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  1. Deleted - read the pinned post
  2. Thank you for the info, I have ordered 0.3mm and 0.4mm black plated wire to make up the handles, I have 0.3mm yellow pin strip that I am going to use for the yellow spiral band, I don't know if it will work until I try iif it is a total failure then back to plan B, the paint brush and eye glass's Mick
  3. Thank yo for your efforts in scale that would be 0.31mm Jagrigger amd Antti K for the quote the correct colour, all questions answered.
  4. I thank the people who answered my question , so you think but don't know, it could be 10mm well that scales out at 0.20mm in 1/48 scale, which will look wrong being too thin, although in scale, I will use 0.3mm as I have 0.30 yellow pin stripe that I can use for the yellow spiral for a start to see if it looks right. As a thought I did contact Martin Baker and I am still waiting for a reply, I do need to know what the inside is made up as posted by tweeky, that is not not why I asked? Thank you JagRigger that is the handle between the knees of the pilot and that measures 12 m
  5. What diameter is the cord that makes up the loops. I have several books but there is no size of and object that I can used to determine what the size is,
  6. Hi all can anyone tell where to find the dimensions for the diameter of the pull handles for the above seats and the vellow stripe that goes around the handles is it a spiral or bands, I am trying to make 1/48 scale handles from black plated copper wire but need to know what the real size is to determine scale size. Regards Mick To add thank you to the poster below, however the system keeps clearing my reply, which is thank you for the info but what is the diameter of the pull cords as not answered. I thank the people who answered my question "what is
  7. Thank you for the added information, the plot thickens, but why two different sets of calculations? at some point there was a set standard defined to ensure all insignia followed a size on all aircraft, however there must have been an update to the format, or why would there be a difference, however we are taking models hear,I will determine what looks right by drawing each design and compare it to decals all ready produced and see what match's. Mick
  8. Rob, thank yo for replying to the topic yes it helps and as a bonus the letter's also. I note the value to generate the radii are different than that Giorgio N posted above, Is there a spec for the white boarder on the letter's? and there is a black ling denoting the white section when used on white or light colouured surfaces, is there a spec for that Mick
  9. Thank you for your efforts, I also think it is a typo.
  10. I am build F104 Starfighters, the size is determined by the formula quoted by Giorgio N, which also quotes how 'A' is determined via the height of the fuselage and wing cord at the point of application, therefore you can apply this formula to any German cold war aircraft or from pictures to determine the position of the national markings, if I read it correctly. thank you for your reply
  11. Sir thank you for the info, however what is the value of Z? as not shown on the diagram or should this be 'A', as that would make sence. , there are a few examples that don't comply to the above calculations but not many, these tend to be on special colour scheme's and retirement scheme's. it should once you have drawn one cross be able to resize instead redraw for a different size still meet the formula shown.
  12. Can anyone supply the details of how to draw accurate Iron cross's for the modern german aircraft markings for starfighters. Any help would be appreciated Regards
  13. May I make a correction to my post or update to it "only 2 Italian retirement scheme's that where not done, 2 designs one in blue the other in red and a German maintenance unit at Beja airforce base in overall white with black red and yellow detail" that is not true the blue and other red is one aircraft painted on both sides one for the group the other hours flown if I am correct, the German maintenance unit at Beja airforce base in overal white with black red and yellow detail 1 was correct has never been done as the aircraft never flew, along with the silver aircraft 22+91 with black/yello
  14. Thanks for the detailed reply, so I can clearly see that C intakes are longer, A intakes are shorter, Bentwaters 81tfw made the statement that the length of lip to wing root should be 17mm but add 5.82mm(11 inches) to that you get 22.82 mm you got 22mm after adding 2mm to the length of the intake, so IMHO this is a good starting point as to where to add material. On a different note how do you add pictures to a post?
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