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  1. Most of the decals in this old kit must have gone. I also used MSM's Decal. Thank you.
  2. There is no particular way. I often ventilate before painting. Thank you.
  3. It is often helpful to make final checks by arranging the parts for the last picture. Thank you. nearsightedjohn.
  4. The upper and lower panel fit issue.. I also spent a lot of time trying to fix this problem. It might be an easier option to buy two kits and make one close and one open. Anyway, magnets have been quite helpful in solving this problem. Thank you, Spiny Thank you. Redstaff
  5. Thank you. galaxyg. Thank you. Keith This kit is really nice.
  6. Hello, I completed the F189, a Ferrari F1 car of the era that had a V12 engine. (The sound of the engine at this time was awesome.) Even though it was a Tamya kit, it was difficult to fit the upper and lower cowls. Except for that part, I had a lot of fun working on it. The line of this car is so cool, and Italian Red's Ferrari is always beautiful, whether it's a real car or a model car. The decals in the kit were old and unusable, so I used decals released by MSM. You can check the revised and added parts through the video. I hope you like it. Thank you. Full build video is here.
  7. Thank you all. I will come back soon after finishing the assembly work.
  8. As shown in this picture, I am making it by applying neodymium magnets, two on one side, so that it can be detached. The mount holding the magnet is made of plastic plates.
  9. Hello! I'm working on a 1/20 scale F1 vehicle for the first time. This is the most beautiful F1 vehicle I personally think. When I was young, I saw this car for the first time in the Tamiya catalog I remember watching for a long time with the F40, NSX. NSX is the only real thing I've ever seen in my life. Haha;; I thought it would be easier to work with fewer parts and simpler than the F1 kits released these days. But it wasn't as easy as I thought. As shown in the picture, the top and bottom cowls are detachable, so they can be opened and displayed even after completion, but they are just placed on top. When I assembled it, it didn't fit perfectly, so I tried to put it together several times. In the case of fine steps, I tried to match them as much as possible while grinding. Additionally, I applied it to fit well using a 2mm circular magnet. I think it's my first time to repeat the fit so many times while making Tamya products.;; The body colors are moderately blended with finisher's mica red and pure red. When painting the red color, I made a slight gap and painted it all at once, just in case the tone changed. The line is very pretty and the red color goes really well with it. I chose the Nigel Mansell car. I put on a clear coat once. I think it will be the hardest part of this kit to match the top cowl and the front part of the top cowl. I thought a lot about what to do because I thought there would be a connection line that's not in the real car If I go through construction to solve this part, I think I could ruin the left and right balance of the front arm, so I'm just going to make it as small as possible.
  10. Is this 1/43 scale?? I wouldn't believe it if there wasn't a pencil in the picture. Nice work...!
  11. First, the painted surface must be dried sufficiently at least a week. Then, 6000, 8000 sand paper wet sanding -> compound -> wax
  12. I'm glad the color of the Red Bull cars isn't the color of cans. Cans color is... How should I say this? It's little bit old-fashioned, I think.
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