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  1. I totally agree! EVERYBODY has a red Ferrari.
  2. Thanks again for further comments. I can see the headline: "Petrol-head rowdies riot over rival's number plate." I've had several people scratch their heads at the choice of plates on my models. Truth is I don't think too much (or enough?) about it, just use what's available. But I wouldn't be surprised if there are more Daytonas in Germany than in Italy and probably more than half went to America. BTW The only Daytona I've ever actually seen had Swiss plates and was painted magenta.
  3. Thanks very much everyone, much appreciated! Lvp - I use Bare Metal Foil. The surface you're applying it to has to be very smooth - fine sand the window frames before applying. Burnish the foil down thoroughly using q-tips and/or a soft cloth. I also use tooth picks to burnish down into edges and corners. I sand and smooth their ends into different points, sharp to blunt, to get into the different corners, recesses and edges I encounter. I use these also to smooth down the edges after I've cut away the excess foil. My hands are a little shaky these days so I often lay a strip of Tamiya masking along an edge as a cutting guide. Or I simply cut an appropriate strip of foil and lay it down accurately in such a way that it doesn't need trimming. Hope this helps.
  4. I finished this one about 6 years ago. It was a bit of a struggle as I'm used to less complicated kits but it turned out OK in the end. Body paint is Sikkens automotive colour with clear coats and Humbrol enamels for everything else. I used chrome decals from Global Toy in China for the Ferrari script and horse - good stuff, I wish they had more of a selection. I also used photo-etch wipers because I broke one of the kit items.
  5. Fantastic! Reminds of the Photo Realist painters.
  6. Fantastic model! Great detailing and the design would definitely draw a crowd in the real world.
  7. Fantastic collection, I don't remember ever seeing land speed record models look so beautifully done as these.
  8. I agree with all the above comments. This is one outstanding and extremely realistic replica.
  9. Exceptionally well built and detailed!
  10. Thanks everyone. Noel, I painted this 35 years ago using my own mix of Sikkens auto paint (the copper with fine metallic powder) and their clear coat, all airbrushed. I had job-related access to these paints and a spray cabin at the time, not to mention professional advice from colleagues.
  11. Incredible! Your modifications and improvements make this a truly outstanding replica.
  12. Outstanding realism! If I wasn't on a modeling site it would never have occurred to me that this might be a model.
  13. Beautifully done! Can't see any "buts" from here, looks like you have a lot of technical skills already.
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