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  1. Just read the entire build. Fantastic job. I hope you also have the time to complete the rest of the Quattro fleet
  2. Nicely done. I have this in the stash and if mine comes out this nice, I’ll be extremely happy.
  3. So, the skyline got finished. I opened the DBR9 up and did some detailing there. But then decals got me annoyed so boxed temporarily. This box got opened and I still didn’t like the colour, so in the IPA for a day then a quick scrub back to bare plastic. It’s now sat with the primer drying and a Tamiya can of paint ready to spray on soon. next update should be of the new colour. We will be going with TS-98 and likely black roof
  4. Cheers, the pipes are a little large but anything smaller started to look a bit lost in the gaps, (from the stock plastic I had about the place) The filler sank in a couple of places but overall I’m happy with it. So much filling sanding filling sanding fill..... you get the idea.
  5. Hi all, been a little quiet recently. This is the finished model for the last comp I entered. I sadly had to enter it unfinished due to a missed deadline, but here it is in its full finished state. The kit built well, and the over fender kit wasn't too much extra effort. The wheels are also not the OOB wheels and the whole thing has been lowered. Enjoy and thanks for looking, Coops
  6. Just seen this, I recently bought this kit and can say I am looking forward to the time when it graces music work bench, plenty of scope to add details too by the look of it. They’re releasing the Calsonic version in 1/12 too soon.
  7. Was only going to strip it in order to respray another colour instead. I’ll see If I can accept it when I next open the box to finish it off. On hold currently with another competition build taking precedence. then this is back on the table, followed by finishing a DBR9
  8. @Bandsaw Steve thanks for the update. Consider the need satisfied. .... for now I look forward to more when ever it may be
  9. The pen can be covered with a JDM style vinyl . and I thought black to go with the window trims. Probably do the sills black as well
  10. Ok, so whilst the next Comp build is on hold for dating I took some time out to polish the Subaru. I knocked polished a couple of the door handles a bit much, so will need to figure a way to sort that out, but in natural light and polished it doesn't look too bad. I even bought some IPA in preparation to soak the shell and start again. (Still might....maybe redo it tango orange with black roof and accents) The two spots on the rear right quarter are marker pen that never covered at all. The more I look at it, the more I want to strip it.
  11. Estimated shipping date - 29th June 2020 2 versions available Option 1 Option 2
  12. Does she read this forum? There are members who need to see progress. It’s for the greater good! merely a reminder of a time that I’m sure many of us went through, drifting away from modelling as life gets in the way. Many of us have since returned. i have to say that more people are video calling friends and family more than they normally would, which is great as many us don’t take the time when life is too busy. looking forward to some more progress along with the rest of the baying, frothy mouthed crowd. maybe this weekend
  13. Household bleach will strip chrome too
  14. Best of luck, what a nice fellow to return it rather than send it on to its demise.
  15. I currently have 3 WIPs, with another build to start today. But.....1 is on hold until post lockdown, 1 is nearly finished 1 is looking like it won’t take much longer and the one that’s starting today has a 1 month deadline. So the bluebird could find its way to the bench around June
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