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  1. Cooper645

    Toyota MR2 SW20

    Good job. Cleaner than the majority I saw on the road. The interior colour works well with the body colour. I like the addition of the MOMO style wheel. I owned a red T-Bar who's spoiler needed a monthly T cut to stop it being pink. Brother owned a T-Bar and a Tin top. A really fun car, who's value is currently going up and up. Congratulations on a clean build.
  2. Cooper645

    Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 1/24

    This is awesome. Congratulations.
  3. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Thanks for the feedback and continued following of my little project. I humbles me that other people take the time to look in. Only had a small amount of time at the bench this evening as my walk with the dog went on,onger than expected. Spent the time getting the front window measured and trimmed, followed by making off of the side and front windows, a little scrubbing with some sand paper and quick lick of primer. Took a picture for the sake of having a visual to update with.... As always , Thanks, and C,C and A welcomed. Coops
  4. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Simply masked off the strip with 6mm Tamiya tape down the sides and the rest of the body with cheapo making tape, and sprayed it with Tamiya Chrome Silver (X11 iirc) removed the tape tape and then cleaned up the couple of bits of poor masking with a wet tooth pick 10 mins after it was applied, and wiped clean with a cotton bud. To to finish off a re-scribed the panel line around the edge and the door. Hopefully a a decent panel wash after clear coating should give it some real definition and make it ‘pop’ that bit more. Really pleased with the build so far. Hopefully get another few hours on it tonight. Coops
  5. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    @heloman1 pleased to have you along for the ride. So I have been away from the bench for a bit but progress hasn't stopped. I have a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure, the body colour is on and details are starting to get picked out. A few parts have been painted and lacquered. The body still needs a little rub down and coat of clear applying and then I will be attempting a panel wash for the first time ever! I don't balls it up. Any how, here's the body with the chrome side strip: and a sneak peak of what the front end may start to look like. As always, thanks for taking the time to follow along, comments, advice and criticisms welcomed. Coops
  6. Cooper645

    Matchbox II GB Chat

    Well not really being a plane man, I have no idea. Figured I would buy a kit and worry about the detail later. Will look into it and try and figure something I like the look of. It came with no decals so it really is a blank canvas.
  7. Cooper645

    Matchbox II GB Chat

    I will be joining @John D.C. Masters with a build of the Boeing P-12E. Courtesy of a well known auction site and only. few quid. The box is slightly worse for wear, but the contents are complete and fine. First plane build since returning to modelling. Thanks for looking, Coops
  8. Very nice model. Never even heard of Bimota before. That steering setup looks wild. Congratulations Coops
  9. Cooper645

    Porsche 936

    Nice work, great livery too
  10. Cooper645

    Copying and Pasting links

    Google http://www.google.co.uk/ seems to be working ok for me
  11. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    No problem, considering it will be the build I have spent most time and money on to date I may as well get it right Wont be any progress on this for next week at least as I’m away from the bench, and hopefully moving house, so it will go quiet for a while but be rest assured I will be back at the earliest opportunity.
  12. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Cheers for pointing this out @Bozothenutter, I may have to now revisit the whole plumbing. Have checked and 2.5 to 3 inches comes in at 2.65mm to 3.17mm in this scale. Looks as as though I will be getting some thicker tubing. Going to be bloody tight getting it all in now
  13. Cooper645

    Ferrari F187/88c

    I fully concur. @shood23 your signature of current builds provided all the info required
  14. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Thanks @Marco F. , happy to have you along for the journey. So to update what has gone on today, the engine has received a clear coat along with a few other finished bits and pieces. Next up was to get the rear end underside sorted. So I began with a mock up of the parts: Thes have now been primed and painted also, no photos as they are covered up drying out. Also decided to start looking at the side windows, here they are masked up ready to be dremelled. after a minute with the Dremel and 4 minutes with the sanding block: 2 fitting side windows... The box of painted and lacquered parts is filling up nicely, it may be time to get some assemblies together soon. My aim is to complete the engine bay, the interior, the rear end and underside, the body and then bring it all together before adding final touches. Whether or not this plan will work we are yet to see, but a plan it is. Thanks for stopping by for a nosey, comments and criticism welcomed as always, Coops
  15. Cooper645

    Jaegermeister BMW 635

    Love it, I enjoy this livery regardless of what its on, but the model looks awesome. Well done. Coops