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  1. The paint shading is great, gives a brilliant impression of depth. The mud effect is subtle, which is great to see.
  2. Excellent. The Sherman sure suits that camo. Lovely weathering, and the accessories set it off well. I must check out Asuka, I quite fancy those rounded-hulled variants.
  3. That's very impressive! You've two hull pieces... I'd always assumed that 3D printing created a 'solid' form, but I can see that both appear to be hollow inside. Must actually do some reading up on the process to try and get a better understanding.
  4. Another recent build of a piece of Tamiya history... the Panther Ausf A, originally tooled in 1968. Defo a vintage offering, and whilst it is riddled with a million inaccuracies, it was another model I'd always wanted to build as a kid. There have been a few tooling tweaks over the years it seems, as I've seen a couple of different sprue configurations. Built out of the box, with exception of spare track lines being replaced from the Italeri German tank accessories set, and a new cable made from twisted wire. The bossman definitely needs a bit more detail picked out by painting, must redo that.
  5. Haha, thanks. It really is a tiny little model. The one piece wheels/tracks work well for this size, though they do miss out the sprocket teeth. I do enjoy building these older Tamiya models which I missed out on 'first time round'. I have also got Tamiya's more recent Kettenkraftrad offering, which looks like a somewhat more complex build... but with infinitely better driver and infantry figures.
  6. Lovely piece of work, the wavy-edged midnight/camo fuselage demarcation always looks cool on a bomber.
  7. That really is impressive. I checked out the build thread, and all that work does pay off... the etched light grilles, the smoke discharger cables, the 'flimsies' rack, the flush rivets... great stuff.
  8. Nice. Very nice... Can I ask which paint(s) you used for the base green? It looks really well in the photos, and I'm due to build a Churchill soon which could look smart in a similar scheme.
  9. I've just used Kingkit for the first time, to purchase a couple of 1/35 Tamiya kits which I'd been after for a while. Their 'notification' facility is excellent, and delivery, packaging etc superb.
  10. That's some result! That must have taken quite a while to research, print, build... before even putting tweezer to rivet. Excellent.
  11. Tamiya's original version, released in 1973. it's been a while since I last uploaded a photo to this site, so hopefully this will work.
  12. That's coming along very well. The Whitley looks positively petite alongside the beast.
  13. That's very impressive! Stupid question: is the camo all done freehand, or did you use some blu-tack 'worms'? I'm just trying to figure out the order you laid the colours down, ec as it's a scheme I'd be keen to copy. Cheers.
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