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  1. Remember Vanguards and Viscounts at Edinburgh in the 'Red Square' livery when through there with the ATC for Air Experience at RAF Turnhouse in the 1960s.
  2. 1/48 Merlin HM.1 helicopter lingered on their future release lists and catalogues over a decade ago before disappearing.
  3. On the actual aircraft the rear fuselage and spine from the 'A' were extended a little bit on the 'U' but other than the replacement sprue with parts relating to the pointy end for the 'U' in the kit it shares everything else with the 'A'. Otherwise a really nice kit and much , much better than not having one at all , just surprised that with so much duplication on the aftermarket scene perhaps not always to any any great advantage that there does not seem to have been a fix for what was a reasonably significant aircraft of its time.
  4. Like the Hobby Boss Forgers and have one of each set aside along with the very extensive Bergemot decal sheet but considering the amount of aftermarket that has tended to follow kits of Russian aircraft over the years always wished that someone had come up with the fuselage plugs necessary for an accurate 'U' . . . . . or did they and I have missed them?
  5. Would imagine that the exhausts at least will be fitted and while not certain about the engineering suspect that they will be installed a lot easier if they are attached to the engines. Entire convoy had apparently arrived on Thursday and when I passed on Friday the fuselage was on its wheels , one wing was being fitted and the other was still on a low loader , another low loader with fin and tailerons was brought forward as I left but there were other fully covered artics on site which may well have contained other odds and ends such as engines. No idea what kind of fit it will end up with but the inner pylons with 'big tanks' were already in the hangar. One of the museum staff was saying that the roof trusses and lights in the hangar were 15 feet off the ground but the fin rises to over 19 so once it is installed between the trusses I do not imagine it will move very far ever again.
  6. The camber of the road and a run off downhill to the left into the more level parking area where they were assembling the aircraft maybe exaggerate the undeniable nose-down appearance a little.
  7. Scottish Nationals 2022 Only definite want when I went down was a dark leather paint for some seat backs so picked up AK-Interactive AK11110 Leather Brown which has already been applied and did very nicely. Other than that a few unlabelled tinlets of various grey and green Sovereign Hobbies Paints for 50p. each from their stand. HobbyBoss 81759 1/48 Su-17UM-3 Fitter-G from Black Mike Models , had the 1/48 KP kit of the single-seater for a while , built both 1/72 Italeri single and twin in the past but really surprised at how long the twin-seat fuselage is in 1/48. Kinetic K48096 1/48 F-104A/C Starfighter from Rif Raf Models , decided that I should try one of the family , bit different from the Esci kit I have had lying about in the loft for years and perhaps a more fitting canvas for the Caracal decals I bought for that last month. Some new books from Bookworld – F-104G Starfighter – Visual Modellers Guide Wing Series Volume 1 , from AMMO by MIG Jimenez , published 2020 – detailed walkround of a Spanish AF F-104G with text in English/Spanish/Italian although no idea what the two full page images of a preserved Luftwaffe example with a Canadian CF-104 centreline VINTEN recce Pod have to do with it (captions offer no explanations for their presence). Dassault Super Etendard – Airmark Modellers Guide 4 , by Andy Evans , released in the previous week or so by Phoenix Publications , wasn’t aware that it was quite so imminent and had not pre-ordered so a nice surprise. And a second-hand one – Into The ‘70s With The Royal Air Force , by John W.R.Taylor , published 1971 by HMSO , paperback book as recruiting blurb , got one when I was looking into joining the RAF back then but long lost. From the Tombola – Esci 8036 1/72 British Tank Mk.II Matilda , box folded flat and faded but parts and decals still in sealed poly bag , touch of nostalgia is the label for the Argyle Model Dockyard which those of a certain age might recall in Glasgow and from my memories of visits in the early 1970s when it had relocated from within the Argyll Arcade to under the Hielanman's Umbrella was truly a place of wonder. Aircraft Of World War 2 , by Bill Gunston , 1981 re-print for Marks & Spencers by Octopus Books of their 1980 original release , slight misnomer as although all of the aircraft covered served during World War 2 quite a few of the colour profiles cover post-war service , multi-view artwork of one aircraft showing wear and tear with more conventional pristine side profiles of other schemes and markings for each of those covered. From Phoenix Publications While I was not expecting the Super Etendard I had pre-ordered their – Grumman E-2 Hawkeye – Real To Replica Number 1 , by Andy Evans , released that week and was waiting for me on my return from Perth. From Amazon Flying Flatiron – The Gloster Javelin , by Alex Crawford , published 2021 by Mushroom Model Publications as Orange Series 1 , I do like the Javelin and had been wondering about buying this book then got a chance to look through a copy at Perth last weekend where the author was promoting his work , no direct sales at the show and was given contact details to buy online from him but the email address didn’t work for me , sorry Alex. Via eBay Special Hobby 48028 1/48 Fairey Barracuda Mk.II/III ‘Hi-Tech Version’ with plastic , etch and resin , been after one of these with the original rounded wing for a little while after buying the Mk.V with its squarer tipped version but as always too late to the party and quite literally have had to pay the price.
  8. A friend who has had to stop driving asked if I could bring him across to the Montrose Airfield Museum which I arranged for this morning. We were about to leave the main site for the off-site hangar where among other displays is a cutaway Hunter F.1 when staff mentioned it was closed because of a Tornado GR.4 being delivered. It is on the way out anyway but by that time one wing had been reattached and the aircraft was being swung round so that the other side would be facing the crane. Tornado ZD744/092 had been transported by road from RAF Marham and was being reassembled by a team from JARTS based at Boscombe Down. According to staff the aircraft should be completely rebuilt over the weekend and the hangar reopened to the public in a couple of weeks once the display has been rearranged. Not a bad excuse for being late for lunch though . . . . . there was a Tornado blocking the road and I have photos to prove it !!!
  9. Many magazines will have something such as a 'Write For Us' link on their website providing directions on how to contact them and/or perhaps even setting out their requirements for contributors. Buying print or download copies of the magazine to read will give a feel for their house style and the type of features that they print. Alternatively some publishers provide free download samples of their products such as this from Guideline for their May 2022 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling - https://online.fliphtml5.com/mlju/afjs/ - while not providing full articles it does give a page or two from each that provides an introduction to their particular style.
  10. Sorry , just back home , cleared the place out !!! Joking , lots to see , lots to buy and my wife has expressed surprise that I am only back with one Aldi 'Bag For Life' full (minus price stickers obviously).
  11. At this remove cannot swear to any exact shade but on exercise in Sharjah in January 1973 there were a few 'Pinkies' held in an open sided hangar on the airfield which were in those surroundings rather vibrant and very different from the sand coloured Landrovers and Bedfords we were using. By coincidence I had picked up the then current copy of Military Modelling Magazine to read on the train journey down to Lyneham for our flight which had an article on them and the modeller there I believe had received either some paint or at least some advice from official sources so they were not such a great a shock to the system. About ten years later I picked up a Military & Aviation Book Club 'offer of the month' on armies in the Gulf area and saw that troops from at least one of the Gulf States wore similar coloured uniform shirts in what was described as 'the operational area'.
  12. A few books etc. this week before heading down to the Scottish Nationals at the weekend where so far I am only definitely looking for a paint that will do as a dark leather but pretty sure that I will be able to spend a lot more. From Key Publications Aviation Archive British Carrier Air Power The Post-War Years , latest addition to the series and nicely timed with my renewed interest in the subject , usual style illustrating 29 aircraft types with period cutaways for 9 – Buccaneer S.1 , Firebrand IV , Gannet T.2 , Sea Fury X , Seafire XVII , Attacker 1 , Scimitar 1 , Wyvern 4 , Whirlwind 1. The Real Top Gun – Inside the US Navy’s Fighter Weapons School , new bookazine out this week with history and current operations perhaps timed to coincide with the eventual release of the follow-on Top Gun II movie later this month. De Havilland Comet – The World’s First Jetliner , another new bookazine this week celebrating seventy years since Comet’s first commercial flight , covers civil and military use including the ‘spooky’ ones , aircraft histories and illustrated with a mix of colour and b&w photos along with 43 colour side profiles. Britain’s Guided Weapons , by Chris Gibson , published 2022 by Key , latest addition to their book series and covers all forms of aircraft/vehicle/ship/hand carried guided weapons since WWI. From Morton’s Books Sea Harriers Of The Falklands War , by Chris Sandham-Bailey , released this week by Morton’s , covers all 28 aircraft involved giving a brief history along with several double-page-spread colour side profiles (103 in total) showing pre-war/wartime and where applicable post-war colour schemes including those of FA.2 conversions of each aircraft. From Books etc. Looking Down Corridors – Allied Aerial Espionage Over East Germany and Berlin 1945-1990 , by Kevin Wright and Peter Jeffries , published (re-print) 2017 by The History Press , will eventually build one of my Airfix Chipmunks as an RAF Gatow Station Flight example so thought I might read a bit more on them. From The Hive RAF Training Command – A Pictorial History , by Keith Wilson , released this week by Amberley Publishing , pre-ordered at approx. 75% RRP. From Hannants Xtradecal X72158 , X48045 and X3022 – White RAF/RN/Army Titles, Letters and Serials , 1/72 , 1/48 and 1/32 sheets respectively. Mark I Decals DMK 14457 – RAAF WWII Roundels Type B , for a 1/144 Fairey Battle that came as a magazine freebie. Ram Decals RAM32-001 - 2005 Hawk T.1 Special Display Scheme , reduced from £12.99 to £3.99 , 1/32 scale not my usual but bought as a markings resource for different projects/scales. Almark A48-14 – Gulf Operations 1988/89 USN A-6 and F-14 , another reduction (from £3.99 to £1.99) and again as a markings resource for different projects. Via eBay HaleBor 80x100 Monocular , was recommended by my brother-in-law who had bought one so splurged £5.99 for new with free next day delivery , like the idea as opposed to the small pocket-sized binoculars I already have in the car but I do seem to get an odd shadow at some angles and not sure if it is my eyes or the device but suspect that I have got exactly my money’s worth , will continue to try it out but expect that I might end up spending a bit more on one without 'odd shadows' that I can check out in a shop first.
  13. Was wondering whether or not to travel down this year , usual accomplice not able to attend , wife did not want a day out in Perth , didn't fancy the approx hour and a half drive each way on my own and potential parking issues when I got there , had not thought about the train until I saw it mentioned above. £17.70 return (should get an OAP railcard at some point) , 53 minute journey , allowing for getting from and back to the station (walk is a bit far so will get a taxi for my multiple decrepitudes ) will give me approx 3.5 hours at the show which would be about normal for me. Downside no photography at Scone Airport while I am down that far and no McDonald's stops at Forfar on the way there and back.
  14. Having had the privilege and pleasure of being shown around and inside an Erickson S-64 humungous only begins to describe the sense of the real thing in a way that the Chinook as mentioned above does not quite capture although to be honest while 1/48 would be a winner with me experience with 1/35 (or more usually 1/32) aircraft although not vehicles have never really done it for me.
  15. From Skyshelf.eu PDF download of The Nord 2501 Noratlas , by Xavier Capy , published 1997 by Escale , 297 pages in English covers Nord 2500 to 2508 along with projects that were trialled such as a gunship variant and others such as AEW that were not , heavily illustrated mainly in b&w with some colour , includes unit histories , production list , line drawings and much more. Saw alt-92’s purchase above and remembered that I had one of the earlier single kits in the loft but few references so a brief search later and for a modest outlay of 12 Euros have more than I will ever need but sadly no mention of Israeli AAR for which I still only have one very small grainy image found in an Osprey publication a while back.
  16. Experience with WH Smith over the years suggests that incompetence is a level of efficiency to which they aspire. I was out and about yesterday and saw that local Newsagent and Tesco both had May SAM on their shelves while local WH Smith did not although at one time magazine deliveries there were being made late afternoon separately from the early morning newspaper deliveries so perhaps it arrived later in the day.
  17. Wondered if they had ever come out as they did not appear up this way so did a search earlier today and on Newsstand.co.uk the next issue - Volume 21 No.4 - of Model Aircraft is shown as being due on 05.05.22 (tomorrow) , previous issue is shown as Volume 21. No.2 (the one with the free 1/144 Battle kit) released on 06.02.22 no mention of No.3 and I did not bother searching for their other titles.
  18. I have a saved three-view camouflage scheme drawing from the long defunct 'Americo Maia' website of MiG-23UB 'Red 210' in this colour scheme and form of markings which is captioned 'Russian Air Force - FGUP Corporation's Day - Moscow 10.08.02'. FGUP seems to be an acronym for Federal State Unitary Enterprise and is used as a prefix/suffix for a host of varied organisations.
  19. I am guessing that there must be some or the importer would give up on that line but can see that there is some logic to importing fewer units to retail at several times more than a competitive price rather than having to deal with greater numbers at lower unit profit. As to why there might be a market for them can think of a few reasons , might be down to buyers not being willing to 'risk' importing more cheaply directly from Japan or elsewhere , not knowing what the competition offers , ego boost from buying what they see as others being unable to afford or maybe from a presumption that the cost makes somehow makes Hasegawa a niche brand. Alternatively , I am sure that many of us have made the occasional ridiculously expensive 'got to have' purchase only to realise afterwards that it was not one of our finest moments and learn from the experience although personally cannot imagine £75 for a 1/72 Avenger or similar doing it for me.
  20. Been discussed before , consensus seems to be that sales outside Japan represent only a very small part of their business so they are content to leave import and distribution with hefty mark-ups to local agents elsewhere such as in the UK. While one might think that even for a small part of their business someone in Shizuoka might query the correlation between sales and prices in some countries but this has been going on for over thirty years that I can remember. Back then a model shop owner told me that Hasegawa kits had become so expensive for what were even then often old mouldings constantly re-released with new decal sheets that he was dropping the brand because he could not even shift them at cost.
  21. Bought as new from The Aviation Bookshop After searching out a couple of quite costly Ad Hoc Publications ‘From The Cockpit’ Series recently thought it might be a good idea to get ahead of the game and buy some of the titles still available at more reasonable prices before they too become like hen’s teeth - Buccaneer and Wattisham at £10 each , Hunter £15. From The Cockpit 6 – Buccaneer S.1 , by Michael J. Doust , published 2007. From The Cockpit 11 – Hunter , by Mac McEwen , published 2009. RAF Wattisham - A Pictorial History , by Dave Eade , published 2008 , WWII to current AAC via post-war Meteors , Hunters , Javelins , Lightnings and Phantoms with a dash of Sea King. Also a couple of the heavyweight Harpia Publishing series currently offered at ‘bargain’ prices , £5 each for 250’ish glossy well-illustrated pages at the cost of some (and less than other) monthly aviation magazines. Modern Israeli Air Power - Aircraft and Units of the Israeli Air Force , by Thomas Newdick and Ofer Zidon , published 2013. Modern Chinese Warplanes - Combat Aircraft And Units Of The Chinese Air Force And Naval Aviation , Andreas Rupprecht and Tom Cooper , published 2012. And finally another ‘bargain book’ because I do like the F/RF-84F. Republic RF-84F Thunderflash In Dienst Bij De Belgische Luchtmacht - Vliegtuigen Van De Belgische Luchtmacht (aircraft Of The Belgian Air Force - in service with the Belgian Air Force) ) No.3 , by Daniel Brackx , published 2011 by Flash Aviation Shop , Dutch language throughout but plenty of colour/b&w photos , detail shots and colour artwork. From Aero Research Latest release this week as a PDF Download , Gooney Birds Part 4 , 153 images. Bought second-hand via eBay (bdart.fan located in France) Navy Air Colours – USN, USMC & USCG Aircraft Camouflage and Markings Volume 2 1945-1985 , by Thomas E. Doll , Berkley R. Jackson , William A. Riley , published 1985 by Squadron Signal , typically well-illustrated with colour/b&w photos and unique artwork throughout. Two issues of Avions Blindés Maquettes Magazine Hors Série very heavily illustrated French language photo reports. March 1992 issue - Opération Daguet , French military aviation involvement in the build-up to and combat operations during the 1991 Gulf War December 1992 issue - Dernier Atterrissage; Les derniers jours de la puissance aérienne de RDA , end of East German/start of Unified German service of the Mig-21/23/29 and Su-22.
  22. And from Montrose (ex-Carronshore via Camelon , Denny , Hallglen , Bainsford and Stenhousemuir)
  23. I recall a comment somewhere on BM a few years ago where someone commented on resin parts in general degrading over time depending on how and where they are stored so might that be a factor in CA debonding. Have used resin detail parts and conversions in the past using the same and never noticed any problems although rarely check on some of my older builds stored in the loft but do have a full resin kit that I am hoping to get round to later in the year as part of a larger project so will consider what I will use.
  24. Agreed , subscription copies arrived this morning.
  25. There was a similar thread a few weeks ago regarding 45 Sqn. Hunters - - and information from a few years later (1974) than the period you are interested suggested that both 45 and 58 Squadrons carried tanks inboard both sides with Matra Pod on port outer and CBLS on starboard outer as a typical training load. No problem to forward the images I passed to Speedy on that occasion if they would be of any use.
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