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  1. Hi all, How time flies, almost been away for a year... Anyway, here's some shots taken a few months ago, this one's for the Widebody Bois. Yes, the Kim Kardashian of the Supra world... All the best.
  2. Evening, Seeing as the sun reminded us of it's existence this Sunday past, it was a great excuse to get on the bike. Passed by Hannants London whilst visiting family and the owner of the shop had his beautiful and completely original Ford Sierra 2.3l V6 Ghia basking in the sun. Love the two-tone scheme, just when you thought they were all rust powder... On the way back home I took the ultra scenic route and saw this incredible Jaguar XJR-whatever, casually parked up on a high street in Harpenden. The owner said it never raced and was made up of
  3. Hi all,   Caught this barge from Detroit docked by the roadside. It looks very much the beater but I have no idea what it is apart from being an old Chevrolet, the DVLA's website just mentions Chevrolet GMC. Anyone have any ideas?   All the best.
  4. Go for it! The copper paint is a little more deeper in reality, my obsolete camera tends to wash out the colours... Maybe if you add a touch of clear orange/gold to the copper, you might get something like Nissan's Le Mans Sunset, which the 350Z came in. Would like to experience that sort of power one day. All I have at the moment is a 1999 Hornet 600 which goes backwards at the slightest headwind...   All the best.
  5. Great paint job, the panel line wash makes a nice contrast. Excellent work with the seat harness and tail-lights. All the best.
  6. Thanks everyone for the generous comments, it's really motivating. Keith, the colours used were all Mr Color lacquers: Copper, Super Silver and Super Clear III as the clear-coat.   Back in 1999 the Hayabusa's "big and blobby" but functional styling proved rather controversial. The copper/silver colour scheme apparently highlighted everything that was wrong with it and/or failed to make the right statement about the 190mph brute. It was a little bit like a brown Austin Allegro: Why? 20 years later the colour still divides opinion but in that time, this colour
  7. I got lucky this time Chrissy, usually I get majorly bumped up and pay too much. Those fiendish eBayers! The 300SL can only be described as a work of art, just have a look at the tubular frame in the box. Stunning. Anyhoo, picked up this lovely C10 Skyline kit whilst in London. It might be a bit pricy but what you get is well worth the money, turned metal carburettor funnels, a PE set and plastic upgrades to the car. Brilliant. Right, less buying and more building...   All the best.
  8. Hi all,   Might not be that special to most but I thought this was worth a quick snap, only 'cos this is the first unmolested and genuine Type-R I've seen in years. Never knew Honda produced a Type-R out of this model Civic. Looks like it's about to transform into one of those Japanese anime robots...   All the best.
  9. True... They are good looking wheels, just more used to seeing them on Minis an Triumphs. Pete, the Morris really stood out among all the edgy blandness in that carpark. That and yobs trying to drift in the far corner with tarted up Nissans. As for that hunk of junk, I'd say it's more a "Sub litre lifestyle accessory". All the best.
  10. This is brilliant, great conversion, paint and one big 'ol turbo to boot. There's some guy that drives one of these around MK, it even has similar wide wheels with those stretched tyres on. The difference is that it has that painted on "beater look" a lot of younger VW enthusiasts go for. Great job so far. All the best.
  11. Hi all,   Saw a red 7 reg (strange...) Jaguar E type convertible, driver nailed it coming off a roundabout along the A421 towards the M1/J13, must have been a V12 as it snarled like a beast. Very quick in a straight line and pretty decent around corners. Then this Morris 1000 at the local Asda/Walmart, personally, I think the wheels don't suit it but it's nice to see these old timers on the road. All the best.
  12. Hi all, Saw this on eBay for £12, bid it up to just over £15. It was one of those bizarre auctions that end past midnight and to prove how crazed we can get over some plastic in a box, I set my alarm so I could wake up and bid at the last minute... Yes, I need help but it's an RD500LC (almost). All the best.
  13. Nissan S Cargo,. Looks like a snail too... All the best.
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