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  1. Hi Dave. Light grey for sure: https://www.airliners.net/photo/KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines/Boeing-787-9-Dreamliner/6284667/L?qsp=eJwtjbEKwkAQRP9lay1EsEiXVLEyhT%2Bw7A3x4MwduysYQv4952E3vHnMbCR5cXz9uRZQRwZWedGJCiu/jbqNFHM0V/aYl178w6l603gexnv1LKsPayWBHb0IiiP8%2BUMD9FfBpE3O9eJSA3Rqma63ykO0krhtwDkm2vcDTeUyMA%3D%3D
  2. Thanks Dave. The only thing i would do differently is not use the photo real windows, they just don't look quite right to me. Thanks Andy but I did cheat a little, the diffferent shades of metallics are actually decals
  3. Volkswagen uses KLM Blue (their code LT5B) for their Caddy van which is available as a spray can online.
  4. Hi All. Here is another of my completed models. It is the Eastern Express Convair 990A Coronado with my own 26Decals plus Authentic Airliners windows. Kit went together really well after cleaning up the parts and can recommend it Cheers Ray
  5. Hi Rob. I have just finished the artwork for the 25 Years livery : http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62035508/Products/72-209
  6. I use onestopaerosols.co.uk and so far have been spot on.
  7. Sergey Druz will be making the early RR engines as well as the late RR and also PW.
  8. Indeed I am http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62035508/Products/STS44406
  9. There were at least 5 BA Landor 757s with the E4 engines which also appeared in the Caledonian Landor livery : G-BPEA,B,C,E and F
  10. FWIW I switched to Holts Appliance White a while back:
  11. Picked mine up from Hannants today and can report that it does include the correct RR engines .
  12. That is good news, I will get both my BA sets reprinted
  13. https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/planes/civil-aircraft/boeing-767-300er-british-airways-chelsea-rose.html?listtype=search&searchparam=boeing 767#&gid=1&pid=5 Hopefully they will include the correct RR engines as shown in the box art. Cheers Ray
  14. I tape over the fuselage windows from the outside making sure that the tape is firmly stuck down and then run a stream polyeurathane casting resin from the inside along the window apertures making sure to gentleman's parts out any air bubbles with a tooth pick. Once it has hardened just remove the tape and it should be nice and smooth when you run your finger along the outside of window line. Works for me Hope that helps. Ray.
  15. I Just picked one up from Hannants and it sure loks like a cut down Roden kit. The wings and clear parts sprues are identical and the cockpit seems to be the only "new" part of the kit. The engine sprue layout is different but you can see that they are based on the Roden engines and the wheels are now in two halves and the main gear sponsons are separate parts presumably to make shortening the longer fuselage easier. Still , it has saved me the job of cutting a Roden kit down to get a 141A
  16. 26Decals

    C-5A Galaxy

    Perfect. Thank you
  17. 26Decals

    C-5A Galaxy

    Thanks for the reply. I do have the Caracal set which show them as dark blue but looking at photos some look black and others dark blue.
  18. 26Decals

    C-5A Galaxy

    Hi All. Not my area of expertise but I am going to build the Roden C-5 Galaxy in the original white top over grey livery but wanted to check if the U.S.AIR FORCE fuselage titles and the wing USAF are dark blue or black as I can't tell for sure from the pics I have seen. Thanks for your help Ray
  19. I feel that I should point out your typo, his name was Mel and not Ray. All the best Ray
  20. Hi All. Just received this in an email from Eastern Express https://ee-models.ru/ee144178-lockheed-l-188-electra/
  21. Very nice indeed but I didn't do those Manx decals.
  22. Totally shocked by this news as everyone else is. I have known Mel since the 1980s and have done a lot of his laser decals and had an order here ready to ship to him until receiving the tragic news yesterday from his Daughter Lauren. He was such an important part of the hobby and will be a massive loss, maybe a group build in his memory would be a fitting tribute. R.I.P Mate.
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