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  1. I'm easily pleased, a newly tooled 1/32 1950s RAF subject - I'm buying it - the good news is that is it actually looks great
  2. Wonderful that these upgrades exists - and a dammed shame they're needed in the first place
  3. True - but a little too reliant on Resin details for my taste - and I'm still patiently waiting for the Revell effort later this year - hopefully!
  4. Say what you like about the Plastic in the box, but the Fly models box art is massively impressive
  5. Immediately after the 1/32 version hopefully !
  6. Jetmads is the closest you'll get to Injection Moulding without it being an IG kit , replace Normal glue for Supeprglue and really that's it
  7. I can't help with the money side of things , but after building the Viggen I can tell you that it's really a simple build especially since s the 3D printer parts are single pieces making the actual build fairly simple - if you are tempted don't worry about the build process AS for the Learjet , I'm passing on it , simply because I'm not too keep on all that white!
  8. Just posted this over on LSP , but I thought it might be worth posting here as well, The kit itself is like nothing I've ever built before , 3D printed , pieces such the U/C legs are single pieces There are issues with the model , especially the fit of the wings to the fusalage , and the rather crude Sidewinders, (I use the Eduard ones) and of course the infamous Fields and Meadows 4 colour splinter scheme , something that too weeks to complete even with a very impressive stencil set - so on to the pics The decals in the set are beautiful, very strong Opaque and they stand up to handling The access ladder and tow bar are included in the kit , and again are one piece printings - and beautiful So there we are a kit that may not be thick on the ground , but it it is great build and perhaps a sign of things to come Oh and a very happy peaceful and healthy 2022
  9. I do want it ,since I have an interest in early jets , but goodness that is an ugly aeroplane ,the 2nd last pic especially , so ugly it could almost be French *Now running for cover
  10. Really nice work , for me the Printer harness was a game changer m no more dratted PE!!!!
  11. Nope , the Helldiver was the first in their new IM series, , sometime next year I think .
  12. Very very nice kit , and since I can't access the FB link, is there any wiff of a price for this beautiful P-40 ?
  13. WW2 models begging for models in 1/32 don't have to include the usual suspects , so how about Hurricane (All versions) Blenheim Beaufort Beaufighter Brigand Barracuda Firebrand Firefly That should keep u going for a while
  14. I've said all I'm going to say about the plastic in the kit , but those Decals are something else, absolutely beautiful with some great options
  15. I'm watching a F9f-5 Panther , and Ill bet it'll go a lot higher that the 155 where it is at the moment , it's a good job I bought then from Fisher before the fire , , of well good times You never miss what you've got until it's gone, ok it's a cliché , but its still true
  16. Went for 130 +,, Best of luck with the T7/8 - it's really an easy build , and highly enjoyable
  17. Ah ha! - so it was you that bought it , I'd been following this one on EvilBay , however since I'd just bought the T8M conversion just a couple of weeks before , costing me my soul and my wife's Remember Fantasy print shop do some beautiful Hunter T7 decals - which is what I did when I turned my T8C into a T7 a few years ago , when Fisher's products wern't as rare as unicorn tears ..
  18. Looking at that build, my life long obsession with 1/32 might be receding somewhat , that looks to be a superb kit , and light years ahead of the ancient Tamiya one, I certainly can see one of these in my future
  19. What a perfect example of modern tool making , a beautiful kit , but as an unrepentant builder of large scale model , I can't help wishing that this model was 32nd , , ah well C'est La Vie ...
  20. RIP The Tamiya Lanc , and about time too , damm that looks good
  21. For those pf us who don't want to hand our souls over to Mark Z , and so don't have facebook access , could you perhaps add some pics from the page - Many thanks
  22. Also just announced https://dnmodels.com/product/saab-37-viggen-splinter-camo-paint-mask-set-1-32/ $49 for the Splinter scheme - still swithering on this , (my kit is bought and paid for , yes I'm lucky in being able to afford it, I know) , I think I'll wait until I have the kit in my hands and look over the marking options before deciding
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