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  1. They were fine last night, but have now re-linked them. Fingers crossed they should be ok. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Success, Dog walked, shopping done and roast cooked meant that i had loads of time to spend in the shed. Everything except the the 4x wheel pins are removed from the sprue and in some stage of paint or another. First up, let me point out what appears to be an error on the part of Revell, I am by no means an expert, but am only going off all the reference photos available via google. The image below depict stage 22 of the build, and i draw your attenttion to item 5. it depicts the piece being put in at 180 degrees opposite to all the reference photos. I decided to shave the coolant reservoir by 2mm and rotate the whole piece for a degree of accuracy. Hopefully i'm not wrong. Shaved down the side to fit.... and test fitted....lovely And here's all the little bits painted and installed. just need to print the decal for the red battery. It is available in the photo album for this build (link in post #1) Have also painted and glued the rear boot stay which is an optional step, i will be leaving it loose so i can display the car both with the engine cover up or down. The window surrounds have also been painted and the wiper. Still need to finish the wheels, seatbelts and wheel pins, then its just a case of clear coating, sanding back, decals and final assembly. This will still take some time, so i'll update with the progress before i get anywhere near the RFI section. As always, i look foward to any comments and thanks for stopping by for a nosey. Coops
  3. The best lessons are those learnt by our mistakes apparently. At least you have found out what does and doesn't work for you now. Great finish in the end too. Coops
  4. This is excellent. So much attention to detail. I like the out of this world Dio as well. Looking foward to seeing this in the RFI section soon. Coops
  5. I concur with Wayne (1976 for a year?)
  6. lovely looking little model that. Congratulations.
  7. Great work on this build. I was at a steam rally the other day and was going through some pictures I took. There was a garret showman's engine there named Katrina. Next time I see it I will do a full walk around for people if they wish for some reference photos. I will also keep my eye open for the Garret road roller. Here's the one decent photo I took.
  8. Nice looking kit. I’ll be sure to keep up with this build.
  9. Ok, update time. Managed to get all the body pieces cleaned up, washed, primed and into the paint shop. Also masked up and sprayed the black areas required, there were a couple of spots of overspray, but I believe these will likely be covered up by the million an one decals I have to get on the body. Not sure if the blue is a little too light, but I'm going with it anyhow. I think it will look ok when I'm finished. Here are the pics of the body colour on. and also with the necessary areas sprayed black. After I finished spraying the black, the spray booth died, so luckily that's all the spraying done. As always, I welcome all comments. Thanks for stopping by for the update. Coops
  10. Buy one of those as well before they sell out. In a year you can flog it on for £80
  11. Glad you got one. 3 people had it in their shopping
  12. Top work. Stunning looking model.
  13. congratulations, sometimes a bit of inspiration is all you need. They look really good so far.
  14. Maybe you could start from a bit of plastic tube and a couple of these screw caps Screw caps
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