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  1. I've started work on this kit. It's certainly allowing me to practice scribing and riveting. It's lacking in surface detail and what detail is there is in the wrong spot. I'm using the ICM as a guide. Boy does this plane have a lot of service ports.
  2. Thanks guys that does make a it a much more complex build which I'm not ready for so it will built oob.
  3. Sounds like a major research project. If there are any links I'd be grateful.
  4. Duncan how did you go rescribing did you remove all raised details?
  5. Yeah I have that itch it's going to get built muuuwahahhhhaa!
  6. VP one of my favourites put down please.
  7. Hi fellas when is this one on?
  8. Yeah but when will the ICM kit come out. It will be a great kit that's for sure. It's been a while since it was announced.
  9. It took me a year and half searching. It was one of the kits I built asca youngster. They're so rare but what do you think should I build it?
  10. Very nice. You just gave me an idea for placing more models on a shelf.
  11. Great work love the paint job, planet models hmm must have been fun to build!
  12. I was looking to find out what the difference is between these 2 tamiya cutters is there a definitive answer? By the way does Tamiya have a single blade cutter?
  13. Nice work looking forward to seeing this one finished.
  14. Really very nice I haven't built any bombers yet I must do that one day
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