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  1. Hi, Great job Ron. what a beautiful build! Pascal
  2. Hi Ron, Can’t wait to see the next steps! Pascal
  3. Hi Ron, You might also consider the Rubb’n’Buff as a great option. Stunning natural metal rendering and just need a clean and smooth surface! Pascal
  4. Hi Mates, Ron, you really should try the Gravity Colors primer!! Never seen something that thin and smooth! And it dries so fast!! I usually spay the primer, then the color less than 1 hour later, then Gloss (GC too) 1 or 2 hours later. I only use GC primer and cover it with ZP, Gunze, Humbrol… and used it on all surfaces with great results: styrene, resin, PE (brass, copper, steel) and all the metals including of course white metal! Never met issues with GC top coat, under or upon the decals, even the MFH Matt decals like the ones on the 312F1, Bug 35… Thin and strong! Great job so far on the Red Beauty! pascal
  5. Hi, Awesome work on the rear end and rear wing! Simply awesome Ron! Pascal
  6. Ooooh Yeah! She has her own flight bag with the head set, flight suit, cap, 500 000 map... She wants to be astronaut or test pilot! Yep! This is the PT-13 I work on In the hangar. another from La Ferté Alais at home LFCD The Lockheed Electra And a picture my friends in the T-6 I took from a Falco flying to a meeting New kits/Wips launched: 1971 and 1985... Pascal
  7. Hi, Thank you very much Mates! Thank you once again for your patience and for all your nice comments. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the building of that old beastly beauty. I'm still hesitating and wondering who will be next... In the meantime, I spend some time on a Ferrari 156/85 built many years ago which is now... completely unbuilt and stripped. I made a cozy nest for the Bugatti. Ready to travel with her sisters for the next exhibition with my friends @Brandy: something smaller than a King Air!! ... but as much as I can on a NA T-6G with a friend of mine. Most of the time on DR400, Cessna 150/52/72, Piper Cub. And working (for fun) on the T-6, Lockheed Electra Junior, Boeing Stearman... With my favorite copilot! (My daughter ) I can send pics of the Electra and/or the PT-13 If you want. Sorry for this long post and thanks again for your support. Pascal #WeAreAviation
  8. Good evening, Thank you very much Mates! Well, the buckles, the straps, the exhaust ... In short, what remained to be done is done! The numbers and letters of the registration have been cut individually for a better rendering without any apparent carrier film. Basically, the Belle de Molsheim is finished. Maybe I'll spray a little dark smoky in some places ... and take more photos tomorrow. Pascal #We Are Aviation
  9. Good evening, Thank you guys! The decals are applied but still require a little work. I took over and repositioned the steering bar, the steering wheel, the windshield and the mirror are also now in their place. The wheel tightening nuts are masked and burnished. I drilled a 1.2 hole in the back and installed a 1mm neodymium magnet that attracts the nut to the wheel bolt; the wheels can thus be removed for transport. Demain, les sangles et leurs boucles, la grille de protection du radiateur et le haut du bouchon ainsi que la mise en place de l’échappement et du capot termineront le montage du bolide bleu de Molsheim. Pascal #We Are Aviation
  10. Hi, Awesome wheels Ron! Bead locks were introduced after Jochen Rindt fatal accident due to a tire problem. The Ferrari and around the T-serie era, High pressure fittings and hoses were from Superflexit. It was different than the well known military A/N fittings. Robert Bentley, from RBmotion, makes beautiful machined and anodized Ferrari fittings Pascal
  11. Hi, Thanks a lot Mates! End soon ... The hull is attached to the frame. The rivets are installed, then "stitching" is done. I braided some cable to replace the provided photo-cut for ... brake cables. But we have to review the assembly. The levers, gear and brakes, are also put in place, as well as the steering column and the steering wheel. I cut the steering bar and replaced it with a steel one of the same diameter. Next step: decals. Pascal
  12. Hi, Beautiful as usual Ron! ... and fully agree with you regarding the PE parts! Pascal
  13. Hi all, Thanks a lot Ron! The Bugatti progresses and gently approaches the garage. The radiator is now attached to the frame and connected to the engine, as are the exhausts. The front part of the body is also installed and the two parts of the hood are assembled. The steering wheel is painted and provisionally mounted. The windshield is finished. I did not use the leather provided in the kit and preferred a thin lead sheet, all fixed to the body with brass rivets. More soon. Pascal
  14. ´Morning Mates, Thank you Ron! I met a small assembly problem: I am missing 1mm for a correct junction between the manifolds and the exhaust pipes ... I had to make a mistake. I turned two extensions in a scrap of white metal, soldered them, filed and polished them, then inserted a copper rod before treating them with the burnisher. The plumbing of the passenger compartment is complete, the fuel tank pressurizing pump installed and equipped with its handle. The seat is painted with oils, a few additional touches will be made later ... but not too much. The last elements were painted blue. I modified the 3 parts of the front part to obtain a seamless assembly. More very soon. Pascal
  15. Good evening, Thank you Mates! No, the biscuit was from Anyz Great parts for a/c and for cars too! You might have an eye to their website. Pascal
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