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  1. That was maaaany years ago, before APNs and not for me ()...
  2. pg265

    Ferrari mythos

    Hi, Stunning car! I’ve seen it in Paris and have the incredible chance to touch it and to seat in the cockpit! Great build and great glossy red from the can! The undercoat may modify the final result... A white, pink or yellow intermediate coat is sometimes helpful to brighten the final red. When painting straight after the primer, I usually add few drops of the final color in the (white) primer in order to be closer to the tonality of the final color. We talked about the kit with a friend of mine few days ago and I now manage to buy a new Mythos to build it again Waiting for more cool progress! Pascal
  3. Hi, I’m a F40 lover and already built this 1/8th Beastly Beauty with the transkit. Greeeeaaaaaat build! Can’t wait to see more progress. Pascal
  4. Beautiful!! Great built, beatiful kit of a beautiful car. Pascal
  5. pg265

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Hi, You’re bringing this Roaring engine to life Sam! Great work and great enhancement. My seat is still installed and I’m ready for the next progress post Pascal
  6. Hi, Thank you very much for your kind comments Sam! I was just reading and watching the progress on the Eagle Weslake You can easily darken the parts with products like Blaken-it or other stuff from Ushi Van Der Rosten or Master... Originally made to darken tank tracks or brass barrels, it works fine on MFH parts. Then you can slightly polish the parts in order to reach a satin or more glossy result depending on what you’re looking for. Have a look to Scale Hardware for nice polishing sticks I also use 2000 sanding sponge (+/- used) stuck on wood stirrer and cut to different sizes wide. 0000 steel wool works well too and 3M finese it 9 micron disks. Well, Some progress has been made. 2 Rosso Corsa touch up have been done on the nose and upper body. Made with the Infinity and no need to use the Super63. Then clear coat is quickly applied... just time to prepare it and let it degas (5mn). New jar, pipette, strirrer... Airbrushes are ready: 0.5 for large areas, 0,3 for the inside of the mouth. Both flat pattern. the first 200 rivets are ready for color, 30 in white. Just 400 more to do... Everybody is now waiting in my Magic Drying Box (30 yo Rubbermaid plastic box...) Not too bad It’s now dry, let’s go for a quick test fit: More soon. Pascal
  7. pg265

    Renault Estafette 800 kg high roof

    Hi, I just discover this WIP and I have to say that this build is Stunning! Simply Stunning! Pascal
  8. Hi, Just for fun DFV Cosworth piston and rod. Voilà. Pascal
  9. Hi, Decals session Once dry they are cleaned as well as the surrounding area. Then holes are done in the decals. More soon. Pascal
  10. pg265

    1/12 scale Kremer K3 Porsche 935

    Hi, Great scheme! Can’t wait to see the 935 in color! What a stunning project. Pascal
  11. pg265

    MFH 1/12 Alfa Romeo Tipo 159M

    Great progress! This is really a beautiful kit! Pascal
  12. Beautiful and very inspirational work! Pascal
  13. pg265

    1/12 scale Kremer K3 Porsche 935

    Beautiful! Master work. Pascal
  14. Hi, Thanks for kind comments! A last sanding session on the metal body, then: - Primer, - Giallo Modena, - Rosso Corsa. Also started to spray primer on the first 200 metal rivets. 400 left to do... before GM&RC. Few of them will be White. Voilà. La suite bientôt! Pascal