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  1. Thanks for your kind words. Growing up in the eighties, the famine in Ethiopia is the first remembrance of news from Africa and therefore shaped in my perception of the continent. The story is sad, but this helicopter is a sign of hope and relief - a nice change from the martial machines I am usually building. Therefore, yes I will build the version with the big red cross markings.
  2. So you prepare for a GB. You identify the kit in your stash which fits the topic and start a thread on BM, just as I did with my Gripen, Maybe you even post some pictures of the sprues. And then a kit is release which tells such a compelling story that fits a GB topic so exceptionally well, that you just cannot help it, but have to slot it in. This is the case here: The kit itself is a repack of the well known Zvezda mould by a fairly unknown polish company called Akkura (at least I haven't heard abou them unitil a week ago or so).
  3. You mean kike those? Eithet fron VX-5 or the promo shots I'm afraid.
  4. I bought the IDF weapons set from skunk model Workshop (1/72) and found out that thr Rafael SPICE system has apoarently been adopted on the Italian Tornados. Are there any pictures to support this claim? Also has the SPICE or Delilah cruise missile been sold to any other countries? (I believe the Indians bought the SPICE for their Mirages). Finally, does the Popeye and also the Delilah cruise missile require the DLP-2000 Data pod for guidance? The SPICE can, as far as I found out, be guided trough the aforementioned pod but also be preprogrammed, i. which case the
  5. OTOH, I found a descriprion of the last Skyhawk A-4M (160264) which claims it was ony of two (the other apparently being 160263) wired to launch the Maverick. So understandably I am a tad confused.
  6. Yeah. Forgot about the AGM-45! Thanks!
  7. The Italeri A-4F is not bad at all. (don't know about the OA-4M) I am only slightly perplexed about the missile shown on the boxart is it a HARM? a Sparrow? AFAIK neither was cleared for the Skyhawk, but maybe I stand to be corrected.
  8. Another Brasiliero! I guess the GB has a favourite! We should make an AF-1 subsection I will be following closely, even if I'll build mine in the 1:72 scale.
  9. Welcome reini, I am sure we don't want to see any nukes going of IRL, but they have been an important part of the last 75 years or so, and one has to remrmber ones history, otherwise he is deemed to repeat it.
  10. Found this useful table. https://www.saairforce.co.za/the-airforce/weapons/current Apparently they are 120 kg training bombs. I like the paint job on them
  11. I found this picture which us apparently the modernized AF-1 prototype this looks like a LGB on the starboard side to me. This being a demonstrator could be anything though.
  12. Thanks @spejic for the info. I will then build the Falçao as an interceptor. I'd like to like up your offer on help with the conversion, though most likely I would convert an AF-1A to an AF-1C. Woul the Fujimi/Hobby 2000 OA-4M be a suitable base for this? As for the Mavericks/they show up on skyhawk.org. I wonder if the last 24 A-4Ms with the ABMS had any capability for guided munition (LGBs, Mavericks) or where Bullpups and Walleyes the only guided weapons for the scooter?
  13. Has anyone a link to images of brazilian Skyhawks with A2G loadouts and/or of A-4Ms with Mavericks (not the Kanahu one!)
  14. Hopefully we we'll not have a Brazilian done, but will have done a Brazilian in the end.
  15. So, a cardboatd modrl of a MiG-29. That seems to be something new sround here. the nice thing about cardboard models is, they are cheap (the kit plus all the tools required costs less than a better 1:72 scale kit), there are no olfactory issues, as the glue and paints used are the least troublesome imaginable. The kit and necessary tools. The drawbacks? Well the builds are not as lifelike as their plastic counterparts. Particularly double bend shapes, quite common in aircraft cannot be easily reproduced But enough of the the chit-chat. The modr
  16. I belive that the nose is slightly different, as tge B didn't have a radar contrary to the C. A A-4B is what you are really after methinks.
  17. Any reason for not going Airfix? Their A-4B/Q should fit the bill. Or are you looking at something other than the OTS?
  18. We'll be building something similar then btw. have you seen any pictures if these birds armed (A2G)?
  19. Just oug of curiosity. awhat us your preffered option?
  20. Wait this one is coming now up as well? March will be a very busy month indeed!
  21. Time to bump this one up. Anything nuclear goes!
  22. This is a placeholder, as I won't be able to start modeling before mid March, but the subject is already set. The Revell JAS-39D, with SAAF marking which I will plifer from the Italeri kit if the JAS-39. Now for some question for the one ITK: 1. What kind of recon pod do/did the SAAF Gripens use, and on which pylon was it mounted? 2. can I substitute the SAAF bombs, which are indigenous afaik, with plai. MK-84s, or di they differ too much.
  23. I just checked the link I refered to in the linked thread. It says the Harpoon arrived in the late eighties ( operationally around 1987), while the Popeye got there in 2003. The document is quite well researched. although it is not infallible (i.e. it quotes 48 Mk-84 as the maximum liad of a F-111. See what that picture led too!). Can you tell me something about Sidewinders on the F-111. Did they carry them in pairs or only one missile at a time? Thanks for sharing the stories & pictures. This really makes the contemporary GBs stand out for me.;)
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