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  1. Wow, that's amazing! You took this picture yourself? There was a great story that I didn't know. It must have been really cool to see this kind of race on the spot. I envy you!
  2. Thank you for watching my video clip. I'll keep trying.
  3. Thank you for always saying encouraging words.
  4. In 1990, Jaguar won the Le Mans. I didn't find any record of this repsol 962C winning.
  5. 962C reminds me of Rothmans Rivery first, But I started this because Rapsol Rivery car looked better. This kit has a very simple component configuration, so it is reproduced only as much as you can see from the outside after completion. No engine, no front wheel steering. There's a body color scheme in the manual, but I didn't think the same color as the enclosed Decal's REPSOL letter would come out. I wanted a little metallic + dark blue + a little turquoise. The color is based on the REPSOL character color of the decal. I used the kit except for the extra
  6. There is a record that this car was exported to the UK in the early 80s. Maybe you saw this car then.
  7. Dark Knight started with Batman 'Begins.' He probably said it in that context. Maybe he's making a bat car.
  8. This guy shows the level of a different world. I got to know a great channel. It's so fantastic. Thank you..!
  9. Oh, you saw this car. Actually, it's hard to say that Pony was a good car. If it was, it would have been remembered by everyone. I think it was in the process of trial and error. But now that I see it, I think it's a good car for design, not to mention the performance. Thank you.
  10. My wife has a background paper that feels like concrete, so I'm using it.
  11. Thanks. This Academy Kit was pretty well made and easy to make.
  12. Thank you for your kind words. The paint on the body is Mr.hobby. I mixed yellow and blue with the number 30 light blue paint.
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