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  1. Good afternoon all. Hope everyone is safe and well. Does anyone know what colours the 747's in the Landor livery are? Some pics look like a simple gloss white, where as others look light grey. The bottom shade of blue looks close enough for humbrol 15 to me. Any thoughts ladies and gents. Many thanks Daniel
  2. Absolutely this mate. :). I didnt explain it too well. But glad you understood
  3. Welcome onboard. I'm new here and can tell you it's a very informative and educational place to be. Very friendly too and lots of very clever folk to answer all your questions. Happy building Dan
  4. Looks lovely. Could you have removed some material from the rear mating surfaces to give it some relief and bring the front into alignment? If you get what I'm saying.
  5. Sorry to bring up an older thread, but it's nice to see how the fan blades have been moulded. Not like the revell idea of attaching each individual fan blade to the sprue. This zvezda idea is much better
  6. Has anybody built one of these? Just wondered what people's opinions are. Many thanks
  7. That is a beaut! Really really top notch. Well done indeed!
  8. Good evening all. Hope you are all well and not climbing the walls! Quick question. (Hopefully). Does anyone know if it's possible to get a decal set for the Boeing 737 in the hooters air livery. Yes, hooters as in the ladies. For 1:144 scale I done a Google search but came up blank. Other than 1 guy, jbot, but he's not doing them anymore. Any help would be appreciated
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