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  1. Ive built the RA272 and it goes together pretty well. Cant speak for the other one but depending on your skill level it might be better off sticking to the smaller one.
  2. Dont mean to hijack the thread but the way that works for me is spraying the calipers with the colour (usually ts88) and then leaving them to properly dry for a few days. Once you've done that, get a bit of red paint on a thin brush, dip it slightly in thinner and then just touch where the letters are. The paint should be thin enough to just fill the indent. Let it dry and use a cotton tip and thinner to remove any mess. Let me know how you go
  3. Looks like it came up nice mate, just needs a 1/24 garfield on the back window Draz
  4. Looks great mate, what did you think of the kit itself? I've got the dark blue one in the stash begging to be put together
  5. Thanks guys. Most of it wasnt too bad and the actual kit falls together just about. It was mainly the floral decals (especially the tail unit and the fuel tank) that were a pain but to be fair to Tamiya i cant for the life of me think of a better way to do it so it is what it is.
  6. First model I've put up so be gentle The decals on this thing were absolutely insane. If you know anybody about to start this kit make sure you buy shares in their favourite decal solution.
  7. Phone. I think ive got it sorted Im about as tech savvy as the flintstones
  8. Im getting absolutely nowhere with this. I upload images onto flickr and then they just apparently disappear.
  9. I've recently started my first one and they are everything sabrejet has said and more. Its not something you can slap together in a week. They go together well so far, it is a bit different working with metal and resin but its all part of the fun. My favourite thing with them is just the weight of the model. My only negative about them is they haven't done any 1/12 bikes for a while. They're expensive for a model, no argument here, but to get a plastic kit to that kind of level you would probably spend close to that much anyway and the fact they come with all the sponsor logos for me is defini
  10. I have this in my stash and its very tempting
  11. Im going for the orange just because I think it looks better, but you cant got wrong with an f1, its just a cool car Draz
  12. First of all, holy poop that looks awesome mate. I'm definitely no expert when it comes to cobras (I actually got sent this one by accident instead of another kit), so I cant really judge on the accuracy of it, but if MFH's previous work is anything to go by, it should be good. I think the best way to check would be the instructions, which from what I could see in my quick glance, could allow for some customization. Here's a quick link to a decent view of the instructions http://www.club-barchetta.com/SHOP/K503.html Hope it helps, and again, if there's anything specific about the kit you w
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