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  1. Seconded. Having just made a pig's ear of some PE myself, I'm a tad envious
  2. Great stuff, As others have pointed out, the chipping on breach etc is really effective, Love the Zeltbahn/ cover in the interior and the wire for hanging the personal equipment on. The muted camo itself is first-class.
  3. That's excellent. The brown & grey camo looks really well. What was the reason behind not using the Tamiya tracks? Did the link and length has some problems?
  4. You might be right, but I think this has been on their October announcement page for a week or so. Basically, fingers-crossed for a last minute announcement. There's been no sign of any bar the F-35 on the usual kit news sites
  5. From the 1/35 armour'n'stuff perspective... 1/35 T-34/76 - most likely a 1941/42 variant 1/35 M3 half-track variant, as suggested above (personnel or mortar carrier?) 1/35 KV-1B (up-armoured KV1... they done both the KV-1 & KV-2 in recent years) 1/35 M5 Stuart variant (they did release a new M3 a while back) Less likely: 1/35 SU-100 tank destroyer 1/35 M113 APC variant 1/35 Marder II tank destroyer Anyhoos, let's wait and see.
  6. I built some of these years (and years) ago and remember them being pretty cool. There was a Porsche and a Lancia rally car, both in Italian colours. Fun to build, looked good when done. The only downside were that the decals tended to flake and crack... though admittedly that was probably due to a lack of decals skillz on my part... I'm sure some varnish would have been an idea...
  7. Another one who had never heard of these. That deck diorama card structure is epic!
  8. Lovely. The Sherman is particularly cool in that scheme.
  9. That's quality airbrushing on such a little kit. Nice. Look forward to seeing the end result.
  10. Very smart result on what, from memory, is a very fiddly little beast.
  11. @JackG - good stuff, that's interesting hear that the range might be available once again. @ IanC - cheers, you've spurred me on to trying just that. Funnily enough, same kit / same figure. I didn't have any Milliput to hand, so tried using Humbrol filler. It actually worked ok. I've sanded the moulded-on goggles off the commander's cap and have found a spare pair from Tamiya's US Tank Crew set - yeah, they'll be historically inaccurate, but should look ok to casual observer. I'll post up a pic when done.
  12. Haha, cool. That certainly does. I had to do a check of the Academy web site to see if it was a spoof! It's actually a pretty good idea, sort of brings to mind the famous diorama by Yamada Takuji. Hopefully be a few reviews on the interwebz soon, see how it builds up etc. Could be my pipe-dream model shop (and certainly a darn sight easier to run...)
  13. Brrr, it certainly looks cold! I like how you've captured the feel of a chill in that dio. The winter wash camo is excellent.
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