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  1. This is going to be a great build, will keep an eye on progress... well done!
  2. Brilliant stuff. I've just checked your WIP thread, all that additional work has definitely paid off.
  3. Wow! I like the edging effect on the steel plate.
  4. Top notch. The Crusader always looks good in that camo scheme.
  5. Lovely stuff. The camo scheme is very nicely done indeed, Good effect on the tilt as well.
  6. Lovely finish. The soft camo edge / blur is great.
  7. Cool! The Churchill is just such a weird looking tank, one of my favs. That's a great result you got there, the paintwork and fading is class. The track marks through the grass is a good touch.
  8. Brilliant. I love seeing these older Tamiya kits built up ans have been following this one with interest. That's an incredible result, superb piece of modelling. Go on, do the Paratroopers as well!!
  9. Lovely models there. The finish and presentation is excellent. Must take a look at Alanger, it's not a producer I know much about.
  10. Excellent work so far, the paint job is great. It's a lovely kit, the 1970's Tamiya T-34/Su-122/Su-85 series are great fun builds.
  11. Resin kits have always seemed a bit daunting, but I'd love to build the Matilda Mark I, so I'll be watching this one with interest...
  12. Like others have said, it looks very convincing in that guise. I admire your patience with all those stencils!
  13. Excellent work on these. The M51 variant makes the Sherman just look so brutal and powerful. Must get one!
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