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  1. If the fit of the trasparent pieces to the frames isn't more than perfect we will could have a problem with putty and glue... I always use the "extra thin" for the canopies, hope that works in this case too... Ciao. Davide
  2. davmarx

    WW1 Male Tank Mk1

    Great job! This is the first and unique tank I assembled when I was a child, too many years ago... thanks for remembering me that age. Ciao. Davide
  3. davmarx

    Tamiya special edition Pzkfw.IV

    Hi, Tamiya added zimmerit and PE. This is the link to Tamiya page. HTH Ciao. Davide
  4. davmarx

    Airfix 2020

    I'm dreaming about more 1/48 Griffon Spitfires... Ciao. Davide
  5. davmarx

    Macchi M.5. Fly. 1/48

    Wonderful job!!! Ciao. Davide
  6. davmarx

    Italeri new Reggiane Re.2000?

    I bet the Re.2000 will be the Re.2002 with new few pieces and decals. Ciao. Davide
  7. davmarx

    1973 Alpine A110 1600SC

    Really a GREAT job !!! Ciao. Davide
  8. davmarx

    Mikoyan Mig-25PD Foxbat-E 1:48 (48903)

    Retooled wings? It's a good news! Looking to your pictures I think the new wings are correct for the fighter version. Thanks a lot, Mike.
  9. davmarx

    Mikoyan Mig-25PD Foxbat-E 1:48 (48903)

    Thanks a lot for the review, I've just ordered mine. Have the wings different span and leading edge from the previous kits ones? I hope so... Ciao. Davide
  10. It's not possible build the fighter JA37, there are no one of the specific parts for this version, but we can build any other type, IIRC.
  11. Really an amazing "flying machine"! Thanks for make me smiling remembering my youth with LEGO. Ciao. Davide
  12. davmarx

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    Great job! I have a couple of Bulgarian Migs on the stage too, so thanks for the tips about the colours. Ciao. Davide
  13. Hi, great topic! The following is a Spitfire Mk.VIII "contraprop" modified from an ancient 1/72 Frog kit when I was a boy, too long time ago... It isn't the first, it isn't the finest but I have nice memories with it. A few years ago I brought it to a contest (thinking to do a joke to a friend of mine) and, incredible, it was awarded as the "the most particular subject". 031, su Flickr Thanks for looking, ciao. Davide
  14. Hi Tony, the fighter version had at least different wings and exausts too, IIRC. Ciao. Davide
  15. Really a great job, amazing! Bulgarians airplanes are too rarely seen but IMHO are beautiful and often very coloured. Ciao. Davide