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  1. Today, bonnet. A tale, a bad one... This is a well known trouble of this kit. Just 4mm... All is OK_almost_ on the top: Surgery is needed! Putty, sanding... This bonnet will be not openable, so, the other side is free style... I hate this kind of job! Dan.
  2. Underside completed! First pic poor quality, sorry... Of course the exhaust end will be chromed... Fuel tank, to represent metal, use metal! Dan.
  3. Today exhaust lines, and Mr Heller against Mr Propeller... He saw that lines like that: But, in the real life, it's quite different! All the angles are different of course, small joke, but had taken very time consuming to correct that! First dry fit... I'm waiting to grey paint, so i'm working in the invisible parts, like fuel tank too... Dan.
  4. Don't worry Nick. And I omitted to precise that as usual, nothing is only glued. Of course It makes the game quite different... The bolt's head is drowned (? Mr C help!) into the fender. Another fixation at the fender's end, invisible but will be cleaned...: Dan.
  5. Easily fixed? Not really. Unpleasant? I fully agree... Just dry fitted after a lot of hours spent to rectify the curves of each wing. You change the wing's angle, you change the curve on the body's side! Dan.
  6. Thank you very much ejboy5 for this link. And now I know, the perfect world don't exist, not even on a Mercedes! Dan.
  7. I'm sorry Roy, but I don't understand your approach. We are here poor mortals with some pieces of plastic, brass or coper, and we spend hours with glue, files, drills and so one.... You are not in our world! Don't worry, it's a pleasure to see this car coming... Dan.
  8. Gorgeous! The real car is superb, it's a real tribute given by you... Congratulations! Dan.
  9. Amazing! And with good nuts and bolts, it's perfect... do you agree? Congratulations. Dan.
  10. Today, clear part... the end! Side windows and windshield: And of course wiper... Jeweler's screws... An tiny parts: That's all folks! Feel free to any question on specific parts, you will be welcome... Dan.
  11. I hope Manu, I hope... In fact I was wrong during the first assembly. On this pic too much tyre surface is visible: Now it's correct! Here we can see the first gluing line. This kit was well known for the assembling difficulties. I fallen in one of traps! I followed by mistake and surely for lack of marks the ligne of the bonnet, logical isn't? But wrong! Have a nice WE! Dan.
  12. Just two pics in my references... Good job so far K! Dan.
  13. You are too kind Poul... Today, the "mariage". Body on the chassis: A step? Yes, but a bad step! Take a look: Same player shoot again... Dan.
  14. Thanks manu! Not at all! It's a normal parting tool, the important it's the interior size ... Dan.
  15. Thanks gentlemen! Today lights and some clear parts... Headlights: And fog lights, every time the same way for round parts... Dan.
  16. Very impressive Manu, metalworking don't have any secret for you! A pleasure to follow... Dan.
  17. All those pictures talk about a very different formula one race cars world than today... It smells hot oil, too hot brakes. Makeshift mechanic seat, another way of life, far from today clinical atmosphere! I do love that, thanks for sharing. Ron, your work is admirable, congratulations. Dan.
  18. I'm not a wizard guys! Good machines, lot of time, sweat and tears, try... Inside, more: Not mine, bought! Inside again, but in the rear bonnet... It was my moulding period... Dan.
  19. Upholstery... I hate! 1930' fashion, of course: Remember! Pictures lies. I hate upholstery why? This is not my cup of tea and my results are every time just acceptable... inside! Dan.
  20. Thanks guys! Pedal box, the other side and details... Now, gearshift. With the reverse gear security in place: And output... A few pieces was needed! In situ! The door painting is not finished I suppose... Dan.
  21. You are welcome Manu... And in front of the dashboard, a steering wheel maybe? In situ... Now, a very special piece, the adjustable pedals system, the real thing: And mine... Totally invisible in the car... Dan.
  22. Alclad... Well, let's go inside... The GT 40's dashboard is really a pure beauty for a race car. The result, not perfect, as usual, but not so far of the reality after some hours(!): The beginning... Putty is our friend! Clear parts, on the lathe... Switches... A lot of! Air conditioning? No, just fresh air... Dan.
  23. There is always a bad word among Citroën designers, even nowadays: simple! An example, the rear bumper. The real thing: Easy, isn't? May be you don't understand the logical. Why a bumper now? Remember, a piece of the seat is chromed. I prepare all the chromed pieces... Dan.
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