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  1. May be Revell doesn't hope to sell many kits of a plane as big as the Blackbird... I don't know...
  2. Gents, I beg your pardon but I've a question... Why there are two Naca air scoops on the right side of the nose just behind the camera glass? (The first picture of this topic) IIRC there's just one... Here an example. Could be a special version? Or it's a simple mistake... Thanks in advance... Ciao. Davide
  3. Happy to help, James. I'm Italian and I'm 55 y.o. so the F-104, nicknamed in Italy the "Spillone" that more or less sounds like "long pin" or "long needle" is still in my hart because it was been the backbone of A.M.I. (Aeronautica Militare Italiana - Italian Air Force) for most of my life seeing it flying in the skys over my head for decades... and now missing it a lot with it's unique sound... I'm really glad to follow your work in progress. SPILLONE FOREVER!!! Ciao. Davide
  4. Hi James, great job! I love that well bay. If I may I would recommend a topic on an Italian forum that contains lots of info on Italian Starfighters, including the RF-104G, Orpheus pod and the Italian bang seat MB. IQ7-A with it's different headrest. It's in Italian language but I feel I can recommend it to all the people who are interested in Italian Starfighters. Ciao. Davide
  5. Thanks for this great review. I bought this kit a few weeks ago. Making reference to the Meng and Italeri kits this Hobby Boss is about 4 millimeters too long and about 3 too low on the rear of the turret. I can live with this... But for the people who are thinking to buy this kit, please, pay attention that the exaust grilles are only offered in the Italian welded type, the German casted version aren't included in the box. IIRC only the Italian tanks had the welded type, but decals are included only for German... Ciao Davide
  6. Well done, Angelo. Those seat belts are simply wonderful! Ciao Davide
  7. OH MY... I'm so sad for you! I'm not able to think something more to say... Just a virtual (covid19 rules) hug from Italy! Ciao Davide
  8. I wish all the best for you!!!! Less important, great job with that Mikasa.
  9. It's my opinion, possibly wrong, but if I remove all the location pins the two "different" kits fits perfectly together... I know there are some differences like the layout on the sprues, panel lines, opened airbrakers and so on, a sign of a complete retooling of the kit, but the original 3D drawings are the same. I bet that the MiG-15 has followed the same way, new tooled moulds but based on previous 3D. My apologise if I am wrong. P.S. Please, forgive my bad English...
  10. IMHO it's the Trumpeter kit with a few upgrades like the previous Bronco J-10S "Vigorous Dragon".
  11. Two weeks ago I bought in Italy the Su-30MKK set and the MiG-29SMT (9-19) set, both in 1/48 scale. IMHO Quinta Studio did a really good job... There are just a few points needing little paint retouch.
  12. I have this kit by Italeri containing British marking. I'm sorry but I don't know if it was used in combat... Anyway I think you can order just decals and the "D" sprue with the pieces for the upgraded version if you are interested in. Here you can find somethings more like the instructions. Ciao. Davide
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