaved differently for different versions of the F-4 on the ground. Of course I cannot find the source now! Can someone please shed some light into this? I am particularly interested in the behaviour if the F-4F flaps.
  7. Since it seems to be a fashion this year, I#d like to present my stalled projects as well, in the eternal hope of mutual support so well encapsulated in the KUTA acronym: Since the taks is quite daunting (and I still hope to finish a certain Phantom for a parallel GB) , I split up the task in three tranches: 1. The almost dones: (Tornado, Gripen and the grey F-16) 3. The ones I'm ichting to finish (Jaguar, Blackbird, Mirage 2000) 3. The ones I need a big push (Hawk, Alpha Jet, black F-16) So please give me some support
  8. Time to show some work: I tried to follow Fernando Rollantellis excellent build from hyperscale.com (http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/features/f4fphantomii72fr_1.htm) I believe I might have ben a little too eager cutting the flaps of the F-4F. I remember that there have been diffrences between the different versions of the Phantom as wheter the outer, or the inner flapps dropped more (or at all) . Can someone please give me some pointers here? Another issue is the outer wing. apparently the one I used is ia left-over from the RF-4 kit. But my reference material shows this to be the correct wing for the early german F-4Fs, so I am cionfused. The Royal Jet tank if pilöfered from a Hasegawa F-4G kit, while the TERs on the pylons and the napalm tanks come from the Hasegawa weapons kit.
  9. Wow currently 5 STGBs level vying for the last four places.
  10. Welcome CliffB, Jb65rams, theplasticsurgeon, Andwil, and Stefan Buysse This is shaping up nicely already. We have a great variety of topics already hinted at, and ther is more to come (I will probably go for a Skyhawk or a chopper ).
  11. And you can chip in a CF-188 in the F/A-18 STGB as well!
  12. Then propose a GB of countries were there are monarchies. You could name it some thing catchy, like I don't know, "Game of Thrones"
  13. Quickly, combine the two (or three of you account for Dassault/Bloch) to a francophone GB, maybe then at least you can build the Be and Lux parts!
  14. Hmm, start with the ones which are most advanced so you can finish more, or the ones which are least advanced in order to take advantage of the time? Questions, questions.
  15. Send me a nice V-Bomber 1/72 and you'll have my vote
  16. Yes, they do! They would be quite useless without the Marines after all wouldn't they?
  17. I believe you don't have to start the kit for a specific GB to be elegible for the KUTA though. So you could start a kit as a unrelated project, then move it to KUTA.
  18. Welcome Coirsairfoxuncle, Marklo and bigfoot.
  19. Hello, I'd like to propose a GB focusing on the Marines and naval landing operations they use. While the USMC, the Royal Marines and the SBS (I'd include them too!) are arguably the most famous ones, Wikipedia lists over a 100 of countries that have or had a naval infrantry force. Also this GB would allow a broad approach from planes, trough Rotorcraft, Landing craft, armour, to cars, boats and figures. I's also include Landing Ships, even though these are usually operated by Navies. Any takers? So Here is a list of: The Few. The Proud. The Brave. 1. Anatol Pigwa (Host) 2. Corsairfoxuncle 3. Marklo 4. Bigfoot 5. Andwil 6. Stefan Buysse 7. Jb65rams 8. theplasticsurgeon 9. CliffB 10.Bertie Psmith 11.toryu 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. ...
  20. I'm pretty sure this was intentional
  21. Am I the only one who sees a "Leapord" tank? Tricky Rich.
  22. Yes please, having way too many unfinished projects ATM and need any support I can get to clean the slate for 2022.
  23. I'd say go for it. What if you are really eager how other people tackle a certain subject for inspiration or even a out-of-competition build?
  24. Since I overstretched this year and finished only two 1 an 1/2 kits for GBs, I voted for now only for GBs ans STGBs I certainly won't participate in. That way there's a chance, that I only rend up trying to join half of all the GBs next year!
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