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  1. I love the AE86 and that MR2. I recently considered doing the MR2 rally also, and thanks to your efforts I can see it’s certainly very achievable. If you do it again make sure you do a WIP, save me the headache of figuring it out
  2. Very nice indeed. Congratulations on sticking to building out of the box, you’ve achieved a little beauty there. Coops
  3. practise practise practice, it’s not like they don’t supply enough spare @andmarsh great work on the model and all those decals. I would be more than happy to have it say on my lounge shelf As you say, each model built is better than the last with something new to learn all the time. good luck with the next build Coops
  4. Small update: Tonight the interior received a bit of flocking, results will be reviewed when the white glue has dried completely. Also got going on creating a dizzy, as the HT leads will need somewhere to go, and this is where it is located on the engine according to reference photos. Cheers for dropping by, Coops
  5. I drilled and then used a pin file to square the round hole. I could have painted the squares black, but it was only an extra little effort that will make a difference I hope. @MR2Don I have the alpine blue on order, there was overwhelming support for it on the poll. Interestingly the other model I’m doing for my brother is an MR2
  6. @CrazyCrank Thanks for letting me know, I will try and figure the pictures out, they display fine on the MacBook. Google is the site I have always used to host with no problems in the past. Will look into it. Edit: Hopefully fixed, the album wasn't set up as a shared album, where as all previous albums were! Coops
  7. Nice work, I model out in the shed/office, I tend to go out and shove a little electric heater on, then back indoors to make a brew. Usually warmed up by the time I get back. This looks lovely, I really like the overall appearance of this interior and look forward to seeing this built. Coops
  8. Thanks @JeroenS its good to be back. The work is a little slow on this one as i have another build in progress for my Borthers christmas gift. The Tamiya TS-19 is on order and the body will be getting sprayed when it arrives, the bumpers have been blacked, leaving the ligth lenses etc stil to do on those parts. The engine parts have been receiving paint, any are coming along well. I will update that when it is the finished article. The interior is slowly progressing, i am going to do a two tone interior, with grey black cloth seats, and Anthricite flocking on the floor. The wheels also needed some attention, they looked in need of a little extra detailing from stock. Below are the three images: Start state, Drilled and then painted. Thanks for looking, Coops
  9. If I had a spare £150 laying about, I’d be buying a 1/12 Skyline (2 if I had a spare £300) Hiroboy Skykine
  10. This is excellent, these aren’t cheap kits and I don’t suppose many would be so bold to go at it in this level. I take my hat off to you. I very much look forward to this vision coming into full finished reality. Coops
  11. If anyone is having problems either the images I will try and address the problem tomorrow
  12. Very nice result, congratulations. Nice clean looking build. I have also done an Aoshima kit and it could have had a battery and motor mounted in it, but the end result is still very pleasing. Coops
  13. That is one bold colour choice but definitely suits the car. Love these old boxy, angular type car bodies. I look forward to seeing this progress. Coops
  14. nice work on these, I'm sure for all your woes, these will be a pair of beauties when they're finished. I also really like the idea of this picture frame bases, would never have thought to use them. I may try one out with some mirror spray from a can (yes, that's a thing) Coops
  15. Been away for a while, my last build was of the hasegawa 328 GTB which was entered into the "In the year I was born GB". Since I completed that, work went nuts and the shed has been uninhabited for a couple of months. I am pleased to report however that work has very much calmed down and my evenings can be spent modelling instead. This doesn't look like a particularly taxing kit, there are some pin marks to deal with but nothing too sinister. It should be a nice simple little build. I don't intend to do much extra to this one, maybe the odd bit of wiring to add an element to the engine. As for a colour scheme, I am yet undecided. I am unsure as to keep it close to original colours or expand my choice by doing it restored. I thought about doing a rust bucket, but reckon I'll leave that until I have enough parts for a kit bash. Currently edging towards a graphite possibly with colour matched bumpers, but still open to say a chameleon purple/green flip with black plastic trim. All suggestions for colour scheme thoroughly welcomed! Link to the Shared Album So in all its glory, this plain little cars box art And the first lot of parts removed from the sprue and also in a coat of primer. Thanks for taking the time to look in and feel free to comment. Coops
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