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  1. Cooper645

    Car Transporter Trailer Kits

    No problem @Admiral Puff I hope it helps direct a passer by towards a kit they may want. Im sure they were out of stock when I was looking as I see that it is a restock. Coops
  2. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Ok so managed to get some more bits done on the caddy. The steering link was slightly too short after I had repinned the suspension pins, so a donor piece of sprue was inserted into the center. The rear wheels were skimmed on the back side and refitted until I was happy. Think I will de chrome them but not sure what colour to go with if I do. Some photo-shopping should narrow my options down. And some of the remaining pieces were removed from the sprue, primed and some paint thrown on. The body shell and panels are now curing another coat of lacquer. This will have a couple of weeks to dry properly before getting a polish. Then it will be time to start getting this thing built. (I hope) Thanks for dropping by for the update. As ever comments etc are all welcomed. Coops
  3. Cooper645

    Mini Moke Line Drawings

    to go back on topic.... maybe try the contact me button here: http://royscottminimoke.com here are some of the pages available online Maybe this could be a lead for you. Coops
  4. that thing is huge. Congratulations on the end result. It sounds like an extremely painful process to have to have seen to completion. Coops
  5. Cooper645

    Clear lacquer advice

    As above, I use the Halfords clear, and simply pass it over quickly for a couple of passes. When I want to wet coat it, its about 3 normal passes (whatever normal is ) So a couple of mist coats with a short drying time in between. After a wet coat, I leave the body shell in the spray booth, turn it off and immediately covert front up. Then don't peek for a day at least, and then its literally pull back a corner and grin. (hopefully). It will remain there for a fortnight before a wet sand and polish. Others use a box and pop it in the airing cupboard. Best advice would be to practice on a plastic spoon as if it were a model. You'll soon get a gist for what works for you and you can get 1000 model spoons for about £13, so half the price of 1 model car
  6. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    It’s still too wide at the back, but that will be easily fixed by dremelling the back of the wheel hub and axle pins a couple of mm. Will likely have to remove a couple of mm from the rear of the axle also but I’m fine with that as I’m not a massive fan of the rim protruding our past the tire as far as it does. i had just fitted for ride height adjustment.
  7. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Ok, so i had a couple of hours this afternoon whilst the boy was having an afternoon nap. Have modified the rear leaf springs and font suspension systems and now have a much nicer ride height. Rear: I used the rear axle from the Golf donor kit which wasnt required and took the brakes off and simply dremeled them out a curve on the lower side, then lopped off the axle ends on the resin leafsprings and axle. From there it was a simple case of mating them on the upper side. A fairly neat solution which will not be visible onthe completed model, so I am happy with that simple fix. Front: I went withthe solution of removing the upper portion of spring and then drilling and pinning with 1mm rod. For the steering rod issue, again the platic pin was removed and drilled and repinned the other side with 1mm rod. The vower part now doesnt meet the kit but i have filled the holes with two bushes made from a segment of cotton bud middle. (I will now simply be chopping the used unds of and retaining the middles as they are a useful comoditiy) I will drill and pin with a pice of 1.5mm rod to finish this off. Result: I have been able to mock it up to check ride height and wheel offset which are below. Thanks for looking in. Commments & Criticism always welcomed as ever. Coops
  8. Cooper645

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    @JeroenS congratulations. Those seats look absolutely amazing. The piping really does complete them. This is is really coming along nicely.
  9. Cooper645

    Clear lacquer advice

    I have used Halfords clear lacquer over Tamiya paint and decals before. It was on the Porsche 934 Vaillant, so lots of decals. i sprayed a light mist coat at first then a couple more with a final heavier coat. no problems at all, it turned out to be my best finish on a model so far, and I haven’t completed a build since but have one in progress and I intend to use the Halfords clear lacquer again in the same way. So so it’s a vote for Halfords Clear Lacquer - misted, misted, light and then a final slightly wetter coat
  10. Cooper645

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    Great work. Still looking forward to seeing that seat piping done
  11. Cooper645

    Pete's Wild West stagecoach build

    This is very different indeed. I look forward to seeing this one progress. Coops
  12. Cooper645

    1/12 scale Kremer K3 Porsche 935

    Great work so far. I enjoy these resin castings.
  13. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    Ok, so back out in the shed for a couple of hours. I have located the final pieces required for the build and removwed them from the sprues. No primer as yet though, still a box of bits. Also the shell still requires another coat of laquer. My main stumbling block came when i tried to fit the replacment wheels. The holes in the back require drilling out to fit the Revell pin mounts, not so much of a problem, they will protrude slightly from the body and arches likely, but this is still not a major issue as people like their VW's wide. My main issue is the current ride height. I have included a couple of images to show what i mean, way to much space in the arches as it stands. The Rear: The Front: I am considering my options here. The rear should be fairly simple by carrying out an axle flip which is how it would be done on the 1:1 For the front i think i am going to be able to remove part of the receiving tube for the top of the spring, i will then have to manufacture an extra length of pin at the bottom to locate in the suspension arm. I will also have to move the pin to the other side to meet the connecting steering rod. If anyone has any other possible solutions, i look foward to hearing about them. Here is the front spring for your considerations: Thanks for stopping by. Coops
  14. Cooper645

    VW Caddy Mk1

    My sincere apologies for the stop in updates on this build. I have now moved house, been here a year and recently got back to the modelling. I have dragged this kit from the Shelf and inspected where i left things. I believe my shell needs a coat of laquer but most other pieces are almost ready to assemble. I have also sourced some other wheels for it as the ones i had originally planned to use were, in reality far to big and wide, so hiroboy to the rescue with a set of Equipp short rims. I have taken the liberty of updating with photos of the stages everything is at and plan to get this assembled and finished as my next build. I have an M1 Procar in the stash begging to be built, but i am refraining from doing so until this one is in a display case in the lounge. A very blurry set of rear bumper corners There are still some other pieces to get prepped, primed and painted like the steering wheel and front shocks, but the bulk of the work seems complete. Thanks for stopping by, Coops
  15. @whiskey my sincere apologies, I was also considering building the Toyota 222D (started in 84, completed in 85) (Info here for those interested) @Rabbit Leader Many thanks.