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  1. OK many thanks, I'm currently making this and will have a go at that method. Thanks
  2. Great finish and all brush painted, wow. How did you manage to mask the wavy line, as I see the 26 decals come with this as a 'thin blue line' ? Tommy
  3. Finding your posts essential, while I build my shortened RM. How did you create your own white decals, I'm able to print my own decals but white?? Regards Tommy
  4. Fantastic build and thanks for sharing. I am currently doing a similar build in a different livery and have found your pics invaluable when it comes to 'cutting that 27mm'. I wondered how you addressed the issue if the transfer below the used tickets bin, which states how many passengers can fit on each deck, as I'm discarding seats and the numbers are wrong now! Regards Tommy
  5. Hi all. Just looking through this post and realised I never posted completed photos... So better late than never here they are, I did enjoy this build and the finished model looked great, although delecate http://s1235.photobucket.com/user/tommyinuk0/media/Revell 1-32 Alouette II/_MG_1229_zps2404d5c8.jpg.html?sort=3&o=7
  6. AMB Thanks for your message and thanks for an amazing book! As for the kit 4 years later it's still in the to complete pile...... not sure why it fell out of favour and there are not many kits in the pile as I'm very disiplined and tend to complete before starting more. HoWe've in this case for some reason..... Maybe as Airfix released their 1:48 Javelin? It may still be resurrected. .. Tommy
  7. Badder, Firstly I was supposed to say 'unburied' bodies, predictive text! I wasn't commenting on anyone's level of intelligence, I was simply expressing my opinion. Tommy
  8. Another great dio Lee. Certainly war wasn't neat and tidy and troops lay unburned until after battles. You see them in pics and the movies so why not dio? Tommy
  9. Hi Lee, Fantastic! Such a great build and it certainly is telling a story. I love all the detail but especially the slate wall and rubble. How did you achieve that and the individual bricks? Gives me and I'm sure many others something to aspire to. Well done. Tommy
  10. Hi all, I was never aware of Hawkeye models until you suggested them, so thanks. They certainly do a wide range of interesting stuff. Tommy
  11. Hi all. News update. Thanks Andy for the great photo which has inspired me of what can be achieved. I did as Drew suggested and Ray at 26 decals has said he can upscale his 1:144 Lufthansa 737-100 set. So that's fantastic news. Ray also came up with a great possibility for the NASA version. This still may be useful for a poss second build!☺ as Andy said it's fun just finding such an ancient beast! I think if Ray at 26 decals can supply it would be a travesty not to do that version. Thanks to everyone for their contributions and I may well do a WIP thread for the build. Assistance may be sought for the scratch building bits but found a great photo walkaround online to help me. Cheers again. Tommy
  12. Hi all, OK so I know its not the greatest, however I like the vintage kits and then problems and issues they come with. So when I found a 1:72 B747-100 Aurora kit for next to nothing I had to get it..... Now what to do with it, (throwing it in the bin is not an option before anyone adds that!) I guess my options are (based on the 100% chance the decals will dissintergrate in water) ... 1. Build as a 737-100 in Lufthansa or NASA (the preserved 737 prototype, 515 I believe) livery. Does anyone know where these could be sourced? 2. Use available (hannants) 737-200 decals, but then I believe I need to stretch fuselage 6' adding 4 windows each side? Not sure about engines though as some 200's seem to have similar engines as the 100 in pics. I am sure there are many out there with more knowledge than me and maybe have even done this crazy idea before. I am not after 100% perfection just whatever is needed to create a decent looking kit of an iconic ac using what's available. Thanks for reading, feel free to reply if you can help. Tommy
  13. Great work and an idea I have been playing with. Have you heard if Darkstar paints? They do great metallic and esp pewter bronze etc acrylic paints. Check them out...
  14. Hi, Great build, I am not sure which paints you are using but I assume Humbrol enamels? If so have you tried using acrylic paints as you can thin them down and they are not so heavy6
  15. That is a thing of beauty, top marks. I believe that kit was made and is available in 1:72 scale. Not heard of any other scale, for it? Never made any of their kits but it looks mighty fine. Tommy
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