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  1. Good evening, Work on the front of the car and more particularly on the radiator and its bracket. The inside of the radiator is filled in with 1/10 aluminum foil covered with rows of 0.5 lead wire to simulate the coil ... not much can be seen. The set is adjusted and ready to paint. I also worked a bit on the H16 and its exhaust. Adjusted, sanded and prepared he also receives a weld bead at the exit of the 4 in 1. A little bi-component tomorrow on the exits and we can move on to primer and white paint.
  2. Hi, Beautiful! I think you can easily make a touch up with a thin nozzle and low pressure Great result anyway! Pascal
  3. Good evening, Thank you very much Mates! I wish a very happy new year to all of you! Progress, but few images. A test allowed me to confirm a problem with the transparency of the decal of the white roundel on the nose. So I cut out a mask, put on a very light coat of primer, then titanium white. Here is the result after rapid removal of the masking. I will wipe it down tomorrow to smooth the outline and apply another decal and the # 1. Pascal
  4. Good evening, Merry Christmas to everyone!! I hope Santa has spoiled you and placed some kits under the tree! Not much time for the model at the end of the year, but we are making progress. Otherwise, the decoration is at the beginning and the assembly is progressing slowly. I also made a small aluminum plate for the presentation of the finished model. I photocopied the instructions on a Kabuki Tamiya mask sheet, as already done for the body parts masks. I then cut out the lettering freehand ... and it can be improved upon (sighs ...) Then a fairly thick primer coat
  5. Good evening, Thank you! The varnish is passed and the pieces dry in their box. In the meantime, I have done a temporary assembly of the upper frame. The hoses of the water pipes and installed their clamps are installed. I have represented the latter in self-amalgamating tape intended among other things ... to repair hoses. I also tested a new, easier method for the tires gold ring using a template and a gold pen: it could be improved, but it could be worse. Pascal
  6. Hi, Just read from the beginning : Impressive work ! Pascsl
  7. Hi, This is a really beautiful job done on this Alpine! Pascal
  8. Hi, Beautiful build and great details! Pascal
  9. Good evening, Thank you very much Messieurs The assembly continues with a painting session. Titanium white then Lotus yellow. I photocopied the decal sheet onto a Kabuki Tamiya mask sheet. The copy of the yellow decals is cut and then used to mask the yellow. Then, British Racing Green and unmask. The engine will be able to be equipped with its filter. Seam lines removed. More soon. Pascal
  10. Good evening, British Racing Green is in the spotlight! I love this magnificent little F1: Thin, racy, equipped with a BRM engine with an unusual architecture (it's an H16) ... and it's a Lotus! The kit is really superb and the assembly is one of the smartest I have ever seen. So I started this kit on November 21 ... with an end goal for early 2021. There will be some rivets to install... The bodywork elements are all drilled to accommodate the riveting in 0.5 and 0.4. Part of the assembly is secured by screws; the holes are drilled and tapped at 1.4. The undersid
  11. Hi, Thank you very much! I wanted something realistic, but had to play with White Metal and turned Alu parts for the exhaust... I just thought that the easiest way to depict the stainless steel heat stain was to... heat stainless steel! So I cut and replace the original parts with SS tubes which were heated with a mini torch: simply real heat stains Pascal
  12. Hi, Last pics of the finished Blue Wonder. The next one?...British Racing Green! Pascal
  13. Hi, Thanks a lot to all of you Modeling Mates for following the build and for all the kind comments! Last pics of the finished Blue Wonder. The next one?...British Racing Green! Pascal
  14. Hi, Thank you very much Mates! Last details added yesterday... I can call this one done today. Sorry for the poor quality pictures... It’s late, night, tired and lazy to catch the reflex. I will try to take better ones tomorrow. Voilà. Pascal
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