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  1. Got the ransom note through the post today, 20% + £12 fees. being delivered Friday.
  2. I have recently used plaza japan. Just be aware that you will need to pay parcelforce when they get into the country, 20% vat of the value plus £12 fees. i ordered a bulk load so it worked out cheaper than shopping uk, plus they have a wide variety.
  3. Well, i opened up the box and tipped out the contents. Yes @JeroenS there are a lot!!!!
  4. I haven't opened the box yet but reckon there is one heck of a lot of match sticks in there
  5. Morning all, For this GB I will be doing something completely new to me and something I don't see much of in both material and subject. A picture paints a thousand words so..... I hope you enjoy this build, goodness knows if I will get it done in time but all I can do is try. Coops
  6. Please count me in on this one. I will be doing something OOTB but far from plastic. a Hobby's MatchStick NarrowBoat
  7. Nice purchase. My recent plazajapan order is being held hostage by parcelforce until I pay Import charges. whole order was £195 so when I receive their ransom fee letter I will let you know my damage. great find though and I look forward to seeing it being built
  8. Superb, over 20,000 solo laps of the Ring. A sad loss.
  9. Excellent result, paint work is awesome
  10. A nice little build. Came together well. Plenty of micro sol did the job for me, and I also had dramas with the decals. Tamiya orange was a pretty close match and I used that to touch up the areas I had problems. i normally leave the wipers etc till the end so good to know I need to test fit it before mating shell to chassis.
  11. progressing nicely, looks like the matt has taken the shine off the tyres a treat in that last pic. still got some more decals to go as well huh, that front one is a bit of a pig. much better images with the clean lens. coops
  12. Right fellow BMers. On the back of the last wheel deflating me, I put this build aside, but am now back looking at it. as @s.e.charles stated, it turned out to be an individual wire spokes job in then end. Here is the result of 3 hours, nipping out pairs of spokes, drilling and individually replacing them. The advantage of this is that the y now have nipples. They still need some gentle scaling down but I feel the finished result will be worth it. 1 wheel down, 3 to go............ Side by side with V1.... Thanks for looking in if your still following this slow progress. Coops
  13. Was looking at the Takom MAZ & KZKT combo, then ended up straying onto the plaza Japan page, that's where it all went wrong. Now winging its way round the world to me is: Aoshimas 1/24 Daihatsu Copen L880K - A different kit I've not seen built in a long time Aoshimas AE86 TRD 1/24 - Wanted to build an AE86 for a while and plumped for the TRD version Aoshimas R30 Skyline 1/24 - The kit should have some nice details I hope. Tamiya Porsche 935 in 1/12 - Also with the photo etch Couldn't get all of them cheaper by sourcing in the UK so Japan it is.
  14. @johnlambert I am currently working on (have been on and off for some time) on this very kit myself. Its nearing completion and will likely get a detailed RFI post showing the parts before assembly as detail will be lost.... any how I digress. I too found the wheels a total nightmare, I started trying to make straight lines go round corners and quickly realised a different approach was needed at this scale. I ended up purchasing a £7 circle cutter off Fleabay and then simply sprayed the whole wheel the silver and then circle masked the centres and sprayed the tyres. Still a WIP at the moment but here's a pic to show how that method is working out for me. Great stuff with the build and look forward to seeing it finished.
  15. Fine looking Porsche. I’d be extremely pleased to host it on my shelves. Having done some heavy on decal schemes I also echo Spiny, no envy on the job but an excellent result
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