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  1. Excellent detailing and weathering all round!
  2. Absolute top notch - the model and the photography!
  3. I really like it! I have a thing for kits built without paint, specially if they're moulded in colour. I built my first kits like that so it's a nostalgia thing.
  4. Beautiful! I want to shrink myself and live there!
  5. Extraordinary model! In the right setting you could have convinced me it was real. Really nice job on improving the interior.
  6. Incredible model-building going on here, a pleasure to watch.
  7. There's no way I could build something so complex and so small - at least not with such a great result as you've achieved.
  8. Wow! I'd be thinking "amazing detail" even it was 1:16th.
  9. A truly outstanding model. If realism is the goal then this is as good as it gets!
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